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Episode · 1 year ago

Skating, Fighting, and Pan Sexuality With Jason Ellis


This week Jason Ellis joins the show to talk about his life after Sirius Radio. GG and Jason also discuss the possibility of a dinner date and maybe more?

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Straw media. Hey, guys, welcome to another episode of genuinely. GG's your girl gg and I'm with my girl Anita. What of Hello, how are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm good. I'm super excited because it's pride month. It is pride month. Do I pridemont? I do. I'll be honest. I've never been to the parade. You haven't. It's a Samnica West Hollywood proup. So hopefully. I think it was canceled last year, right, called give it's definitely, because what is happening this year? I missen. Think I don't. I don't think we're able to. Not, I don't think we're in that. Well, the area of covid friendly and no, no, I don't know for there. I think June fifteen were when I'm able to be without masks, if you're vaccinated, and in larger groups of people or something. Yeah, yeah, the West Hollywood Pride Parade is phenomenal. It is. It is it's a show. It's as epic. It's their energy. It's like whoof yeah, you can't help but dance. I mean, I've never been to Marty rob but I the energy that I gather when I see Marty guys like they can want to dance. You want to jump up but down. You want to how people love people. Okay, I love I love pride month, I love rainbows in general, and I think even look this bracelet I just got to do. You do like a lot of rainbows and he bought like those candles the other day, only I don't know where they are. But yes, you really like rainbows. I don't know. You know you still always think I was a lesbian. Really, a hundred percent. I've asked so many lesbians if you get as being energy from it. Yeah, they all say no, I never thought it was a lesbian. Did you get aize? I know, let me go see me being one. I did know, with the whole polyamory talk and everything, I think I could see you trying it out. So you still see me wanting multiple relationships as me being by maybe like it's I haven't had enough educated conversations and we need to have more and you're gonna be like the guests are going to be like again. Okay, Elaine, I can't see it with a girl. I think about I take it, take confusing. Is Confusing, and I'll be honest with you, like right now. Every day out there it's just getting more confusing and and that was what brings me right now to word on the street. Okay, the word on the street. Tamilovertas come out and she has come out as non binary. I have, I'll be honest with you, I grew up in the S. okay, I'm still getting adjusted to all the letters, the acronym of the Lgbtqi, a plus, glad. No, no, if you could spell my last night, you can spell anything a hundred percent, hundred percent, but I'm, I'm, I'm. It's confusing to me as well. I'm still learning and I still have to Google these names when I see one of my, you know, favorite celebrities or someone's so famous is coming out as these things. But she has, she's come out or she prefers. They, they prefer the pronouns. They them. Okay, okay, say them. Okay, see, I just I literally just fucked up, like the other times. Yeah, by calling they a sheet or or her. You know, that's hard. It's hard. You don't want to insult anyone. In these days, everyone gets insulted, even when you're genuinely making a mistake. Yeah, you can't. You can't slip any more. But like, okay, so, so they are non binary, okay, and they are exploring parts of themselves. That's, you know, more masculine and feminine, Liking both. Okay, I mean, I don't know. I don't know. It's a little confusing to me. Like is are we going to have new names come up every day? Why can't it just be love? Why can't that or enjoyment or just fulfill it? Why can't it just be called that? I don't know. Do you like titles to it? Does that help you understand where someone stands, if there's a title to their sexual orientation? I don't, I don't. I don't think so. Like even just are you lost me right now with all this other stuff. They're just saying the LGTBOTGL and Tqi a plus. I don't even understand what that like. So say with me, L G T be U I A plus. Yeah, okay, now, but listen, do you prefer knowing what someone's sexual orientation is? If you're hanging out with someone, like, let's say you have a new girlfriend, which is your friend. You guys are hanging out. You're not quite sure if she's straight or she's a lesbian. She's like like me. She's giving off both vibes, kind of like, you know, masculating and kind of like semina. Would you want her to define that to you? Doesn't know, it doesn't matter. Doesn't matter to me, never has, never will. It's do whatever... want to do, because it's that's as we're saying. Love is love. Yes, okay, love is love, and even if it's on love and it's a la alas lay, who gives a shit? I just need labels. Are Getting hard for me and I don't I don't need to offend anyone if I don't call them. They are there of them. She he right. I don't want to thinking what I think. That's offensive. Yeah, when, for instance, just recently, Jimmy Kimmel, wow, he went hard at Caitlyn Jenner and he was just really annihilating her, because now Caitlyn Jenner is running for a governor of California and she's a Republican office and she's a strong supporter Donald Trump and Caitlyn, she was on the view and Whoopie Goldberg and joy behard. They kind of annihilated her and it was very humorous to watch, listen. Jimmy Kimmel came for Caitlyn because of her looks, which I'm not okay with, and I love Jimmy Kimmel, but that's not cool. I'm fine with whoopie or joy coming now Caitlyn for her policies and government of you know, concepts, of annihilate that big fuck. Yeah, but then Jimmy going on and being like, you know, looks like Donald Trump with a wig on. I guess that's the vial story, like a God. Yeah, and she was very offended. So it's like there's this fine line where titles and ideas and concepts, because we see Caitlyn as what was once Bruce Jenner, the world's largest most famous athlete, you know, world record breaker, he was doing it all, and one day we woke up not knowing Bruce Jenner's past. I'm going through this to become king. One day woke up and Bruce was Caitlyn Jenner. We found out through Vogue magazine. You know, it was like that and it's I don't know, I just don't think there should always be labels to it and I think everyone should be equal to do with the way they agree. I don't the gift to report to anyone, tell anyone anything. And Spal, do you? And do you experiment like sexual orientation? Myse I just do you? Yeah, I don't know which. It makes me excited to talk about Caitlyn and and Denny, because this title concept and pride and all this, and our guests today. He's fine with the name. Hey days, it hasn't cause he but has recently come out as pansexual. I also had to Google that to understand. On to me, you just meant that he loves love as well and loves fulfillment. So let's introduce our next guest. Probably cut that part out. I was a little tacky and show shows like MMM, it's okay, Huh, do it so, because I don't even remember how I started for Intro of Jason. That's the thing in our number either. How we also wish you did. I'd be like, because I wasn't at it. Wait, I'm want to go back to demi ask a question, like I didn't really can we fill in? Yeah, I'm lost of what she came out as, but non binary. So what you can explain that so that people, because people might not know what that means. nonbinary means that they do do not identify with male or female. They're identifying with both male and female. So she's now saying that she they me wants are we can we record this so I can sign? I feel people can be plating this right now. So going a couple of steps back to Demi, to Demi. Is a demi or Nope, Demi, nope, do me as more dem more dim Moorato. Yeah, yeah, Demi, Tom did any more and not mainary. So can you explain to people like maybe me, that what does that mean exactly? Oh, again, again, yes, yeah, sorry, Oh my goodness, non binary means. I want to make sure that like know, because I'm wish we had a google and stuff like already sweating. Yeah, oh my gosh, nine binary, not nine, nine by nine, nine by. Yeah, I've been even smoked weed. This is why I happ't. well, no, I did. I look. Have you seen me smoking? It's been like, I mean there's one minutes. I've some sick on it and there's Red Lips, on your lips, and I don't know, I just twenty minutes ago. Why do you I'm acting like the plots right now. I can't even speak a word, I need to smell. Take a head. Do you light it up for you? No. Do you have a lighter? I do, I don't atack. I thought you'll hit. It's so hot in here. My vaginica sort of fire. Oh my God, get the sweat works like you did last time. Yours going show my show boxy, yes, and I definitely should. Okay, so like this. Did you understand? Did you understand when I'mbinary? Words? No, no, we explain to me. Okay, but it is because I just want to make sure that we're all on the same page and I've understanding what it means. I have to Google... as well, and I really did. It makes you feel better. Oh yeah, hundred percent. I have to go all of these things because I really don't want to insult any on and it's nerve racking because everyone's getting insulted. So it's like, okay, now I'm binary. Is when the person does not identify as a male or a female, but identifies as both male and female and their attraction to the opposite sucks is equal to both sides. They don't. They have both feelings and tendencies inside their bodies. It's not like, for instance, Ellen page rate. That just became Elliott page. Okay, okay, okay, yeah, it's right. Yes, okay, that's that was transgendering, that's that's becoming a man. Yes, right, this is different. This is like I'm I'm not necessarily a man or a woman. I like both sides of that feeling, which makes me super excited to introduce our next guest because just recently, which is really funny, because he's friends with Tony Hawk, by the way, he did this thing, you know, with their skaters, those halfpipe be half friends. Okay, so that they're the indoor ones and warehouses. So, because our next guess is an amazing, amazing extreme sport skateboarder type jumper, he's doing this trick with Tony Hawk where they come down together and together they come up and make the tip of their skateboards and flip them come down and afterwards the two of them were talking about it and our guest says the funniest thing. He goes, I was scared shitless. I would rather retouched the tips of our Dick then the skateboards, you know, because he was so scared. But you know what, I'm so excited to have them here today because he's an awesome man. Let's introduce our next guest. You know her from Shaws of sunset. You know she doesn't hold back. Oh my God, I have math road rains and I drive. I have I have a color guards, I have a monster truck. I drive a rapter that's so souped up, raised monstered wheels and everything on it. Are you what the Hell? Use Me. Okay, I never think I've heard your call before. Yes, you have, I have. Oh Yeah, is that what that means? Like that, you got hit a little harder. Yeah, that means you hit it too hard. It's actually not good to hit weed hard. You're supposed to take small hits, hold it and blow it out, because it really doesn't matter how long you hold the smell. People think the big hit of weed and just, and I'm gonna do it now. That was what I was you're supposed to take small, shallow yeah, I'm hits and just because it enters your system as soon as it touches your mouth like a ball. Oh my God, my first time getting high was a bomb. That was that was an experience. Oh my God, I was eleven and a half. Weird Age, right. So I was a little bit early growing up, a lot early growing up. I was bad already at eleven and a half and I was going into junior high school, but I was younger for my grade and my sister being three and a half years older, she's now preparing, you know, for high school and everything, and we didn't really get along. You know, at my relationship with my sister's always been rock very, very love each other and then we hate each other. We love each other and we hate each other. Yeah, so I wanted to do everything that layla would do because she was just like so cool for me, and she smoked pot and I hadn't smoked pie yet and I was a gymnast, so I was more into my athletics and whatnot. But I was starting to be that rebel, you know, that was like looking for something, and so I started hanging around with different kids and I don't know what it was, and my sister said to me one day, I know that you're going to get shown this and people are going to want to smoke this with you when you get to junior high school. So your first time is going to be with me. And I was not really seeing Laylah. I was not ready for this. I would. I was like, Um, well, what do I do? Because it's my sister, something like I it's hello, I have to it's like it's the cool thing to do, because she would never talk to me. I wasn't cool to talk to you know. So, Mike. Okay. Now, it was a massive bomb. Okay, like those big, big bombs, and I have a little tiny eaty booty bell mouth primarily why I don't get blowchops. Sorry, Mom Dad, but what's it called? So it's big bomb and I'm she her boyfriend was over at that time, this Guy James Evans. I'll never forget. James was over and they were smoking out and James is I don't do it, Layla, she's too young, don't do it to her. And... sister's wet, fourteen and I'm eleven and a half. And she locks James Out of her bedroom. She sits with me in the bedroom. She tells me she's going to put my head over, she's gonna Light it. And when she says in Ham I'm just gonna go like that, the thing was so large, the bomb like her whole way. It's yeah, and so she's clutting my nose and she's holding my head down so I don't lift and I took cool. I think I coughed for what felt like an eternity. Yeah, and that was it. It was that one hit. Is She I remember the next thing she came and checked up me. I was in the living room. I was laying sideways on the floor looking up with the TV and she's like do you feel anything, and I'm like no. She's like okay, and it's just I'll never forget my position. I was just like no, like she's like here. So that was literally the start of Me Smoking Pot and I thought, you know, I gotta get it to give it to my sister, because then she'll want to hang out with me, because she would never hang out with me. You know, Whenden't, you're at that age. God, I went through don't want to hang out with her little sister. Like it's ill. You know, my sister's friends would try to kill me sometimes, right, so you get it. But it was so close to your sister's I'm my God, we're so close, but at the time, I don't mean to interrupt you, but I don't know. I will never forget. We were at her swam club in Ohio and I just wanted to hang out with my sister and her friends because, like they were cool. Charon, Sharon, yeah, and when I mean has two sisters, two sisters, older Sharon, younger Daniella, and Sharon like her. I don't know what happened, but that they just didn't want to hang out with me ever, and I just that one time she her friend Sherry, held my head under water and the Pool Bitch really kill me because I don't want to hang out with me. But I got a way. What's Sherry's last name? And that Cherry, Miss Coally, you remember for her. She Ohio still, Bitch. I'm kind of too Ohio. Okay, that's she just sold their house in Ohio. That they have the big the coolest like house. It was like really interesting. Anyway, so nice and so anyways. And then, yeah, like just down. No one, like they didn't get it away. was they didn't want to hang out with you. Get that up. So it sucks, Dude, want you. What is your age? Gob with sharing though, like two and a half years. Two and a half okay, so that's a little bit close. I literally feel like three and a half years was the worst gap because it was like, as soon as Laylah was exiting a phase, I would do it and in return. Yeah, and it was in that age it's like it's not cool what you used to do, like, Oh my God, I kid to watch a cartoon that they used to watch last year, Alice, you know what I mean. So it was like you get away from me, like dude, on your own, like, Oh my God, I learned it by myself. Just get, get, get. So now I'm buying weed with my allowance money. You don't just say yeah, spending a whole allowance on them, you know, some nickel sacks and dimebags or whatever I could and I would come be like look, I got it, and she would just take it from me and go with her friends and smoke and close the door on me, and I was just like that's so. Yeah. So then I learned that I need to I need to already be smoking while she enters, so she has to join me if she wants some weed. Pretty smart for for a Kiddier, yes, but not turning myself into a massive drug time. Massive, because literally that turned into in and I don't believe that it's a gateway drug at this point in my life, now that I understand cannabis as a medicine and I understand what it really is, but at that point I think that I was so high strung on needing attention in any form possible. I was lashing out, I was getting into fights physically, I was getting kicked out of schools, I was getting arrested. That led into other drugs and I think that sort of came into the conversation we were actually talking about, you know, with Eric and Jennifer. I think when you are more in a submissive and vulnerable state emotionally psychologically, you're more prone, yeah, to drugs and I think maybe I have that receptor that's lacking work a little bit of my brain that made me more susceptible, but it led until a full fledged drug story for me from the age of eleven and a half, from that first bomb rip. So if I have anyone to blame for my past, I'm skin BLAMELA. Good job, Leilah, good job Leilah. But it's funny because you you did the weed and you enjoyed it and you wanted to do it again, and then there was like when you try something, I think like and you don't like it and you want to escape from it and you can't like what. I think, like one of the first times that I that I smoked like that. Actually, for you know, I wanted to not be in...

...that. Yeah, I just wanted to escape and I couldn't, and I was like couldn't. I think it's to relax. It was too much. I don't know what you were given that time. They saying it's now. So it's hot. Funny that you like you liked it and it just resonated with you and you just kind of went with it. And I was like, I wighting and fighting time. Yeah, I was in a Cardoun environment. Yeah, I was in a safe zone. My sister, that was my hero, gave it to me. I'm at home. I'm being told that this is the thing to do. Yeah, so for me as a child, I'm like, okay, well, this is what I gotta do. Yeah, I think you were in a situation. First of all, you're on a date. We're all nervous and our journaline and our oxy toast in whatever, it's just going everything right, because we're on a day, we're nervous, we want to be our best. Then you kind of want to impress that person that give you the weed whatever. Now you're starting to lose control over being that facade that you need to be. So now you're scared. So now you're fighting that situation. You know what I mean. So the whole Dolphin things, I can't explain that part. I can only say PCV to Thatt. Yeah, but Um, yeah, I think if you you've tried, you did it when you smoked. Were you nervous? Were you scared here when you just wanted it? Yeah, like when I did that, Um, I wasn't. I wasn't nervous, I was very relaxed. But I would like just a weird thoughts going through my head and just all this stuff it was creating and thinking that tyler was like a prank and I don't know, just took me in a weird zone and I just really feel like I wasn't properly functioning, and so it was making me upset that I couldn't, that I wasn't. I feel like I wasn't thinking straight or saying anything that made sense. So can I. But then when I looked back, yeah, I feel like I was making a little bit more sense than I thought I was. HMM, but anyway, was going. Sorry. Oh, no, no, I love that you said that, because that's exactly what I wanted to address and I think that's exactly what we does to you. So you were under the guy's before you smoked pot, before anything, you were under the guys that whenever we do our first video podcast, that I'm going to get you high and I'm going to fuck with you, I'm going to prank you. So that was planted already in your mind. Yeah, so, weed or no weed, whether we did that first podcast, you were going to somehow expect some sort of a joke. Yeah, what we did it access to brain, part of inside your brain. It expanded that and it allowed you to think in such detailed thought. That's what's a simple fact that he said twinky. You thought she must have talked to him about that and told him because I'm gonna want food. Yeah, he has to mention the word twinkie. So she talked to him. This is part of the prank. twinking. This is seriously what my mind is so squing. But we did that to him. We'd allowed you to expand a thought, because whether the thought was silly or not is for the audience because they did not realize that, you know, you were set up with this idea before that through. So it was hilarious. And they also didn't know that Tyler, we have a producer. It's her name, Tyler Tyler. So I have Anita saw a tyler space on the screen because I didn't want any her to see tyler before and she was getting her or my checked her or something was going on, and she saw him at the side and I'm like, oh well, just have tyler stay on and while we do all our technical issues and and it was shoot. It was just so natural. So she assumed that was tyler from our production company, when it was really not. It was our guest. So interesting how that whole thing's like. It was perfect. It was perfect. I could definitely pop my collar on that plot here for that. But what we did that to you? See, you weren't fighting it, you weren't resisting it. Your brain was flowing thoughts. And now imagine when you can control those thoughts. Yeah, that's when. That's when you really use weed. Now I can go into a thought if I smoke pot. Oh my God, the dimensions I can take that thought into. And you know what it's so amazing to be able to access as if we like, Holy Shit, how, why couldn't I see that normally? For Real? Yeah, I'm serious, I'm serious. Yoh, it's about learning how to access it. Yeah, just don't be scared. You want to smug little pop now, I'm good. Why? Why? Honestly, yes, because I have I have two timelines that I have to do all that to day and I feel like I'd like I'm not going to be productive. That's good, I'm see, I'm glad you're being honest. But do I want to? I mean it's yes, it's nice to be able to, you know, because it relax and stuff, but I just I need to be on top of it. So, so you'd be okay with my second hand smoke. I'm okay with it getting a little bit, because I do, she feel with a little buses. Okay. So then I know you don't think I get it the buzz, but I swear I do. No, I I can't understand that. You get about because like second against my your chest get chests heavy. I keep saying that. There's I feel different. You feel different when I'm with you.

All the words every time. Sure, every better together, better together. But I do. I every time, whether it's sitting doing this podcast or like when we're when you're hot boxing me in your car, whatever it's like, I feel different. I do. I do. So I really do think that it's definitely it's tweet it does something. The second hand. We're going to take a quick break but when we come back today I've had people message me and go, you know, you've got a stay friend in May Jason. I'm like, thank you, because gay people are understanding of that, but I leave in the straight world. Our guest today is such a unique and intriguing man. He is known for so many things to so many people. He has a perennial x games competitor in the mega ramp competition and in two thousand and one he gained a Guinness World Record for the biggest drop on a skateboard jumping into a seventy foot skateboard ramp. As well as performing at Skate Demos alongside Tony Hawk, he is an MMA fighter with a two hundred and two record. He's an auto racer, a boxer and a singer, but for the last fifteen years he became very popular for his unfiltered personality as the host for the hit show on serious xam called the Jason Ellis show. Please give a genuinely gg welcome to the Super Cool Jason Ellis. Wow, hid hi, I'm not gonna live up to that. Just so you know yourselves, I'd love to give my interest to people because, honestly, if you're a guest here, are you done something that has, you know, stuck out to me? So I want to make everyone aware of how special each guest is. So it was my honor to say even I don't even think I gave a fraction of who you are in that intro. Oh my gosh, welcome, thank you for being here, thanks for having me. Thank you. We're excited. I'm so excited and there are a lot of conversations that are based around sexuality and stuff right now, and I talk very freely about my new discovery into polyamory and Willow Smith has talked about polyamory and Kylie Jenner has talked about being in an open relationship, and I know that you came out as Pan Sexual, correct and a lot of people who are out there watching and listening that I don't know Pan Sexual. It is. It's just you just love whoever and you don't care. There's no labels, there's no title, it just doesn't matter to you. It's just about happiness and self fulfilment, which I think is beautiful. Yeah, you know, and it's that's I think I have a lot of similarities to you. We chose different paths in ways to express ourselves, but I have a lot of I have a drug history, I have a sobriety history, I have violence, I have aggression, I have all kinds of, you know, trial and errors in my life. But the one thing I just love about you is when you did come out, it was such a beautiful thing. The way you said it, the way you represented is just you didn't want the applause. You just wanted to let people know this is the cool thing, it's all right, okay, right, yeah, I mean, yeah, I definitely don't want a pat on the back floor it. I just want to be normal. I just like I just want everybody to go oh, your pansexual. Who Cares? Are Not so much? Who Cares? Just not because I come from a background as some of that stuff that you mentioned. Yes, I if you're in car racing and you're in cage fighting in and skateboarding and all these kind of manly many mark yeah, yeah, it's so pathetic, but I feel like a lot of us get into it to cover up some insecurities from childhood or something, because they are the hardest group of people to understand. My situation, like I've I've offended a lot of people because how can I be into racing mode of Motocross and blowing guys? It's not a it's not a good look. It's like you don't want me to kiss a guy in funny. That might be too much, but you know, like if you're married, you can kiss your wife, like you know, it's crazy, is I bet you too could kiss and they wouldn't offend them. May Be sexy. It'd be sexy. We can stress right, right, lipstick, I mean love each other. Not Everybody looks like you, like you're saying that if we're not super hot, like you were not allowed to make out in public, that's say there. Yeah, likes. I just feel like that's the to me, that's been the hardest part. Is I think that's the saddest part of it in my opinion, because it just doesn't make sense to me and I found it a little interesting.

At first. I even questioned your title of Pan Sexual while I was reading your you know, your interviews and all watching your youtube stuff, because I was like weak, this guy just he simply just likes happiness, he likes self fulfillment. Why is that considered by or? Because I saw some interviews of you and it just seemed like some of the men were so aggressively interested in the sexual aspect parts of it and I didn't understand that. It felt like a little of a much, but of an attack. They're making fun of me right now, hundred percent. At first I didn't understand it. I get like the shock of it all. You want to hear a guy, this manly say that he like gets mounted or or blows another man, because that's very effeminate. If I say that and then afterwards, after I've said it, they can all laugh to themselves about how gay I am. That's really what it and it's like it's insulting. This is the whole thing where people get offended by him and her or. They like when people are all offended by pronouns because because then when they ask me questions like that, knowing that they're laughing about it, they think look, I'm just laughing about you sucking a Dick. I don't know why you have to get so bombed out about it. And it's like this rules for you that are the same for me, like and it's and it's only apparent to me because because I'm on the losing side, because it seems like you don't even get that that's offensive to me. Like you're all going to laugh about me blowing a guy like mom blowing blue a guy. WHAT'S UPRIGHT? Honestly, I don't think they're laughs. I think that there's they're hiding behind their insecurities. They're probably course, they're probably want to be with a man too. Well, there is a study done. That the study, and I don't know if this is the study. I might be making us up, but I could make things up sometimes. She shooes as she's smart, that at least every man has had one or two thoughts in their lifetime of being with another man. The more tendency thoughts more than a thought. So those guys or probably like envious of you saying, like good for him, that he did it. They were so like. I watched one of the interviews and they were asking all these questions like there were so, so violatings to know, and they're like no, to me it's violating. I think there's a way to question things and then there's a way to just shut the fuck up. You know what I mean, because I also don't look for me to talk about it. It doesn't help my career. I only talk about it because I know that there's other people like me out there that are probably going to take a lot of drugs, more drugs and they planned on, or drink more than they planned on, or just eat a bullet because of people are that talk about how gross it is to suck a DEC or, I mean our I used to like Alice until I knew he was a homo. You know I mean like well, like people like that, when, when you're in the background, you hear that voice, you think if you're open to sex with others with the same sex, you think there's something wrong with you. And that because for me, I spent the longest time just hiding from that and and if I ever faced it, it was definitely a bad day and I would start to spiral until I started to forget about it again. I was I couldn't face it. No, it's a huge thing. And right before you came into the conversation, Anita and I were talking about Caitlyn Jenner and the transition from boost Jenner and Bruce Jenner. Is World known for this manly Olympic gold medalist, world record breaker and married to the most famous family in the world. And then the next day he introduced his hurt yourself caitlyn right, I'll be very honest with you. Because of her connections to the Kardashian clan, I thought it was another PR stunt move. I thought, okay, here, here we go, but when I realized it's real, can I be very honest with you, my first thought went to his kids or her kids. I thought, what happens is, do they still say dad? You know? So I see you so similarly. As far as this manly man that is, in everyone's eyes, supposed to be macho and Alpha, and what that means is to be straight, because if you're not fully, fully, fully straight, you must not be a man. That was my other mistake. All my straight stories were because I'm very loud and over the top any and I exaggerate. I'm a I'm like a drunk Australian almost all the time, even without drink. So everything's like I was this big and blah, blah, blah. So all my straight stories are about, you know, all the girls and all inner porn star and I did this and I had that and one day, when I get a million dollars,...

I'm going to have a tense and that was like my joke on the radio. So I'm a very I'm also a Chovn you like I act like a chauvinistic prick, like I like my accent. I don't live in Australia anymore, but I can't stop talking like this and I have this weird background of being a male that's just high test usterone chauvinistic prick. But now that I know who I am, like this other side of me is is steered me off into where I'm like hey, you guys, like you guys are kind of being mean and they'll tell me that I don't get it and I'm like, I totally get it, I'm you. I'm just now also half of this other thing where I feel like it's made me realize that everybody needs an even shot, and it's so funny how obvious that doesn't work around here. If you're a little bit different, then you don't get an even shot, and it's crazy how many people will argue that that's not the case when a just straight up is if you're a little odder in this country, it's not a good look. Yeah, well, you you do. I would say that you got a lot of awesome shots throughout your life. I mean you were and doing x game stuff and you were, you know, riding along Tony Hawk in these competition kind of things, and then you landed as cohost to Tony Hawks podcast show and then not led you to having your own amazing show on serious Xm, which is the Jason Ellis show. So I'm a little scared, to be honest with you, saying that out loud because I don't know if that gives anita the idea that she's going to get her on show from my ost show. That's that. That's yes, you did that, Jason. You went ahead and you made that happen for yourself. So you had all these opportunities and you utilize them. You just the fuck out at them and I don't think that you should be seen for anything other than the things that you create. You know what I mean. So I apologize for all those interviews that I have seen, the the disgusting ways that people have approached you. I thought it's cool that you keep such a good sense of humor about it. You really do, and I could see that you use your sense of humor instead of rage, because I'm that person as well. I have to. I have a lot of issues in my past, legal issues, fighting physically, you know, doing those things because I had a lot of stuff going on in me and I've been more honest with myself and just more expressive and stuff. Oh my God, therapy was like, I think to my family it was just the easier thing than dealing with their issues on why I became that way as a child was just to throw me into therapy. So I've been in therapy my whole life, my whole life. Yeah, I mean I one of my therapist of God, I would love to find her still to this day and and bash her face into a while. I saw, I'm so sorry, said that I was about twelve or thirteen years old and she's a professional and she told me that I was going to either be dead or in jail for life by the time I was eighteen. Wow, one of those right one of those. So, to answer your question, I've been in Derby. Have had go wins, I've had bad ones, I've had shitty ones. I got clean in two thousand and five. I did a hundred twenty days Rehab. Then I went back to school. I went to Elam New University and I studied how to treat audicts and alcoholics with a dual diagnosis. Yeah, and then I ended up being on a TV show. So you know, it's just I got a bunch of little perks in life to I don't regret shit. I love all of my past. Well, I think that sometimes, because I always felt like there was some things that happened in my childhood that were a little tough, but that made me more resilient, because I wasn't a talented skateboarder, I was just driven. I just went every day and I never stopped thinking about it and it turned me into a good skateboarder, which then gave you the confidence to direct that in business. So that's why when I got into radio, I just had the same mindset as I had for being a pro skateboarder as being a radio host. Like there's no one that's ever going to tell I'm not failing. They it and all I think about is getting it done all day and all not. I don't I'm a I'm obsessed. I'm an obsessed person. Once I'm locked in on something, that's the end of it at because I know that's how you get stuff. You don't get stuff by gout man a kind of hope. I sometimes sometimes I don't hope like it's old day, constant, so that I feel like with the with the bad stuff that we're with, interviews it all in the end it's making me tougher, it's making me more resilient, it's making me understand the way that will works, because I think a lot of people that say mean stuff don't even really mean it. It's just a reaction of a good mentality. I don't think personally, people want me to die for being attracted to certain I mean they are honestly. I think there are people out there that, yes, they would, they were. They were raised with that brainwashed cult mentality of a box, a superficial box of what what is supposed to be like, and it's disgusting to me. I don't know, I I don't...

...know, but I really look up to you I have so many questions I would love to ask you as a parent, because I have a one year old son, Elijah, which I used a donor to achieve, because I know that that's my path and I'm not interested in relationships. I don't are not. I'm not the type. It's not for me. He's so, you know, I got a downer, I I shopped around. I'm got a good little fish. So right, thank you. So ratulations. They here. So I'm what what I wanted to ask you is, was there a certain style, away an age, a conversation you had, maybe with your wife on how you tell your children your sexual choices in life? Well, I'm divorced, so my I haven't. My wife now is not my baby's mother, Your Baby Mama, baby momer, and I are friends and she knew a little bit before we got divorced and that was that didn't sit well. So back then it was very tough for me to want to tell anybody. And then, obviously the wife that I have now, she knew from the day we started dating because I wasn't going to try and hide this from anybody if I was interested in them. So she's way more about that's how we have an open relationship, because my wife now is all about that stuff. Awesome, but that was under wraps until my daughter got a little bit older. And then also, you know, when I came out on the Howard Stern show, it's just the radio and nobody knows and kids don't know. But then I did an interview with Aubrey Marcus, who owns on it, is a friend of mine and he wanted me to come on his podcast to talk about that. He's like, I think it's amazing, I think you know, mean, I'd love to get an interview. And I was like okay, and he's not a guy that wants to exploit me. He just thinks he thinks I'm a warrior for even talking to anybody back. Great, so agree. So I agreed to do that show. But then when I did the show and realize that he makes little edited snippets that go out everywhere. So like those gifts. That does gift things, I was like, I got I can't. So what happened? It exploited you in a negative it came out in a negative way. Not Know. No, I think you're scared that your kids. Yeah, without looking to me first, I was yeah, so so then I had to talk to her about it and and obviously she could care less because she's not raised with any of that kind of hatred. So she right took about three seconds. It was like cool, may I ask how else she knows? Man didn't care. She's happy for me. She says she has by friends. So it's a different world. Did you do you? Do you think that you would have waited a little longer if it was not about to hit the press or whatnot? No, look, because it all, it was all the reason that I even told anybody because at first one I told the how it's don't show. I taught, I told a couple people. I told obviously my wife knew and her friends knew and they used to talk to me about it. They're the ones that got me a grinder account and stuff, so they would joke with me about it and not make it out like I was gross. So that kind of gave me confidence. And then when the Howard Sterne show said do you have any any beats, things to talk about, and I was like, you know what, why not? It's I don't want to die hiding this. I so I just did it there just to sort of make myself feel better, and I did. I felt way better saying that because I couldn't even say it on my own show in front of my friends. So once I said it, they're I think it was the beget. Once I said did that, then I realize, like I even brought it up to another person who's a radio host and said he was live on instagram and I said, do you think I should tell my kids, and him and all their fans said absolutely not, and I was like, because why? Because it's about is it a bad thing? Like if they find out, will they be depressed? Will it did I just said in their lives with this information right and it's and I had to really think about it because I'm still caught up in that world where I think that maybe a kid doesn't need to know that men have sex with men women have sex with women. Maybe they need to wait longer. But I think with the Internet and what kids know and hip hop music, like to say a man can love a man and a woman kept, because that's the other thing. People say, Oh, I don't want my kids being taught about that in school. They don't teach kids how to fuck in school now. They don't. They don't they? Sure don't? They just say did. I would know. I star fish it. No one taught me in school. I just I think it's crazy. School they're gonna talk the kids minds. But anyway, all that thought made me realize that, even if they did get to picked on a little bit at school or they found it to be uncomfortable, this is the world. This is who I am before you. Father Leaves His earth.

He was very open with what he was. You can take it or leave it. I don't do anything to anyone that doesn't agree and have a good time. That's the only way that works for me. So they were adult that are consensual involved in this stuff. There's nobody getting hurt and yes, this is what I am. So if it's not popular or makes other people feel that they can make fun of you because you're related to me, then you need to learn about this anyway, because we need to stand up for people like me. How how old were it the how are your kids hold? Were there twelve, sixteen, two hund and sixteen when it when this all happened? Now they twelve and sixteen. Now. How old are they? For like four years. Okay, what do when she was about twelve, I think. Okay, okay, and I told tiger, my son, about a year ago. Wow, oh, you just explained it to her son a year ago. Yeah, I kind of. I was like, he doesn't have social media and I don't want to put anything on him that these two young, but I just know from the music in the videos he watches that he's well aware of and what's seeing. Okay, what's what? So so how do you say that to a boy? Because I don't have a male my father and my nephew will be the only male figures in my son's life. So I also find it a little hard for myself to say, well, Mommy wants more than just one partner. You know, I think for a son there are already in defense mode over their mother. So you know. So it's like, I don't know how I'm supposed to tell Mike send that to how did you tell to your boy that doctor? So I I just know that when my when I first told my daughter what gay was, because she asked what game was, when we drove down Santa Monica Boulevard through boys town and there was the big cross dressing thing and I explained her what always town was right and I watched her brain think about what gay is for like three seconds and it was like over, cool, because it's I just said a man can love a man and a girl, can you know? They can. They can marry each other, and she was like okay, yeah, because that's really what a human would really think if they weren't right cuts with all this other stuff that they walk around sinking. Righty, can't do this and you can't do that, but current, I don't know, like if the rest of the world doesn't catch on and they're going to make fun of my kids. My kids are loved and and they're in and their their rational human beings and they can take it and they know what's happy. And I kind of like it actually out, because sometimes that stuff comes up at school and it's like does it how does it come out? How do they work about? How did they how does it come up for the kids in school? I mean, do you ever experience it? Because I noticed your son plays soccer correct yeah, yeah, and I'm my nephew play soccers. I notice that you're always out on the field and like that's an opportunity for parents to see each other. Do you ever get any looks or any kind of anything, because that I used to because my wife is super tattooed. So when we would go to games in Beverly Hills, all the people there would definitely not approve of my off and and my wife. But nobody knows anything. If they knew all the other stuff, they would definitely not approve. But that's I don't even whatever. If you're like super rich and super religious and you think that everything guy staying for is gross, that's fine. You know, I think it's I think it's weird to go to some church and believe in somebody that's it's looking at you when you sleep. But agreed a great agree. Yeah, I don't know. I don't want you to not do it, you know, I just feel like it's a it's a double standard, which is why, which is why I like doing interviews like this. I like talking about it because I think I talk. You know, if I just talked to the gay world, everyone's gonna be like, I love you, you're your mean such an it. I've had people message me and go, you know, you've got a gay friend in me, Jason. I'm like, thank you, because gay people are understanding about it, but I live in the straight world, so I don't you know, I talked about this gay stuff in the straight world and the straight world they can act like they're they're okay with it, but they're not right. I'm sorry, straight, well, you're not. You're like it's cool, I mean that's your thing, and I'm like, why are you doing that? What? Why is it? Why is it cringe you? Yeah, when I was like man, these two chicks I hooked up with. Okay, that's too. So that's kind of like this. Even the definitely not dating material. I mean a bit, if I but one guy that grosses you out. Just a weird not. Society is has been in the picture. I think that you could eventually get more and more straight dudes and be like yeah, big deal, but we're going to take a quick break, but woman come back. Is that up? He's in an open relationship. Yeah, Polyamoryoush. Listen, maybe I've always wanted to be her and I just tell you something. I Love Australian bouting. I... I think the newer generations are definitely there already. My niece is going to be fourteen soon and it's just so normal. The conversations that I hear them have. It's just so normal that you know certain conversations that I had growing up in the s. It was kind of like you kind of whispered it a little bit more. It was more of a curiosity. So again, when you're curious about something in you're not familiar with it and you're told that's bad, you tease it and you make fun of it. You know, and I again like I feel like with my kid, I is he gonna receive that? Like you don't have a daddy or test tube baby, you know, those type of things, and I get nervous too. So I really look to you as a role model in so many ways. Like I said in the beginning, you are so many things to so many different people. You are pro athlete, you are pro talk show host, you're so many things, but to me you're a great father from what I've seen and read, and I really would love as much advice that you can give me as possible on what you recommend as far as what I can do to give my child that same backbone of no judgment. And you know, no, no title. I mean you live it. You know that. Yeah, I've already had but I feel like it's that enough? Is that enough? Yeah, I mean you love your child and you're there for him or her unconditionally and you live your life in a way where you find that to be a way to live and Co exist with the rest of us in a friendly, way, positive way. Yeah, I don't see that, like, I don't. That's it. That's that's really it. When you're a parent, you don't. I just whatever you need, you know, but if I go wait, if I give you that, will that make you spoil? Okay, well, then I won't give you that. But other than that, if I can get you anything, if I can help you with anything, if I can teach you anything, I'm there. But the real one is how you live it, like if the how I walk, like how I act, like with the aggression thing, I've heard out of think because I had a lot of road rage near me too. Oh my God, right, am I, and I had to like really work on that because I don't want my kids to do that, and they will. I could be like, don't flip out like your dad does. That's like. I remember my dad driving down the road in a corvette with not just sock side and he had a beer in one hand and a joint in the other's it. Don't, don't be like me, J and I was like I cannot wait and a joys oh my God, I have massive road range and I drive I have I have a color cars, I have a monster truck. I drive a raptor that's has been souped up, raised monster and wheels and everything on it, and it's blind so you can't see my window. So people are assuming it's some big dude that's gonna get out of the car and I'm Oh my God, Oh, I have Rache. I hope my borrowed her car aunder car. One time I had a pink jeep eyes. Heard that she's get you this. You guys get disrespected because I get treated like an absolute like they'll be like Punkin me and then they look in the mirror to and I'm like, Oh really, people always think that as soon as they see they they're staring dead hard to mad dog, that when they see the doors opening they're waiting to see who it is, and then they see a nice little Christian levels Han shoe come out and I'm all dressed up and prime and and they're like what the fuck? When I went I brought her car. The other day I had to go graps and stuff from Home Depot and I felt so fucking cool in your car and I was getting out I just wanted to like hang out. Why is? People can see that. It's hard to get into that at with shoes on the hell yeah, yeah, it's not. Definitely is. But I got on your a game when you get at Oh my gosh, I learned. It's so well, like I have a harder time getting into my Mercedes and I do my raptor. I can get into that raps or with it's my it's my love. I love my raptor. It's the original, the two thousand and fourteen. It's not like this new, you know, over manufactured body version. It's the jeep. I'm sorry, love cars. I'm telling you and I have a lot in common. You go off roading. I okay. Seeing now, I'm embarrassed to say I have my raptor and that I've never gone off roading because the rector is that I'm never jading race truck. Ever. Design was that car and I never done it. I'm scared. You want to go with me to Joshua Tree? Yeah, I'll scare the shit out of and that thing you I think I'd piss myself. I already do that. I gave vaginal birth. I just bit sometimes comes out if I laughed too much. Well, are you in its away? Your's your jeep.

It's a two thousand and twenty one. Oh, it's like brand new. I have a I have an eighty seven cj with like the lift and everything into the because I lost my job at serious X am. So now I'm podcasting. So I'm in the middle of rebuilding everything. That's why I put my own studio and so we did as to me. We did this by hand. Well, your studio is really nice. Thank you, hive. Oh, yes, nice, you're really marry. And am I ever going to get invited? I don't know what we would I don't know what sports we could talk. I was a gymnast for thirteen years. I mean I have some sports. Don't have to talk bespots sports about fighting a little bit, and I do a podcast with Tony hulks. So we talked about skateboarding. But, as I just said, I lost my job at serious Xam, so I'm in the middle of podcasting and doing and having a patreon account and my wife is doing only fans. So I'm real. I'm rebuilding ice. I wish we should do all me fans. Suggest objective is to make sure that I brought that up to her. The eleven, the only fans. I've thought. I told her about that recently, and meaning probably had a lot of money. So you don't need to, but I'm trying to like stack up again, and my wife's pretty hot, so she does well on there. So I don't want it. And every now and then I get to do like cameos and stuff and Oh, yeah, I'm doing it because I'm a what is it? Exhibitionist? I think I started cameo too. It's so, it's so. Did yeah, I just started. It's so fun. It's so. It's like, I guess. So we shit shift from cameo to only fan only. What happened here? You're talking about cameo. I'm talking about only fans. Did I say cameo? You did? You at one point you said you're doing cameo to well, what's Cano? I'm so I didn't you. Didn't you? Oh, I thought he said he's doing a cameos. Oh, cameos. Is that something? No, cameo is like a thing where, like people like pay money to you. If we knew, give a shout out to what do you have free? It's interested Ardy. I made all my money go to the skateboard foundation to build skate parks. I love that. I have I'm banking my two to donate. That's amazing. I really love you, Jason. I really, really, really really do and I s so happy. It's not the open relationship. Yeah, she's Polyamorosh, listen, maybe I've always wanted to be a her. And I just tell you something. I Love Australian booning. I Love Australians. My best friend is Australian. She's from Sydney. I was just an Australia some years ago. So many Lebanese people out there right. I just Max I'm at it. I met a really cute later many spood belly dance it once and she gave me a note for my birthday when I was like Super Young. It was like super inappropriate, bit I thought it was cool. Wait, but are you allowed to have a relationships outside of your wife being president? Or Yeah, you are, yeah, okay, okay, we just have to get permission first. Right. Oh, so, that's just that's I think that's the way I wanted to do it. You, you just got her and you're like hey, really, I go hang out with son. Holly isn't not the same as poly Kina and it could be anyone. It's not like I think the differences is, I if I was to go on like a vacation with you was something that's probably not going to happen. Yeah, no, no, that's all like the relationship aspect. So it's only sexual. It's only allowed to. It's not only like I definitely need to be friends with the person, especially if it's a girl. That's that's how that one works. But I can't be romantic dates, right. So you guys can go off for what I'm looking for? Yeah, I'm looking for that, but I don't mind an every now and then kind of a and you guys, you're attractive. I Love Tatooes, I love Your Life Style, love your personality. I do is I just don't stay. I mean, listen, listen. Why don't we just we'll just do a threedate, purse, a three. What does it call a three person days? It's not a threesome. Like who's the third? All obviously his wield. No, you are not invited. His life has to approve me. I'm not invited. Okay, his wife has to approve me. Are you joining in? Do you want to have sex with with Jason as well? No, I just want to come for the free meal. I don't know. She's coming for the free food, Jason. Yes, what about me? What about just? My wife is involved in we can then it's all. Everybody can do anything. I agree. It sounds like a great, great happy ending. Why? Skills like you? Oh my gosh, it's great. Play your game with him. So this is this is a fun part of the whole thing. We do this with a Humanita. So, okay, your game, my game. Let's called. Forgive me, I have sinned. Okay, okay. Hmmm,...

...have you ever fantasized about Tony Hawk? No, no, that was too not even close to do you have a title? I'm not attracted to my straight friends. Okay. Ever, have you ever been? No, no, I'm I've had a couple of straight friends blow me when I was younger. A man really what it is? What is are they straight if they're blowing you? That's a good point. Two guys did that to me like one in Jakuze, just going forward on me and I was like, okay, I'm so jealous. In a hotel room, same thing. I think you live the corstal about it. Just that's it, just a just about you. One of my other questions. Have you ever hooked up in a boy's locker room? But you just kind of answer that is locking room, because I just notice to school in America we didn't have locker rooms. I went off script. Sorry, I want to script for that. Is that your cat I hear in the background? I did hear your cat. Yeah, he talks all the time. Also talking to count something. That's the that's the BANDINA. He's very talking. So speaking of your cat and the noise, because you have a hairless sphinx cat, or do you have to? Do you prefer all your pussy to be hairless? Hmm, I like, oh, different things. I think the more strange it is from what I'm used to the better. But I guess I probably I like that little fashionable landing, strong landscaping, kind of contect on land and to the Strip, strip, not to shaped, you know. So still like a bit of an angle to but I also think bald is really cool too. Well, it's all my bold. Okay, is is bald cooler for sex or for going down? Because, I mean, I don't remember. Yeah, I think so. But what? Which one? Both old just less. You know you don't want to and I don't really like really smelly ones either. But what? Why? Why? Some people do and that's fine, but I'm like, if it's just regular, that'school. That's about. Like wait, I'm sorry, sorry, okay, see, I was about to say goodbye and thank you for coming, but you just opened a hulk hand. Jason. Wait a minute, what, ha ha, I I know I have. I've heard of Smelly Dick. I've never smelled a smelly Dick. Oh my God, I've heard a smelly Dick. I have heard of smelly Vagina. I've never obviously I've never had any counter with a woman. But what does the SMELLY Vagina, which is Smelly Dick, okay, oh, like, supposed to? What is it? He can tell you. He's IT'S A it's bad. It's a in some cases it's insanely bad. One person I knew that was like super hippie chick. That was that worked at at the plant base restaurant and it was right when I got divorce and she hit on me, but she was all about her doing or old but wouldn't let me do it. I'm like, that's weird. Why can't why did she not letting me do that? And then when we actually had sex, it cracked it open and he was super it was like really crazy, like if you were got anyway near down there, even just it was like and I was like, what is that? But I'm not going to say and then I guess you can sell you. Did you go all the way? Did you come here? I thought, of course I did. You really like a bunch of times. Oh my God, you came a bunch of times and it's stint that bad. Yeah, I just got used to it. My God, listen, I'm I'm not a judgmental person when it comes to a lot of things, but it was that a medical situation? Or was it a hygiene situation? No, she was clean everywhere else. I think it was just I think she needed to like go get her things checked, like things were off. Our things were off. All right. We all kind of recent not so long ago with my wife and a friend who was like, you know, she was all about it, like I want to come over and sleep with you guys, and we were like, okay, sure, and then the day came and then this. So I went there first and I was like, Oh wow, that's crazy, and then I waited for my wife to do the same thing better. Head popped up and looked at me and I was like, I didn't like I didn't make it. So that was so what you mean to do? You just we just finished it without putting their faces down there. That is Iterten, I love you so much. Days of my vagina. It smells like by candy, like the rest of me smells at all times. I have not had any sexual interaction in three years, though, so it works on my stay. I now is insanity, okay, because I spent a year doing IDF to get pregnant. I got pregnant, I had a massive loss and they had to surgically remove my Philippian twos because of the way it got lost,...

...and then I went through it y VF again to get pregnant. Then I got pregnant, and that's ten months of pregnancy, and I got pregnant right when Covid, I mean the end of my pregnancy, was covid hit the quarantine hit. So then that happened and I have an autoimmune disease, so I can't really be around people and it's just been miss, missmiss, and now I'm just I mean, look, I'm throwing myself at you right now, Jason, let me what the fuck. It's awesome at you too. I mean that's like two angles, like, Oh my God, well, we can't even get over from what's happening right now. It's on that note, you're blessing may my vagina and Anita. Would love to thank you for being here and taking the time to talk to us, and you are amazing. I find you so awesome and thank you for your honesty and being who you are and creating your human children to be an amazing person like you are. That it's awesome. I look up to that and we look forward to your podcast. That Jason Elis Show, podcast show. Thank me so much. Is Wolf as well. Jump June fourteen is where it officially drops. Is A podcast with myself and Tony Hole, and we're not talking about sex. Oh Yay, congratulations. Well, please, let us all know to like definitely want to be like like the first person with my headphones on right there listening. Thank you very much. Driving you in your truck what you should really fun, Joe. I would love so. I think that we need to be best friends after this interview, because I think you're really cool and I would love to learn how to off road my truck. Yes, and hurt Vagina will bring the wd forty for the vagina and the engine in her vagina. Can't wait for you, guys. I mean to deserts. It's it definitely is as dry as the deserts in need of some help. I'm ready. I'm vascinated. Thank you so much, Jason. Thanks. Go okay, Great Day. Goodbye. That was amazing. I love him. I love him too. I really love this guy together. I mean I just want to be best friends with him and if anything were to ever happen, I just know that he has the same mentality as I have, that it's not a big deal. It doesn't mean that we have to be in a relationship tomorrow or be married or in love and this and that and put a title to it or label on it. That's what I love about him. He's just free. Yeah, it's just free. I wonder what. I wonder what you might know. The answer? What triggered him to feel like he had to just come out to the world about his sexuality. Well, I think he's sort of said that. When we were talking, he was saying that he was about to go on to the Howard Stern show and he was just saying, you know what, fuck it if, if I'm going to go out, I want to go out with my kids knowing who I was and I'm being proud of who I am and standing up for who I am because, honestly, God forbid, if he had died the next day, he had done the best thing by leaving that message for his children that, you know, be proud of who you are, no matter what it is, just be proud. Yeah, so, man, he's so cool. He's so cool. I like them like whereas has. I can't wait to hear his new podcast show. I'm interested in hearing it because he's a controversial person and he's not afraid of taking those leaps into those conversations like like like we do here. You know what I mean. We do that. We kind of test people, we push those them as. I hate the motherfuckers who did those interviews with him and and exploited his situation and such a negative connotation. You know, she said we he doesn't deserve that. So I love him, Jason, I love you. I love all the people who are out there like Jason. You could be any athlete, any type of athlete, Male, female, doesn't matter, just like who cares what makes you happy? Exactly cares? I don't know. anyways, thank you, guys, for listening and watching another episode of genuinely Gigi. We love you all. Thank you. Subscribe if you can. Please give us a rating, give us a review. We really appreciate and we look forward to and we read it over and over and over and over. We send them to each other over and over my so please do that, please, please, love you, guys. Thanks for listening to generally Gigi. download new episodes every week and, if you haven't already, subscribe and be sure to leave us a rating and review and, while you're at it, check out some of the other great shows available on Straw hunt media.

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