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You’re a Necromancer? w/ Mortellus


GG chats with someone she became so fancinates with, Mortellus. Mortellus explains to GG all of her titles which range from Witch, to Necromancer, to Mortician. 

PLUS Mortellus makes jewlery with bones? 

Where does she get the bones?

Straw Media. Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Genuinely g G. I am really excited about today's guests because, oh my goodness, Mortalists is someone that most people just have honestly no idea what it is that they do because they go as the title, which necromancer, mortician and also an author. So I didn't know what a k necromancer was either. We're going to find out right now, but we're going to put all the other words and relevance to like what is a witch? What does a mortician actually do? And I found out that Mortalists collects human bones to make jewelry. We're going to find out how do they get access to these human bones? And what is witchcraft? You know her from Shaws of Sunset. You know she doesn't hold this kid was always wearing jewelry that looked like bones, and so on my mind, I'm thinking, psycho, what is he? Which? This is genuinely gig for everyone out there joining us today, we have more tell us and more Talis is very um interesting and fascinating in the world and lifestyle that she lives and leads. She is a witch. An cremenser am I saying that correctly Cremins Necremenser, a mortician, a medium, and you are also an author of the book The Bones Fall in a Spiral. So everybody please welcome more tell us two genuinely g ge hi, more tols. How are you hi? Wonderful, Thank you very much for helping me. This is a pleasure. Just a second ago, I was asking you where are you are located right now? And you said you're in North Carolina. Yes, here in the beauti full Blue Ridge Mountains, part of Appalachia. Here... western North Carolina. It's really beautiful part of the country. I bet, I bet. And you said you have like tornado watches over there. Yeah, it's been quite a stormy today, just the wind whipping around and thunder and lightning. And I love that. I don't know about you, but there's something really beautiful about that kind of chaos. It's very um it is. It's a turn on because there's this element of lack of control, you know, this of this something so big and you know, intense, kind of like religion for some people write this God that some people speak about um so I can understand your your passion towards it. For me, I would prefer the earthquakes and brush fires that weekend and it's tornado. You know what I mean? I know how to stop, drop and roll for the fire, and um, you know what I mean. You know I don't go make the pyramid shape for protection these days. That's our new earthquake is pyramid shape. But let me ask you something. What takes people to North Carolina or makes people stay in North Carolina when they know that there might be a tornado in their backyard? What brought you there? Were you born there? It was? Um? And I should say tornadoes are not actually really common here. We've seen probably more more tornado watches this year alone that I've seen in my whole life. They're really uncommon. But um, I was born in this area and and I stay because I don't know. There's something about the mountains that kind of called to you. They say that the Appalachian Mountains are such an old feature of geology that some of the caves are older than bones. There aren't even records of those kinds of remains in some of the caves. And there's just something about that, that ancient quality that's really humbling, and and I think that that attracts people to stay here. Did you grow up with a passion as you speak about right now as an adult because you are a mortician, and I know there are different types of morticians,...

...but I also saw that you make a custom jewelry from bones and some of them are human bones? Correct? Or are they all human bone? They're all human bones. So where Mike, first question would of course be where don't we get the moans from? You know, that's always the question. That's a good question. So interestingly, uh so, all the pieces I work with our retired medical specimens, and there was a time in history when any medical student would have been assigned at least a skull as part of You get your textbooks and you get your skull, and that's what you take on. Um, so you'd be amazed. They're sitting around in closets all over the world and just somebody's grandpa was a dentist or whatever. And when family members uncover those, they're inevitably either sold into collections or donated to schools and that sort of thing. And when they're no longer appropriate for a collection or someone longer wishes to have them, they'll sell them to someone else. And I have a tender spot for collecting pieces that have been damaged in some way and would be sort of relegated to the trash more or less um because I don't really have a history to them, and it's not like these are all donor pieces, so they they're rather anonymous. So I like taking that and making them into something new and beautiful. That's that's an amazing and personal um a journey of what you've done with these bones. But I have to ask the the literal and logical questions of like when you say the bones are instead of them going to the trash, you find ways to do something beautiful with them? Is there? I don't know, For instance, I wouldn't know where to look in, which trash cans to look in, and how do you have to ask legal permission? Because I'm I'm very serious. I went I gotten a lot of trouble growing up. Went to a lot of high schools. One of the high schools I went to, there was this...

...kid. I remember. We were in class and the police came in and arrested this kid and took him off. They didn't put him in the cops, they took him and off. What we ended up finding out was this kid was always wearing really um interesting and unique jewelry that looked like bones. And what they ended up finding out was, I guess someone put a complain and that he was taking dead animals from the streets and from that he was getting their bones. And I'm maybe fifteen sixteen, so in my mind I'm thinking, psycho, what is he which? And then here we are now that I'm almost forty one years old, and I'm sitting with someone that is a self proclaimed which so I would love for you to teach me, and a lot of the people who are out there listening, and a lot of society in general who has a preconceived notion of what that word really means, which what does that mean? Mortalis I can say a little bit about the person you went to school with. The odds are someone made a complaint because they were scared and the police got involved. Not really understanding, but odds are they probably had no charges or anything like that. Lots of people collect pieces like that so they can do tax german work with it. The only legal issue there with those kinds of remains the bigger issues being safe, making sure you're not contracting a zoological disease, but um, there are animals that are endangered or protected, or migratory birds, and those sorts of things you cannot possess those kinds of remains. So there are all kinds of little legal hanks and kinks in in the process along the way. But to answer your question, what is a witch? I think that's that's such a loaded question because we live in a world where, uh, society has lots of ugly words to call people who are assigned female at birth. And and that's been... life experience. I have a uterus, I've given birth to children that I spent my life being called women, even though I identify as non binary. Now, but do you fly on a broomstick? Oh, that's a terrible stereotype. That's terrible. That's really that's exactly, you know, that's what we're here to do, exactly because I think there and I want to relate it to the color black and you know, Halloween and all these um ideas that society has sort of drawn for everyone to think what that word means. So I would love, love, love for you to break it down for us. Kind of throughout history, we would have used the word which to deem it was a word that we would use for someone who was less than desirable. If we look back at things like um, the Burning Times, or which trials, we're seeing people who were um, women who owned property, divorced women or whose spouse had died, people who were unhomed, had mental health issues, those sorts of things. They were always sort of othered and Ostra says, and they often wound up on the wrong end of those kinds of things. Up until around the Wizard of Oz, which would have probably summoned to mind the idea of an elderly woman. We really see things like the broom and the point he had in the skin, and those things come in because of these movies, right, But they are stereotypes and they're pretty hurtful ones. But for people today who use that word for themselves, we're talking about people who are reclaiming the idea of sort of pre Christian faith practices. Really, Christianity is a loaded thing in the first place, but we we have this idea that anything that isn't that is something wrong, especially in America. We have this kind of Americanized idea of Christianity as being the thing right right. But when you when you have people who are looking... the word pagan as a pejorative. Really, that word just means not Christian, and that would be any faith practice. Anything that is not Christian is pagan according to that usage. Sorry, there's a little moth like all. It's just like menacing me right now. Someone's watching, Yeah, someone's watching. But so we're sort of reclaiming that word as as as our own powers a way of saying, yes, I'm exactly the kind of thing you might have once burned. I'm different from you, But it's it's a word that that really just defines a practitioner of of a certain kind of pre Christian faith practice. More or less, you're a strong independent person. You own things, you decide what your world is. In another time, in another place, someone would be calling you a witch. Yeah, oh my god, I'm Usually they usually put the B in front of it instead of the W. But you know, that's a different conversation. You know, when I um look back in time and in movies, Hollywood movies and in stories and everything that we read that has anything to do with which is my logical self, my adult to logical self only sees that these people were probably healers with natural remedies of some sort that other people were not educated enough or are qualified or had access to right to heal. And then the person healed, and it wasn't God doing the work, it was now the witch. So you had to kill the witch because they just did some witchcraft. Right. So that's how I always saw that for some reason, which is we're seeing seeming as bad in his true but I see them as healers. If that...

...makes sense? Does that? Does that? Is that real do? Which is healing? Accurate? Every every person is different, obviously, every practitioner of whatever faith group, and really we're talking about all kinds of different people, but um, some do particularly work with healing, and I, for one, work with death. I'm as a mortician, as a death care worker, I'm really inclined toward helping people heal from grief. I do mediumship and help people communicate with their deceased loved ones and that sort of thing. And I would consider that healing even if I'm not giving someone herbs to to heal an illness or something like that. But I do think you're right. There is this sort of idea that anyone that sort of existed outside the paradigm. Right, if you if you could live your existence without the support of the church or some old white guy and their money, you're you're a witch. Where you're breaking the system, you're encouraging people to look outside that box. And I think that's still true today when we look at the villainization of say the LGBTQ community, and and anybody that has said I'm I'm I'm stepping outside of what society said I have to be, and we're always as a society kind of villainizing those those kinds of people. Well, may I ask what type of which you are? How you represent yourself so I can understand the difference between how you practice life as opposed to, like you just said, someone in a regular society that does not feel that they are which I want to understand what it's like. So I am a Gardenerian Wiccan. As a Wiccan, there are lots of denominations sort of within WICCA. Gardenerians are traditional initiative or craft. We work with a balance of life and death.

Um, the belief structure includes reincarnation. What does that mean? I'm sorry? What does that mean? Exactly? Reincarnation is the belief that when you die, you would be born again into a new body, right that you would live many lives. Some people in the community even talk about remembering bits of past lives. You might see them in a dream or just instinctively you feel that you have been a place before or seen something before. So you're able to tap into a past life for your who you were or what you were in a past life. Are you doing that as well? Do you see that for other people? Other people can do that. It's not my specific skill. I work particularly with the dead. My my particular skill is communicating with the deceased and helping the living speak with them. I sort of act to the translator of a kind. I communicate with the dead and help the living get messages to them, or or the opposite. Were you born into that or did was that something you practiced to understand what it was to channel it? How does that come about? Because I think of the sixth sense, and you know, and he says that I see dead people, and then he realizes me they're just trying to communicate a message to them before their souls can be freed. So I don't want we want to just get this Hollywood idea of what that means when you say you communicate with the dead, what does that mean? Um? More tell us that you communicate with dead. So to kind of backtrack to how it came to be, UM, it's a little bit of a heavy story. But I grew up with an evangelical family, very conservative, quiverful. We have lots of children and then they grow up and have lots of children. And that's how Christians.

When I guess, I don't know, it's the idea. UM. Yeah, And I'm sure you can imagine. That made life not very fun. It was, actually right a pretty terrible way to live. And when I was five, I was sexually assaulted by um by a man in our church. And long story short, and if your listeners want to hear the terrible story I've I've told it on another interviews, they can go back and check it out. But I attempted to end my own life after that, at the ripe old age of five, and I survived, but I was in a coma for four days, and at the end of that four days, I died. Doctors tried to resust tate me for twenty minutes and declared me dead, and eight minutes later I woke up. Wow. But I remember being dead. I had experiences as while I always did. UM. I remember visiting the underworld and talking to people. UM. It was a really powerful moving experience for me. And after that it was a skill that I sort of uncovered. And it's not a very comfortable skill to have, especially as a young person. UM. I spent lots of years in therapy making sure I was okay with myself. You want to make sure, I mean, I can't imagine. Yeah, that's um. Not too many people get to experience that, or get to live to experience that, I should say, UM, were you in your human form when you were gone for those moments of time. I don't really think much about my own body in that place. I guess I remember what it felt like for my feet to touch the floor there. I remember what it smelled like, I remember what it sounded like. But I don't really remember thinking much about my physical self.

I was very young at the time. Were you aware of your your actual were you aware of more? Tell us this actual physical situation only at the very end. UM. Towards the very end, I recall feeling something in my body and looking up, And when I looked up, I could see my body and I was pulled to it, and that's when I woke up in the hospital. How old were you? Do you mind me asking? My goodness? Yeah, that was very small. I'm deeply sorry to hear that. Um, you had to go through that, and each child has to go through a situation like that. That's traumatizing in itself. I you found such a gift out of this, right you. You know, I believe that we always find something out of the rets. We find it and it's a beautiful wild flower that comes, you know. So you created this beautiful lifestyle that's very um teachable, and I'm still learning, and I really love this conversation because I'm learning so much. You know. Again, it's just the taboos of the words that we use here. Um, why do we have to title it? More? Tell us? Why do we have to call you a witch? What makes you so different from me? Another thing in the world. Nothing makes us different. We're just the same in a lot of ways. In another time, in another place, someone would be calling you a witch. Right. You're a strong independent person, You own things, you decide what your world is. You would be a witch? Yeah, Oh my god, I'm usually they usually put the B in front of it instead of the W. But you know, that's a different conversation. But is it really it really isn't. I don't care if i'm I'd love to be one. I think that would be the coolest thing in the world. I think that the words like bitch are the same thing that...

...really, because it's it's something someone has called us and we've taken it for ourselves and said, yeah, you're right, I am a bit, Yeah, deal with it, deal with me the ownership of having something. I felt that exact way when I started realizing dot um I identify with polyamory. It was as if like this light came on and I'm like, oh my god, I'm Polly. Yeah, my asked, and it was like it just came out of the closet. There's so much love in the world, you know that. So this is the same feeling as you. You know, it's like you can't explain it to people. People always say to me, you haven't met the right person yet, don't jesus, Yeah, Jesus, Let me enjoy my realization of self for one second. Right, Oh my god, this is what I wish Hollywood, which is we're real that they can make like a voodoo spell or something, right now, go gosh, oh my gosh, I would. I would probably be better off if I didn't magic for myself, but I don't to never do magic for myself. I only do magic for others. Really, do you you have children? You said, I do. I have three kids. I have um a nineteen year old who was really excited that I was going to be talking to really high nineteen years hi high rain. And I have a twin four year olds, which that's super stressful when you have rheumatoid body and you're they're trying to climb and you want to hold. Do you have rheumatoid arthritis? Babe? I wondered if that was how you found me, because I posted a lot about round toid. Oh my goodness, is it's a whole world, isn't it. It's a whole world. Are you affected? Full body affected? You medicated and all that stuff? Yeah? And not medicated.

My my doctor just dropped me from their practice because the medication that I take can cause abortion, and they said I was viably fertile so they could not prescribe it to me. You're fucking North Carolina. I was home. My god. So abortion is still legal and protected in North Carolina. Do you take metho Chuck say, correct, correct, Yes, I take matho Chuck say, this is a this is This is so upsetting to me because it's just ridiculous. That's so many people now cannot receive their medications because matho Chuck say is something that can cause abortions, it is also something that saves the lives of people like me who have an autoimmune disease. I self inject once a week in my stomach Matho Chuck say, Um, I've been doing this forgotten alls how many years? You know. That's just it's but I wouldn't be able to function without it, even though sometimes I can't function on it because the medication itself is just so fucked up. It is, you know, but it's it's crazy. Oh gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope those mountains are really beautiful over there, because I have to be fair to North Carolina. It's still totally legal in North Carolina and their our state is still fighting for abortion rights. But my doctors in South Carolina, just over the border. I live really close to the to the South Carolina line and in South Carolina, of course everything's banned. And they just passed this uh Medical Ethics and Diversity Act, which wealth doctors to refuse care for any reason. Really, but they it's it's a whole thing. It's it's a nightmare. Really. Um after ten years of taking a medication that made it so I could live, Um, suddenly I can't get it.

And it's it's pretty scary. Actually, that is, that's frightening. That's mortifying, to be quite honest with you. So I'm sure there are other medications you know, that can be taken that are not I'm going to cause that right. You could do different infusions that can kind of the problem is finding a new doctor now. I mean, specialists are not necessarily that easy to come by. And um, so I'm I'm playing the referrals game right now. I'm waiting so angers crossed. Oh my god, this is what I wish Hollywood, which is we're real that they can make like a voodoo spell or something. Gosh, oh my gosh. I would probably be better off if I did magic for myself, but I don't to never do magic for myself. I only do magic for others. Really, yes. Oh wow, you're so selfless with that. Oh I don't know about that, but I figured the gods gave me my life back, so that was something I could give back. Well, you have three amazing kids, like you just said, how well do the young ones understand that this? That that mom? Or? I'm sorry, I know you are? Are your pronouns are? Would you go as mom? Or I do use mom? Okay, I'm so sorry, didn't. I just didn't mean to learning. I'm learning mom is like god you okay, okay, it's up tired. Lots of people use different terms, but but I use mom. Okay, I'm glad to hear that. So do your kids know that mom goes is a mortician and makes jewelry from human bones and is also a witch and necrement sir? Did I say right? Yes? So they do, and they're very cute about it. You see, I have a skull on my shelf behind me, and the kids bring flowers and way there and them things. Oh...

...nice, if you want to see how bring it closer? It's very goonies. Yeah, I'd love to see that. This is a good example of the kind of person I like to give home too. So as you can see, the skull is vandalized, it's broken. So is this like from like blunt force trauma or a car accident like this? This skull was a specimen in a medical school and one Halloween some teenagers broken and smashed up a bunch of things. So it's not great for study anymore. And I knew individuals at the school and they passed along to me that this this friend will never be made into anything. They're they're a friend. They Oh, so do you ever have have your do your bones have stories? Do you have you ever as a medium? Have you ever been able to tap into the soul that was in that bone structure? Oh? Yes, absolutely, way, that's a lot of work that I do. Um. In fact, I do all kinds of I guess silly sounding things with them. I have a hand here in my collection that I was pretty certain from the historical record that the individual was a seamstress in a sweatshop in Victorian England, and uh, I had sort of developed a relationship with them with them over time, and I just was really touched by what was likely a very oppressive life that they lived. So I took them with me to a boudoir photo shoot and took a ton of photos with them. It seemed like the kind of thing they never would have been able to do in their life, so I gave them that experience. Now that's amazing. Where can people find your you know, your art and your of course your jewelry art is what I mean? Where can people find that information about you? And where can people find your book? Oh gosh, I'm really terrible at being like the is car salesman...

...type. But if you do a link, tree, backslash, a crow and the did, you'll you'll find all my stuff. And I am a teacher. I do teach what I do, and I do mediumship sessions for people, and I'm always happy to help the UM give people what I need, were what they need where I can. So it's important. I think that people understand that the things that you more to lists are doing, um they have positive outcomes to it. It's all in light and happy mind. You guys put together the idea of people who are calling themselves witches or there are more titians and necromensers and all that, and we think Hollywood and truly if they look at what Hollywood truly shows them between the lines was that all of these people were healing. They were healing in a way that other people couldn't understand and fathom, just like my little cannabis plant has been healing the world for so long and big Farma made it illegal, right right, So I guess I'm a witch because my ra a got so much better from cannabis. But I'm just happy for people to know that about you and and and to contact you, ask you questions, read your book, see you. Maybe you can do medium readings for people and um teach people a little bit more about what you are. I do classes and read tarot and do the Missing Persons for people and nice. Most everything I do is donation only if people choose, because for me, what matters is being there for people. That's so not l a of you to say. I think in the in the world that we live in, it's it's all we've got left, right, We have so little left but our humanity, and just that what a gift it is to be able to give that to one another and just be there for each other, and to remember that even though we might be separated... circumstances and distance, you and I are strangers right. We've seen each other for the first time today, But I think strangers are just friends you haven't met yet. You're we're connected now by this experience, and that was something we could give each other better. Words could not have been written out for you to say. Those were beautiful words. And with those beautiful words, thank you so much Mortalis for joining us, for educating me as well as the listeners, um about a whole different spectrum of what you know we've been blind to. And I'm much more interested. I'm interested in learning much much more. I put the word much. I'm just very much interested. But I would love to know a lot more about you. And I have so many questions. I just have so many questions. I would love to just d M you and be like, hey, what's up. By the way, please do yes send me a message. I would love to send you a gift. I'll send you a little bit of my healing. I would love of I need a whole lot of healing right now. I've had a rough to be quite honest with you, so I will take we all have right, It's just been weird ever since Kobe died. The whole world went to ship. We got COVID. Now we have monkey poks, we have people just killing everyone. Oh my gosh, I heard someone equipped that maybe Brad and Jennifer getting married would reset the timeline back to two thousand four. We could. You're so smart, You're so smart to think that, because you would think that that would that would make sense. But it didn't. It really didn't know, it didn't. Something's gonna have to We need a shake, We need to shake. Maybe that's up to us, right only we can make the world better. Absolutely, for now, I'm going to just shake people's ears, one audience member at a time. Thank you so much for being here and wanton list, thanks for listening to genuinely gig download new episodes every week and if you haven't already, subscribe and be sure to us a rating and review. And while you're at it, check out...

...some of the other great shows available on straw Hunt Media. H.

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