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Episode · 11 months ago

The Importance of Pride W/ Levi Chambers


This week GG and Anita talk to Levi Chambers, host of the PRIDE Podcast. Podcasting takes a lot and making one that delivers a positive message for all walks of life takes even more. Levi walks us through how he juggles all of what he does including his online magazine, Gayety, and his multiple Instagram handles geared toward the LGBTQ+ community.

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Straw media. Welcome everybody to genuinely GG. You're here with the best check and her solid you actually look I love you in this coffee color, so sexy. Thank you. It's definitely the color of right now. Everyone's doing their nails or outfits, everything this color. I love it. Looks Sexy, very lickable like a Nutella. MMM MMM, I could pull me to your polymory stuff now, I I don't know me. I know I'm gonna pull you into my polly. You try to sneak that part into the conversation that we had with Levi and that's not happening. Okay, I was very excited to talk to the head of pride. Well, how do you say pride? Like the the Instagram, the PODCAST PRIDE LEA by chambers, and he's just amazing and so knowledgeable. And we obviously steered the conversation to polly, as we always do. Your eyes, I always do, and Somehow Anita invited herself into the polly relationship. I always invite myself to every type of engagement that they would happen anything that has to do with you. I was try to invite me that one. I'm going to see I call you up and you just see you, you fulfill my other needs. Yes, yes, my goodness. Okay, so, Um, if you want to understand what it's about, because I still don't understand what it was about, and maybe she's got some feelings that she wants to talk about in another podcast episode, watch right now because we're about to go and we'll leae chambers. You know her from Shaws of sunset. You know she doesn't hold back. The only reason I didn't get a four point now was because one of my professors and my last semester she was just an outright bitch. I was very racially profile. This is genuinely gg. I'm doing a lot of things right now, like I just started streaming and I'm not a Gamer, but now I am. And so, like my desk is very like multipurpose. You know what? It's all mixed up. Yes, step also, like I have to use this for school. There's just a lot as a lot. There's a lot I need. Like, I think what I need is a sound stage with multiple stages. All right, are you in school? You said you're in school. Yes, I know, I toll. Yeah, no, tell me about it, because I actually just registered as well. Oh, you did where? I did? Tell me what you're doing. You did. You're like, I know, I haven't eway shared this information. She's like, she's like yeah, did. Yeah, yeah, so I. So I lounchtory short, I went to film school and then after that I went and got a master's in English. Then after that I was like, okay, this really pigeon holds me to like two things. I can write or make movies. Neither of those are really easy to make a living end. So I need something else. So I ended up originally going to pepperdine for a program. Pepperdines Nice School, very Christian, not that there's anything wrong with that. Uh. I tram insferred from there to USC ... right now I'm doing an MBA at USC and it's been a lot. You know. A lot of it was through the pandemics. It was all online. We never went to campus for anything. But now I only have two semesters left. Yeah, but it's this like thing where, you know, I'm juggling like a million things. So this desk has to work for a lot of has to work for a lot of stuff. I actually saw that you went to USC and I was like, Oh, that's school, because I have much respect for anyone who goes to USC because my dad went to USC and he's a Trojan. Oh, so, yeah, Chrijan, I love that. I love that you went there and you studied, you said, writing, and at USC No, US, I'm studying business, business, business, interesting. Yeah, I if I'm going to go to that school, it's Gott be serious. So so what made you? What made you study business? And I mean because you you're living a very well actually, I guess having a business background really hopes a lot into what you're doing right now, right because you're such a voice and an advocate for the LGBT Qia. Plus, I'd always try to have to say it like that's a remotely. It's like a song. Now you're such a face they plan. Yeah, it's because even my gay friends can't remember it. And it's okay if Gaye people don't remember it, but if a straight person doesn't remember it, you know that's not yeah, that's that's a whole disrespectful situation. So that's cool. Yeah, I signed up for school as well. Perdue has an online program where I can go. I'm going into forensic psychology and yeah, I want to. I just always been into psychology and I went to Lmu at an older age, a Gat a Catholic school. Not Easy for a Middle Eastern person to go to a private Catholic school, but I did it. I got like a four point, like eight nine GPA. And the only reason I didn't, I mean to three point eight and a gpas like I'd even other yeah, like a four point nine. That's a Persian thing. We get the four nine. YEA ONLY I do. You can get that something. The only reason I didn't get a four point now was because one of my professors and my last semester, she was just an outright bitch. Don't sugger ahead. I was very racially profiled. I had never experienced culturally being profiled until I was in this situation. And we were just talking, because we were studying the bioscio and psychological placement of addicts and a with a dual diagnosis, because that's what I was studying at Lmu, and we were talking about minorities and the differences, and she said, well, you would understand right, and she points to me and I'm like, what what do you mean? I would understand. You know she what she's like. Well, you know, I'm just, you know, and it was just, and this is honeyway before there were movements for anyone to be like that was wrong, that was fucked up. So it was yeah, it was definitely hard, but I'm looking forward to this new experience. So good for you leave I could for you. I mean sometimes I feel that way and then when I forget, like a quiz and it's fifty five, like the other night I did that and I was like, well, haven't done the readings. Were going to guess this and I kind of had to... that. So other than those times, I'm like, HMM, this is so fun. How do you find the time, though? You have an amazing podcast with over two million falls on your instagram before it's at pride and your podcast is about that as well. And how do you how do you find the time? I mean, you know what, to be honest with you, there's just a lot of people that help me, and varies Ryan, and a lot of people are producers, produces. There's a lot of people that help behind the scenes. So many people reach out, especially with the PODCAST, and I think they assume that, like I edit it and I write the script and I do the interviews. Yeah, but even sometimes with the interviews, I'm not the person who did the research into getting the person on and and coming up with the questions that we're going to ask them, or or even the direction of each episode. So I have to say that that I think people assume that it's very like, you know, I produce the whole thing, and I respect that. You just said that tremendously. You kept it all the way real. It's like someone who wrote a book and said, no, I did not have a ghostwriter, like okay, where's your you know, academic backing and writing novels and but I really respect that you say that and regardless of how much help that you have, I listened to many, many of your podcasts. I've been following you for some time now. You speak so well for yourself and you're intellectually driven. So it doesn't matter how much help you have, it it takes a certain someone to be able to deliver the message that you deliver. So whatever you're doing, you're doing it quite well, with the help or without it. I'm sure you you'd be read quite successful what you're doing. Oh well, thank you. Yeah, I try. Oh my gosh. So here's the thing. I wanted to talk to you about something leave. I wanted to talk to you about something that I feel maybe a lot of people don't discuss that are in the straight community. So I would I would love if you don't get offended any of my ignorance in this matter. Our we. I'm I'm trying to learn and I would love for our audience to learn. You know. So, yeah, I recently took a road trip with my good friend Raza, which is also on the show with me on Shaw as a sunset and roses, very out gay man, and he's married to his amazing husband, Adam, for many years now, many years now. I don't know, it's like six years my song, many, many years. Yeah, I feel like gay years are a lot longer than straight years. So, you know, a lot of people would have probably agree with that. I got ten years. Like you're the old we and we're driving to palm springs and I don't know how the conversation came up about the UN numbered amount of categories, subcategories that come under the category of being gay and I had no idea. I knew that there are were some gay men that were more open and out or more feminine tendencies. Thence other men, because Za doesn't have any feminine tendencies, he's quite masculine, and then you see the...

...others. I thought it was very simple, and I mean, if I may just read a couple that I researched, twinks, fems, Geeks, Jack's Daddy's and then it goes into the size of your body and how much hair you have. There's that's there's those little things and honor she brought to my attention that I was like, damn, like I never I didn't met you. Just assumed that it's it's a society, it's it's a group of people that are there for each other rights. No, like it's open arms. Come in, like we've had a deal with certain things, so we're all so this is a big like. I had no idea what it is. I'm not marginalizing the community it that's already being so scrutinized for being who they are. Okay, so I think what you're really talking about here these are like these like sub label, labels that are kind of specific to the gay community. I mean, I'm sure that Queer women and Lesbians and other people have have these kind of like subcategories as well. But yeah, I mean there's a lot. I think there's there's chicken, there's a whole bunch of other terms as well. I actually have a funny story for you that I'll share about twink. So what is a twink? Yeah, what's it? Okay, we're going to go. So a twink could be like like a twink, someone who is eighteen but looks very young, and often they're very fit but not muscular, because if they're too muscular and they become a twink, right, because we're kind of between like a twink and a hunk, which is another one. I'm telling you, there's a lot. Oh, oh my goodness, I I need take notes on this part of a you write this point down. Are Something? Okay, contact, Walunk, twunk. What are you taking notes? It's with the time in Kokay a sentence for you if you'd like. Like, yeah, twunk is sunkool. Maybe. Well, I got that might be like in a sentence. So write that down for the best, pass down and eat. So we'll do twink just for four shits and giggles. To have a friend WHO's Mormon. She lives in Utah. She's what you call a Progmo, which was coined by my boyfriend, who they became friends a long time ago on a different podcast. Long Story Short. So she's very interested in gay culture and she listened, listens to a lot of gay podcast around reality TV. I think ninety day gay okay the the podcast that she used to listen to, and it was about ninety day fiance and too gay guys kind of like deconstructed each episode. Okay, okay, wow, okay. He described the word twink and kind of gave a little bit of context to it, but not a lot, and then prefaced it by saying like but don't Google it at work. So she did Google it and she found out what it was and she called me and she said, you know, I just learned what a twink was and I was in the car with my son, her son at the time. I think he was sixteen. He's seventeen now, okay, and she was like and I told him, Hey, you would be a twink and he was like, Oh what, and she was so then I googled it to get like an age of a twink so he would know, and she goes there was a lot of boys and a lot of penis. Oh Am Gig that she like an I almost threw my phone out the window.

It was just like get a new phone. That's not it. So there are a lot of these subcategories that have some sort of I guess you'd say, like they're like descriptions of the stereotypical subcategory within the gay community, and there are a lot of them. Bears, Daddy's, ZADDI's, I mean, yes, yes, what's an otter? So an otter is kind of like a twink, but like a little bit hairy, but not a lot hairy, just a little bit hairy and maybe like not quite as I guess you'd say, like twinkish. Then we're going to take a quick break, but when we come back, you just like they asked me, girl, did you get laid? Why can I do you? Yeah, I gotta Fucking Quicki the Dick was big, but a guy. He says that. I'm like, okay, well, did you take it or give it? But yeah, I don't know what I'm supposed to say. Wait, is there like a committee? A cuse there like a committee or something? That doesn't makes these what WHO COMES UP? We should be you mean like Webster's dictionary. It's like Gabster's dictionary, where they're like an add that one add will use it in a sentence here. Yeah, the definition. Yeah, I mean, I mean remember, what was it like? The S? I remember they made an actual book on Ebonics to Understand Street Slang and conversation. This is I feel like it's time for Maryam Webster, both of them, either of them, to get on the book, because I didn't even know you converged to the words together. So we're talking about an array of categories. That I was I didn't do enough research on this part of it. I okay, so we'll do it together. Yeah, you think that creating these categories is beneficial to the community's core, not to your independent needs and likes, but to the core of what the community stands for. You know, I think so many of them, as fun as they are to like talk about how kind of quirky they are, I think a lot of them are so based on appearance that you're right. It does kind of marginalizes people even more, right, and it really focuses everything on the way someone looks right as like that's this like subcommunity of twinks. Well then, we're basing them all or on of otters. They this group of people would just be based on what they look like, right, which would be in any other, I think, group of people it's would probably be somewhat offensive, right, but for some reason in the gay community it isn't. It's maybe it's because so much of like dating culture or cruising culture is based on like sexual preferences, what someone thinks is attractive. So it's easy if you can like describe like, oh, he's an otter, and immediately someone in the gay communities like, Oh, so he's a little bit hairy and he's a little thicker than right, twink. That like gives them an idea of what...

...someone like looks like. But I think you're right. At the end of the day, that's what it does. It does it's confusing and it's, you know, it's like the you know, the Black and African American communities and the N word. To me, it has become a word for them that they took ownership and control of and nobody else at this point is allowed to use that word without, you know, just completely getting their heads chopped off because it was it was such a bad word that they were called and what that meant to them. But I see so many celebrities standing up to that that are also black, that are saying we have to show them how to treat us by treating each other that way first. Right. So, when when I hear people calling a gay person the F word, but then I call I see, you know, gay guys together calling each other, or you're such a F and Queen, or you know you F F Queen, or you know what I mean. It's it's a little confusing. Am I am I allowed to ask my gay friends? Are you a topper bottom? Because is that setting a judgment that one is feminine and one is my you know, I I'm in a place where I'm scared and I have so many gay friends and I'm glad that I'm close with them or I can ask them these questions. But what do people do that don't have so many gay friends and are free to ask these questions? How do they how do they treat a gay man without understanding what category he falls in? Okay, so I think there's you hit the nail on the heather where you said that you have that relationship with them to be able to ask them those things, because your friends and you know and if something offends them they'll probably say like, I'm not answering that right and if it doesn't really offend them, but they just don't want to answer it. So I would say like if you don't know someone, well, probably not asking like are you a top or about them, because that would be the same as asking, you know, a a straight woman what her sexual preference is like right off the bat. It just it would be weird. Right. She'd be like, why is that any of Your Business? Well, if the gay community is creating the categories, isn't it? So they get identified by that. So isn't it better to understand their identity from the beginning to know how to communicate, because isn't that why we created? They them, her, she, this whole you know, situation is so people feel respected in whatever they I identify as. So I don't I don't know. It's hard for me. I'm I want to. I'm I'm always scared. You can ask Ryan every other thing out of my mouth. As I'm always saying, I don't want to offend anybody and I'm getting more and more scared on how to even talk to my own friends without hurting anyone's feelings, but just because I want to know more about them. Sexually, just like they asked me, girl, did you get laid? Why can I be like yeah, I gotta Fucking Quicki the Dick was big. But a guy, if he says that, I'm like, okay, well, did you take it or give it? Yeah, I don't know what I'm supposed to say. I don't know. I don't know. Mean Okay, I think in those situations that your friends, you're probably...'re probably fine. Right. And we're talking about different things here, like identity with pronouns, what someone's preferences based on the gender they identify with him, she heard, they them, and those are things you could just ask. What's Your Pronoun Preference? They'll tell you and then you use it. They spy. With the other things that are more I would say, like like Otter and bear and Daddy and twink. All of those things are much more gay specific and even not lgbtq specific, because I really inside the Lgbtqi a community. You also have all of these other small communities that make that up. Right, lesbian, gay bisexual trends, and all of these people are some people have reclaimed. You're talking about like the F word. Some people reclaim that. There are lesbians who identify as The d word, right, did word right, and and gay people, men, who identify as facts, whatever. Right. So I think that there's that they are reclaiming it. Is it appropriate for I mean even I don't like using some of those words and I could, but I don't really identify that way. But if someone else confidently says like Oh, I'm a insert whatever, I know word would be perceived as negative, you respect that because they're identifying as that. They've, you know, taken that that word and they've reclaimed it and made it something positive and it means something positive to them, or at least it's part of their identity. So then you know that's fine for that person to use it. But I do agree with you that it is challenging because you kind of have to tiptoe right on certain things and feel it out. I would say that most of the those like subcategory very specific to the gay community. They're really mostly intended for inside the gay community, you know, like I don't know that it's kind of like it's like, like you said, it's like almost like language, like street language, where you would, if you're part of that culture. You understand those right in the gay community. Bear Daddy, twin, gutwank. All you guys understand kind of yeah, they all understand them, even if you don't use them, like I don't think I've. It was probably twenty one last time I was like, Oh, I don't yeah, otherwise I don't know that they they come up that much. Maybe in dating culture and cruising culture more so right than others, but I would I would say like the top, bottom verse question, I do think that it's it's becoming I don't want to say that it's somewhat dated or an antiquated way of thinking about it, but it kind of is. I mean definitely people that are like O, yeah, I'm a top or I'm a bottom or I'm verse, but I do think it's becoming less of like an identifying element of identity that people talk about in that way. Does that make sense? Yeah, that's totally that absolutely makes sense. subcategories within the gay population right now, you said it's all based on appearance, but is there a subcategories that are not based on appearance, based on other stuff that could really kind of like mess up someone and hurt their feelings or whatever. So I mean definitely, I think within the Gay community you've probably heard of like some of this to a degree is appearance based, but like no fats, no fems, no Asians, is like a that in a in a phrase as like a quote that people often saw on on grinder and...

...on dating profiles where it was basically someone saying, like, I'm not interested in dating anyone who is a person of size or who is Asian or who is feminine. So definitely there are right like fems right there where that kind of has this like then negative connotation even is it? No, that's all based on preference. I guess all of those things are a visual thing, so still kind of similar. But you know, someone acting more or having a more feminine personality isn't really as visual. It's more personality based. So definitely there are. And then I think that that ends up creating it really it creates I guess you'd say like internalized homophobia, because that just are feminine, you know, and then by interacting with that kind of negativity around a personality trait, it does I'm sure it gets it gets to people and then, you know, they start to feel not like themselves for this thing that is really just part of their personality. I got one thing. I got one thing that was hoping that we kind of would touch on. Is Simply, I don't know how you can speak on it, but do all the different groups except each other equally? That? That's kind of what, Oh, that I was going to ask, because I remember my head. I asked res An. He answered it, but I totally forgot. I should have asked it here. Okay, that's kind of Borre. I think I was trying to so you know the Bryan knows the answer to this actually, and I would say the answer is no. I mean we don't interest this morning that they look down on different route. That's the whole thing. Yeah, she's yeah, it's definitely like I think people like to believe that it's Lgbtqi a plus and we stand for each other. We had an interview someone this morning from the intersect community that said when they did their march for Intersect Awareness Day, thirty people showed up, but when they went to March for an lgbtq pride parade, hundreds of thousands showed up right and the call to action that this person had was essentially like the Lgbtq community should, you know, help because we go to your parade, why can't you come to ours? So I definitely feel like we like to think of us as very united, but in so many ways really not. Even just thinking about the influence that like gay men have on society, so much of that influence is coming from Queer people, Trans people, often people of color, that that's where even that comes from, a kind of like when you think about the country and where fashion comes in through the coast and then trickles in through the middle of the country and you know, ten years after New York got it, yeah, South Dakota gets whatever trend, finally gets the style. Yeah, it's yeah, it's sort of similar to that, where I think came end up being the vessel that a trend gets past to mainstream society. But that's because they're more assimilated and can I suppose they have more acceptance within and society than say, a trans person of color does, so that their influence is stronger and they can convey the trend that they got from someone else. So yeah, I would say that the Lgbtq community has a long way to go to support each other and truly become supportive. I think it's getting better over...

...time, but it's definitely that's a good point, that it's not as accepting as it should be of its own community. member. We got to treat each other how we want others to treat ourselves. You know what I mean, that we got to treat that to ourselves and one another and our neighbors and our friends and our homies and our gay communities in our straight communities. You we can't treat each other one way and expect other people to treat us a certain way. It's you know, it's an oxymoron. It's an oxymoron, but I'm so glad to learn about this because Reza just gave me an inch of what this is about and you really take it that extra mile. We're going to take a quick break, but when we come back you can have your boyfriend and then you're doing all the stuff that you need to do with your boyfriend and we have like friends, the brain stimulation that I can't get that with you. You can't, unless you want to be polyhumorous with her. The Gay community starts a lot of trends and the gay community is very powerful and I think a lot of cultures and minorities learned from the gay community, by the Gay community taking this big stance and standing up and being hit by hard bullets, especially during the HIV situation that we had in the S and it being targeted towards, you know, gay or black people, but especially gay people at that time, because it was spreading fast in the gate community. So I feel like gay people took big hits, but they've also set trends and tones. One of those trends that I feel like is becoming absolutely more and more popularized right now, which is one I'm trying to go by, is the infamous polyamory. She, she, she, she knew I was going to go there and always comes off it, does you know? I leave. I I'm still new to this and I'm trying to learn about it and I feel like the more people I can talk to you about it just to get their input, the better, especially when I know polyamory was founded in the gay community. So polyamory in the gay community was was what what you would call the D with a daddy. Is that? Was that? How or is that different? DADDIES are like sugar daddies or what my thought on polyamory. Right, it's where you have like multiple people in like relation, just a hookup scenario, more right, romantic relationship. And I know there's all sorts of different types of polyamory. I'm not an expert on this, but I'll give you like some of the knowledge I know. Like there's Hierarchic, hierarchical polyamory, yes, not an iriartly. Yes, Oh my God, I'm not even going to try to say that word. So you might have someone. For example, I saw someone on an instagram story who I fallow and I want to wh they are because I don't know how public the are if this was like a friend's only story. But I noticed that in their story they tagged two different people and the caption on it was my husband and my boyfriend, and part of me was like, Oh, I wonder, probably is just an no polyamorous relationship where that's hierarchical.

Right, he has a husband who's in like the number one spot and then, yeah, fun in the number two spot. So I do think that polyamory is becoming we actually have people on the podcast who are polyamorous. Some of them have children. They considered that they have two husbands and it's for yea like Egalitarian. So I do think that it is becoming more prevalent, but I wonder if it's beyond the LGBTQ plus community and that it's something that even straight people are doing. I think I saw a story on snapchat that was like a guy who had two girlfriends at the same time and they were also girlfriends with each other. Right, so it's kind of like a weird Queer polyamorous relationship. But yeah, I'm not sure that it that it started in the LGBTQ plus community, but I definitely think it's probably because I know a lot of people who have engaged in it. I did a lot of research. I'm I'm a reader, I'm a researcher, so I did extensive research on polly before I realize that this is something that's I really identify with. But it was said in many, many different research and am articles that I read that it did start in the gay community, because gay men being more sexually involved turned into emotion and those turned into relationship. So it was those people who created these poly relationships that enjoyed the sex as well with not just one partner, but they also enjoyed the relationship aspect of it, to be committed to someone, be owned by someone. kind of feeling wise. When I say owned, I don't mean it like you know, but but yeah, I'm I'm totally I do think it's a great thing for the straight community. I've never believed in marriage, to be honest with you. I love that. I saw very young Willow Smith come out with that, that she's into polyamory and I do feel like once, especially women, whence women realize how powerful we are on our owns, with or without a man. We don't need that or partner for so to speak, Polyam will be more accepted, you know, in the world. But I mean I totally have to thank the gay community for my multiple dicks and commitments that are about to enter my life. Well, we're still working on it. We're working. I like she has, actually hasn't gotten to fruition. I'm still trying to understand it and where I'm mentally and emotionally stand with it. But I'm learning. She's learning. I'm still think that she has another right person. That's what you think she wants to be in? The type of relationship? I don't know, but we have our own opinions on her. So and how you think it's gonna go with whoever you're having a relationship and with is it going to be that they're also in this polyamorous relationship? So you'll have, yeah, have their own relationship together and then they have a relationship with you, and there's like this tryout and there's a lot of relationships going on. It's a lot to juggle. It is a lot to juggle and honestly, that's what I prefer. I would prefer more than I want myself to see be seeing someone else. I'm more so prefer the man to be seeing someone else because I don't like the responsibility that it comes with that. When...

...a man relies on a woman emotionally, it's a very heavy weight because men don't know how to act when they have their emotions involved and it's just heavy for me and that's not a responsibility I want and it's just I'm very open and honest about it. I don't want that responsible. Let him give it to someone else or share it between the two of us. But I mean, whatever it'll probably give you, I think it would. It gives you, let's say there's something that you love doing but one partner doesn't like it, maybe the other one does. So then you can go, you know, backpacking with this other partner and then what your Netflix shows are, you're you know whatever. or You could just call your best friend Nita and be like, my boyfriend doesn't like doing that. Can you go on a hike with me? We could have it just a friend. Well, we go to Paul, you could have all friend and then doing all the stuff that you need to do with your boyfriend and then you have like friends. No, no, no, I need more than a friend. I need mental stimulation. I need the brain stimulation that I can't get that with you. You can't, know, unless you want to be polyamorous with her, but I'm strictly Dickie. No, honey, I like it. I like it long and that. No, no, no, thank you, I'm not. I want number want. I could go buy exactly what you want, and yet I needn't rubber. It's I'm just saying you can have the sexual relationship with that, with the guy, the main person in your life, and yeah, bring the other emotional support or the hiker or the sports person or the other. I agree, and it doesn't have to be up but I want the relations but you want but she wants. Yeah, I do. She needs two relationships and two of the what was it? The strictly dickling? The strict strictly Dickley is I just want it, you know, I want, I want, I want, she wants it all. I want it. I want multiple, I don't know. Leave. I really really appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule and I know you said you have a help but still, I can only understand that you are a busy man. Thank you so much for stopping by. Genuinely, GG, I really appreciate you being here and I appreciate what you're doing out there for a lot of people who don't have the voice, don't have the means, don't have the resources. You are really advocating hard and I really appreciate you for doing that. And you know, if anybody wants to check out leave, I can go check them out at at pride and you will see him. Check out his PODCASTS, instagram. He is lit. But before I let you go, Leavi, I'm sorry, but we got to do that. I do what's got to do. So we have a game. Is called forgive me, I have sinned. Okay, so I'm going to ask you some questions and you are going to answer them when you're gonna salute her. He's fun, it's fun, it's all okay. Okay, so let's start. Have you ever use extensions to fill your already long hair for photoshoot? Because I've Yees, keep going. You had. You had more to your question. I to. I'm sticking. That's it done. You know what?...

No, I wish, I should, though. I should. Yeah, no, and it is long. I mean, I'll show it to it's a mess right now. I would short right now. Yeah, it had some longer days, but you know, get you busy, busy is busy. You don't need extension. I guess he could style it to look really full and he could style it to like like like this. It looks like there's a picture of you that I saw. It was like really layered and like, yeah, it was like beautiful and the other's not beautiful right now, but like I was like the doubtless some time. Listen to exact I try not do. You know what's w talk about. I know which one you're I know what photo you're thinking of, and I think it was just it was a good day. It's okay, yeah, okay, okay, okay. Number two. Have you ever set yourself flowers or chocolates to work? HMM, no, I haven't, and I do like getting them, though, when I would go to an office back but when there were offices, I would occasionally get them for my boyfriend and I do remember feeling like I like getting these. I don't think I've ever sent them, though. I should be better about that. Have you never sent them to yourself, like on a Valentine's Day or like when you were in school or something like that, or I don't think so. Should I know, but I feel like because my parents sent me stuff on Valentines and I got teased for it because no one else would send me anything for Valentines. But I just figured there's a larger population of people maybe out there like me. But I considered it once at the office because everyone else was getting stuffed and I never and I want. I was like maybe all it's awesome. Against it. I'm not a dead St if the occasion called for it. Oh my God, are you living in la? I live in La Right now. I'm in temp and Arizona between houses. It's a whole thing. In addition to every other school and all that, we're also selling our house and buying a house and a whole bunch of stuff, so it's messy all right. Now I'm in Tempe. Normally I am in La. Well, well, whenever you head over to La I would absolutely love to hang out with you and pick your brain and get to know you more and have like a cocktail or joint or whatever we need. Oh my God, thank you so much, leave I for being here with us. Check them out of pride, you guys. Thank you all right. Thanks everyone. By any thanks for listening to genuinely GG download new episodes every week and, if you haven't already, subscribe and be sure to leave us a rating and review and while you're at it, check out some of the other great shows available on Straw hut media.

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