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Episode · 1 year ago

Sex Coaching W/ Stacie Ysidro


This week on Genuinely GG, the girls get some advice from sex coach Stacie Ysidro. Tune in as they discuss various taboo topics and discover some new things about each other.

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Straw media. Oh my goodness, I can with you. I haven't seen you in a millionaires. I feel like. I know I feel I thought you're mad at me. I am, I'm a hundred percent mad at you, but we're not going to talk about that right now because we have a whole lot of more important things to talk about here in genuinely, JJ, that was so cheesy. I love that US. Oh my God, welocome everybody. I missed you, guys. I hope you guys missed us. Yes, I am a little peeved right now with Anita, but that's not anything to do with this. We are always going to be best friends, no matter what. You know way too much about me for me to let you not be my friend. Might have to kill you if we SCU yeah, yeah, I do have a lot on you. Okay, yeah, you have a lot on me. Okay, I'm glad to know that. That's the only reason because you like me. Are Because I'm fluned to be around or casting I just keep you around for liability. Okay, oh my gosh, I am like, look, fucking dying. I'm wearing this cute and I don't know I'm wearing this right now. To cover. Let me show you what I'm doing right now. Let me show you how snatched my waist is right now. Can you guys see this? Do you see? That's amazing. I bought it. I didn't once. Let me see how tight. Oh Shit, it's like. Oh Yeah, Oh shit, not because I can still like move around. It's snatched, but it really, it really feels good for my posture to I love what it does for my posture. Just makes my titties of weird. So setting straight and I kind of adjusted. But yes, that was when I tried it that one time. Yeah, my back more straight. It's amazing. It's making my ways snashed. I have lost so much weight. I am down to a hundred and twenty one pounds now, which I'm very excited. I'm doing good. I mean, hello, I'm like, you know, I got it. I gotta be this like sugar mill that apparently I am these days. I had no idea I was becoming this MILF Cougar, but I've become one. I am one and I got to keep up with the times, and that means looking good and getting the vagina prepared. And to get the vagina and the clitter is prepared. We have an amazing guest on genuinely gg. Today we have stacy s dro who is an amazing sex expert, sex coach, life coach, just polly express where she just beating? Yes'm she knows like everything and we had really cool talks about you can make yourself have an orgasm with just energy, like just looking or not doing anything. You can make yourself have an orgasm, and we also talked about the universal language, which is I'm about to welcome stacy say trap. You know her from Shaws of subset. You know she doesn't hold back, but I don't please him. I well, I'm psychologically controlling it, but I'm more of a starfish when it comes to being in bad I'm such a starfish. This is genuinely gg. Okay, we're gonna take a hit before we start. We're going to say before we start, no, I can take a hit before we say. I'm definitely going to thank you for reminding me existance. That's why don't you kind of miasing best friend and cohost I have never reminds me. I need to spark my early get a little hot. Contact high. She like maybe I hi. She likes the contact hi, we are sitting here right now with the amazing stacy CETRO. How are you, stacy? I'm doing good. I'm feeling relaxed and ready to have some fun. Yeah, I'm happy you're here. I mean, stacy is so many things. I mean, the list goes on and on and on. I'm going to I'm going ... probably give like a quarter of how much I have read about what your craft and expertise and education is in. But you are a life coach, a sex coach, you are educated in somatic arts and Tantra, of course, my favorites. You are all about. You know all about polyamory, which I love, and then you're also be kiny athlete, you're a belly dancer. Two things that really stood out to me the exotic, Oh, I'm sorry, erotic blueprint coach and a sober sex coach, and I would love to get back to what exactly an erotic blueprint coach is and a sober sex coach, but I first wanted to talk to you about I first wanted to talk to you about you being here. I'm grateful to for you to to be here today with us, because what you do, your job, your profession, the life that you lead is very much to mean, my opinion, about encouraging people to find sort of courage within their vulnerabilities, you know, and sex is one of those topics that people are very have a lot of vulnerabilities about. So I love that you're here to do that. Thank you for being here to do that, stacy. How did you get into this? Who? Thanks for having me and all of your kind words. How did I get into sex coaching specifically? Yes is I was working in the salon full time as an salon owner manager, working behind the chair, and I did a business and life coaching certification that I was using with our leadership team and our staff, and going through that process, they ask you to kind of find your niche, m and I realize that the themes in my life had to do with spirituality and sexuality. By way of I've always been very open and expressive and non judgments, soul and adventurous and like. I never really saw a big deal about sex and talking to people, I realized that a lot of other people have guilt and shame and there's a lot of challenges involved and I was like, well, you know what, like, if I'm really comfortable with this and people just talk to me about this stuff. Maybe I should pay attention to it. Right. So it seemed interesting to me and then I took off on this whole other journey for the last twelve years. Yeah, so Tantra, sacred sexuality, beds and and King Sex work and I know a little bit. I know a little bit about Tantra sex. I don't I don't know about it because of steing. For those who don't know, you know the musician Steing, but he practices Tantra sex with his wife and they talk about going for days and days. Right, it is it. I mean it's just as I don't know yet. WHO. But what is my pronouncing? Right? Tantra? Or is it Tantra? Tantra, tomato, tomato, tomatoes. All right, I like that. Like that, stacy. Yeah, so I say Tantra. Some people say Tantra. I think it ends on your accent. Okay, Tantra, how you read. But I yeah, I say Tantras. So essentially Tantras a spiritual path and it's a way of being. It just happens to include sexuality and it's sex positive. So I think in the West we see something sex positive that has that encompasses sex and then all of a sudden it's all about sex, you know. Right. So, yeah, there's totally sexual practices that are incorporated. We really believe that sexual orgasmic energy is the life force, energy that flows through you and makes you alive. Yeah, so this energy can be cultivated and expressed in all different areas of...

...your life. And so there's something called an energetic orgasm, which is where you hear though we have sex for days or hours or, you know, have eighty million orgasms. Right. So it's different than an ejaculation. Okay, how is it different? It's different. How? Yeah, so, essentially, an ejaculation is the physical manifestation of the orgasmic energy flowing through you. Wow, okay, wow, that was so beautifully said. I need to say that. That was so like every way. There's no way I've could have explained an orgasm better than what you just said right now. Holy Shit. Yeah, it's the orgasmic energy flowing through you that facilitates an ejaculation. So is what's happening. And obviously we're talking about, you know, Cock bodies at this point. I mean, females also can ejaculate, but we don't usually associate our orgasm with an ejaculation. Most men associate orgasm with ejaculation, right. So is what's going on is they're going from a genital focused arousal to a full body arousal and that's when your brain starts releasing all of the fun chemicals and hormones and oxytocins and all of the things that make you have that floaty, right God feeling. It's the moment they're saying, Oh, I'm about to yeah, that's where that energy is flowing. So the idea is to learn how to withhold or control the actual ejaculation and run the energy so you stay in this bliss state with the energy flowing through you, because once an ejaculation occurs, then you go into refractory it's just a biological thing. So the idea is to stay in the ORGASMIC energy flow. How do you stay in it? How do you how do you control that? Is it mental? Is it physical? Is it practice? Is it meditative? How how do you Prac how do you stop that? Yeah, so it's kind of a little bit of everything and women, I think, kind of naturally fall into this energetic orgasmic state and more I don't know if it's more naturally or we describe it this way, but women also can flow this energy and there, once you develop this, you can literally experience orgasm without being touched, and it happens to me often. Is that how it happens in dreams? Is that how it happens in dreams where people feel women, or, I don't know how men, but women feel like they're having an orgasm in the dream. Or are they actually? I don't know. I mean maybe I don't know what goes on in the dreams, but I would imagine. Yeah, there's got to be something happening. You know, there's the mind body connection there. Yeah, but how we do this? You how in your dream? Oh, my God, so much all the time. Umber want to remember most of my dreams, but if I had that dream, I'm sure I would remember. Yeah, that's yeah, well, I see a lot of if I spoke a lot of weed before I sleep. I don't dream. You can't dream of shutouts. Shuts off your dream sector. But yeah, yeah, but okay, okay, let's other thing. That's a whole. It's all hard hole other, my God. Or I guess you are going to hear about this energetic orgasm thing, though, coming up. You, you are this is, this is gonna, this is about to be a thing. We're about to hear about this more. You said that. You said the infamous words. I think it's a universal language. I'm about to come. Okay, those are words spoken in so many different tones and frequencies, and they are words spoken so often as a lie. It is it is a power tool, it is a I'm...

...fucking tired of fucking tool, it is a it isn't statement. That is just so strong and powerful. I'm about to that sets a tone, right. When I hear a guy say that to me, I'm about to I'm like yeah, Bitch, I'm like secretly patting myself on the back. You know what I mean. Mind you, I didn't get to even my point of I'm about to yeah, but for me my job was done. Yes, I did that. To me, that was an accomplishment. Not that I don't enjoy the orgasm. I enjoyed what I did and I want to talk to you, Stacy, a little bit about how we'd choose our rules in the bedroom. Like, what does that mean? Why? Why am I so Alpha and real life? And then I get to the bedroom and I like to just wait for that guy to get to that I'm about to do. You know what I mean. But you're still alpha your Soli Alfa, because you want, you want to please him, but I don't please him. I well, I'm psychologically doing that, I'm psychologically controlling it, but I'm more of a starfish when it comes to being in bad I'm such a starfish, a pillow Princess Pala. I'm writing that suck down right now. I'm no longer calling myself a starfish. Yeah, so a lot of what you just said, like this, is superloaded. Yes, so, first, first of all. First, secondly, our pleasure and our orgasm is actually our responsibility. And so, yeah, there's like a cultural thing, whether it's spoken unspoken. You see it in porn. Yeah, we think that when an ejaculation occurs, oh look, we did our job, we did good right when, in the grand scheme of things, it's we were a co creation of that experience. But if our partner is not in a space to allow themselves to receive pleasure and actually let go, that has nothing to do with us. So ultimately it's their choice and their decision on experiencing that pleasure right, and so it's like this ego thing that happens of you know, Oh, I did good, or they're doing good, or they're not doing good or I'm not doing good, when the reality is is our orgasm and pleasure is our responsibility, and if we are not in touch with that, how can we ask for what we want? How can we actually receive pleasure if we don't ask for it right, you know? So one of the ways that I help people do this is through the erotic blueprints. Okay, here we go, this is it. This is the erotic blueprint. Everybody, getting your pen, get at your paper, get all your notes out and get ready to write this down. We're going to take a quick break. But when we come back, women, we have what is it called to Quique, we have cle air go and so uncomfortable and I'm M it will set everything off. It ties into the dynamics that you're speaking into as far as like dominant submission or passive aggressive. You know, you see these rolls or words stone around a lot within kink and bedsm as. What I found, as some people have a arousal that is enhanced and triggered by the power play, those power dynamics. Okay, and so within a container, a safe container, there's nothing wrong with that power dynamic.

What does that mean? In a container? What do you mean by in a container? When you say that, do you mean the bedroom? A container is just like, like, we're in a container right now. Okay, this is our experience where in a CO creation, here all together, and obviously, like this container is. We're talking about sex, right, you know, it's not confidential because we're putting it all out right, right, everyone's to know, right. So there's different expectations or agreements that you come into and an experience, right. And so for a sexual experience, I always teach people to do this and it's not ever taught to us, but it's setting that container. So it's we're going into an experience. And you know what tonight I'm really feeling into. I want penetration, I want teas and I want to experience the building up of pleasure. I you know, but but don't touch my face, you know, maybe don't put anything in my ear. So you're kind of laying out your desires and fears and your boundaries for this experience. Did you? Did you just say see, did you just say don't put anything in my ear, like what do people put it in a dilte, like going into the ear? Can you get an orgasm in your earlobe? Yeah, anywhere, anywhere, right, and yeah, it's so it's totally an example. And the thing is when people are like Oh, no, everything's cool, it's all ago, and it's like, okay, great, so I can shed on you. Okay, I cut you, you know, like can I chick something up your note? Like no, wait, that's I don't want those things. Okay, cool. So let's call out that there are some some nose, there are some limits here. So let's feel into that, because then that informs what our yeses and then so you can't trust someone's yes if they don't have a no. So that's why that container is really important, because you can play all the way to the edges. You can explore all of the things in a safe setting and if you know where the boundaries are. If you don't know, you're kind of like scared to go off for wondering about judgments. And now it's a conversation. So the containers, pretty much as drawing our boundaries, are our safety net and saying. You know, this is what I'm comfortable with. What I'm not comfortable with. It's communication, you know, that's a containers basically a very safe area of communication. Absolutely, and the way, that an easy, easy way to do this, is what are you desiring right? What are you afraid of, and what are some boundaries, you know, so that way you can speak into that. Oh my Gosh, you know, I'm afraid that I'm going to Fart and then I'll be embarrassed and right gonna smell. That's a very common thing, though. It's so common. It's so common. How many times I have felt like that? Are like women. We have what is it called a quef? QUEF, we have clean air go and that's so uncomfortable. And I'm might it was set everything off, because the money happens. Yeah, because now are like, but did they think it was all fart when I queved, or did they realize it was a quief? Because was it a shark? Because it's out a quief sounds a little different, right, it can be a little bit of a shark. I think a que feeling more area and than the Shart has, like it's the shit. Yeah, a little bit of a difference there. But then that does because is your mind is like, Oh my God, am I gonna do? Am I going to do? What's yeah, can't like performer, you can't get your mind into like right, you can't step into your pleasure because you're all worried about all these things. And so sometimes when we just say it, you know, then okay, cool, and our partner can be like, okay, guess what, like if you fart or Qui or something like, can we laugh about it and then just keep going like I really don't care. Yes, but then we're like, Oh, wait, or hell, it could be well secret, secret escapes. That actually turns me on. Right, oh,...

...okay, cool, great, no worries now. I'm really okay with this. You know. Right, okay, you know, we had an amazing, amazing guest one time. Tracy Ellis Hilarious Australian guy, but he's also came out as nonbinary. He has has a wife and he also sleeps with other people. It's their thing and he he had the most hilarious story he told us on genuinely gg he told us a story by one time how he and his wife we're with a woman and her vagina just smelled so, so horrible, and he was down there, his face was down his wife's face was down there, and in my mind I'm thinking, why do you continue? Why are you doing this? And and hit I asked him, I said why, and he goes, oh, but that's all right. You know, everyone has something, and his the way he responded to that. Maybe we want to have sex with him, because he I swear to God, I think I started flirting with him after that because I'm like wow, that guy just made me feel so comfortable sexually, to open up when in our minds, especially women, we are so consumed with these porn shows or music videos and all that, that sex has a look to it. That right. You're just supposed to sit back beautifully and utiful, smell like roses, rabberries and and not one little piece of hair by. Are No quefing or farming aloud. No, you cannot queave, you can't free the quay. Yeah, yeah, and that's a thing. So again going back to like the blueprints, so that what you're talking about right there is very sexual blueprint like which it's about nudity, genital contact, have the orgasms be done. It's very what you see in porn, right, right, and so that in itself can be a superpower of that zero to sixty sex drive. And a lot of times sexuals are very open and not shameful about sex, right, and they enjoy it and it's to them it's like air and water. It's a need. Yeah, and the shadow side of that is exactly what you're speaking into. Is, Hey, guess what, there's a lot of other ways to experience arousal and pleasure and it's not only just about this. And so when we give ourselves permission to start experiencing sexuality beyond what we see in an entertainment, which would be porn, that is for entertainment, but that's not real life. Like those are like some highlights. You didn't see them fall off the bed. You didn't see the twenty minutes before that got them to the space to be able to do what they're doing right, right. And so with the blueprints, there's five different blueprints and it gives you a language to speak into and understand how you experience arousal and pleasure in your body, in your body. And so once we start to understand that, then now we can get more creative, we can tap into what's our superpowers here? And then where's our shadow side, and what can we heal right, and how can we expand? Does masturbation get in the way of US understanding how we want to be pleasured by someone else? I don't think so. Masturbation is the foundation for partner sex. What does that mean exactly? Can you explain that? That means when we start experimenting and exploring like our own bodies, we start to understands like what feels good right, and then once we start tapping into that in ourselves, now I know what to say to someone or I know what to do to experience heightened states of arousal and orgasmic energy. But if I never experiment on myself and I don't love myself first, how can anyone else? How are they supposed to mind... me? Wow, you know, and a lot of times, especially women, I can speak for myself, like there's different times of the months. I think it's hormonal R that I like different things, you know. And so what worked last week I don't even care about anymore. I want something else, and that's your responsibility to make your partner aware of it. And and it is that not exhausting for a partner. When does it become about what you're doing for them as opposed? You know, that's what I I get a little confused and I think that has caused me to get very insecure from beginning of my sexual experiences of life that I sort of starfished or, like you said, a pillow princess, because I feel like I didn't know what role I was supposed to play and the bedroom I was very insecure when it came to sex, but in real life, in the light I'm I'm this bold, power bitch, you know, that doesn't take Shit, and I think everyone had this assumption that once they get me in the bedroom, I was going to be that, you know, that Freaky I'm going to lay you out, dominatrix type stuff, and I'm so opposite. And I also wonder why I am like that. You know, I wonder why I'm so insecure and that area. Is it insecurity? Is it not? You know, I don't know. I mean it could be. I can't speak to know you. I'm not you and I can also, you know, normalize your experience. A lot of times I've seen where someone is very like dominant or very alpha in their real life and the exterial, exterior world, and they just need a space to actually relax and let go. So sexuality becomes a safe space for them to not have to be in control and to really let go. And so you'll find that people that are very, you know, dominant and power people out in the world, sometimes they've got the side of them that just wants to let go and surrender, and then vice versa. Someone that you think would be super like meek and mild, is like a bas these two. Right, you know, right, that's true, but it is funny. I thought I would picture you to be a freak in that she's right. Yeah, yeah, and I would expect you to be like really boring, but I bet you're the fucking biggest freak, hundred percent. I've heard starre stacy. Stick around long enough, you will hear some stories. We have so many of them recorded on genuinely DG trust me, Europe, I have I have a question. If you are with someone and you have to take your mind somewhere else in order to orgasm, does that mean you're not into them? Be being more specific. Draws a picture, and Nati, like she draws great mixtures by the minsters. You're hooking up with someone and you are kingd of showing them and telling them kind of what to do and get you in and to get you to hopefully, orgasm. But the question is is, like you have to take your mind somewhere else. Where would you take your mind and another man, about another man, or thinking about a like role playing in my mind of something like like I am hooking up with like, like I could professor or, you know, just something. Does I mean that? Like I'm just really not into the sky, because I feel like recently that's what I've had to do. So I think that there's a lot of possibilities here. One, I don't think that there's anything wrong with adding elements of fantasy to your sexual experience. Yeah, you want to be into your partner and fully present. So I think it really is the intention of, you know, the fantasy. What I'm kind of feeling into, what's landing for me is you said, Oh, a professor, that's a power dynamic. Okay. So so...

I don't know, y'all may have a high kink blueprint. Maybe you should take the blueprint quiz. It's yeah, part of the kink blueprint is there's a power dynamic and it's anything that's taboo. What is taboo turns you want. So literally, it could be, oh, I always have sex in the dark and now I'm turning the lights on and this is really naughty like that could be kinky to someone, right, you know. So it doesn't always have to be about sensation. So there's a psychological kink and there's a sensation kink, right. So this stuff we're talking about is psychological, it's power play and there's a blueprint called shape shifter that includes a little bit of all of the blueprints and is what I found, being a shape shifter myself, is I usually like to throw in some type of power play or role play dynamic into sexual experiences and even if I haven't expressed that out loud to my partner, I'm going into it. Why? What does what does that do for you? So for me, there I do get, I experience turn on through powerplay dynamics. I definitely in similar to you to where I'm very directive and, you know, direct, straightforward and out there, and then recently with my relationship, I've felt in a safe enough space to actually learn how to surrender, and so that's been a huge exploration for me on what is it like to fully let go and allow myself to receive and not be in control. So that's an expansion into something that wasn't really there in the past. That's that's actually I'm going through that presently right now. M just to bring you up to speed, I'm recently started seeing someone and it had been over three years I had not slept with anyone, so it was it was sort of a it was sort of a big deal when it was happening and it's a very big deal for me to like someone. I don't like someone very often, very big deal. He's very easygoing and calm and happy and just a gentleman, and then when it comes to that sexuality, he wants to be very alpha and he's made it known to me. We've community. He's were so good with communicating that. He makes me feel safe, but he says, you know, he needs to be that in order to for himself to get aroused, he needs to initially be that Alpha. He wants to do that. He wants me to surrender to him and I'll be honest with you, it's I loved that he communicated it with me. But when the first time came around, I was still a little nervous because not only have I not supped with anyone in a long time, it's like I'm I'm scared of someone having that much control over me. I'm a control figure and for me to sit back and surrender for this guide to pleasure me, when I usually just go until the guy comes that I'm about to you know come. It's just I got nervous. It was very nerve racking. It's understandable. And again that goes back to that safe container. So it's saying, okay, great, I'm willing to play this game with you. Yeah, and you know, here's my fears and here's what I really would love to experience and these are some things that are off limits for now. Yeah, because the cool thing about that conversation and the container is that it can change again later. Right. So you set that container for this time and this experience and that's what it is. Right. So your yes can become a no, absolutely true. Your no can't become a yes in the middle of it, right, and he's very been very clear about that.

He says, when you're you say no or I don't like this or please don't do that. He goes to me. That's my word. That's all I need to hear. So it has been very open and he'll ask, because it's okay with you, because if I say no, I know that my know is a no for him. It's not one of those will let me try again. It's not one of those. He's so respectful for that. We're going to take a quick break. But when we come back to some people, and might be nauseating, they are like, oh, how do you guys talk about everything? You think like, well, that's how you avoid therapy in two years from now, sweetheart. The lie. There's only one time I have ever felt as nervous ever to have sex with someone, and it wasn't when I lost my virginity. I was way too bold when I lost my virginity. It was one the first time. He is when I got sober. I did a hundred and twenty days of Rehab, two thousand and five, and I was now in sever living after a couple months and I had met someone and we were talking and it was that time and I had never had sober sex. And I remember in meetings, in Aa meetings and all this stuff they talked about it. Yeah, like, don't get involved yet, you know, take your time. And I was doing everything great. I was planning to buy the book. I was emotionally psychologically prepared, but I was not prepared for sex. Yeah, because they don't do that in the program. I never had sex without downing alcohol. I always had drinks. It's always had a child. It's like a shield to kind of like yeah, it breaks the ice right, so to speak. Everyone says, oh well, just break the ice a little bit, have a drink, have a shot, you know what I mean. And that was so scary when that's kind of what I wanted to talk about earlier day. I said we've talked about is sober sex, which a lot of people don't understand. WHAT IS SOBER SEX? Yeah, it's having sex sober. That's it's really like that. Yeah, and super cool thing. I'm there. If you watch the conners, I just saw an episode that was just released, I think, this past week, and that's one of the subjects, because one of the characters is in recovery, and so they're blatantly saying sober sex and I was like, oh my gosh, someone's finally saying it. Yeah, finally talking about it. Yes, because, yeah, it's not something that they teach you and recovery, and that's something that landed for me, yeah, when I was in well step programs, and I realize that, you know, this is not something that's addressed and people often use this as a replacement for whatever their addiction was. So then it kind of gets shamed and then so, yeah, I was like, there's absolutely a need to talk about this and, like you were saying, the reality of substances is a lot of times that disconnects us from our body, right, it disconnects us from our partner and what we're really craving is that love and connection and pleasure. But the more we are filling ourselves with these substances, the more disconnected we're getting. Right. So now, being sober and clear mind, clear body, without substances, we need to learn how to experience arousal and pleasure and our bodies all over again. That's right, because I don't know about for you, but I was Numb, numbed out, Yep, you know, like I didn't feel anything in my body and if you asked me what I felt, I'd tell you what I thought, right, yeah, yeah, that's the whole. I was used to that whole. I'm about to because for me it was I was Numb, and the only way I can understand that now is because I am the exception to the the big book. Myth hats are off. You know, to me I am able to have a once in a blue moon cocktail. I'm able to have a drink, and I'll tell you something, I fucking hate having sex after drinking alcohol. I feel like the Sahara desert that has nothing in me,... know, just like Blah. It's like stick your Dick in and that's just do your thing, finish off, and I didn't realize for so much in my life that that's what I was sort of kind of doing because I was in such a nun place. So sex was in the main thing to me too, but I mean sober sex. I would choose it over over any type of drug sex, type of situation. The first time we had sex with the your new super sex, over sex, yeah, with well, this, with this sky. Hi. Were you totally sober that? I was a hunt. Oh yeah, I was actually living in sober living house, but because I had been there new recent relationship after three years. Oh yeah, we were totally sober. He was sober. Yeah, and your toty, he doesn't. He doesn't drink or anything much like that. Did one sung up or anything. I mean I always smoke we but that doesn't make me do anything weird. I call it weaed sex because it's not real. Say, it's like my lost okay, drinking, Callie seers, we call it callie sober. Might as well call it Callie Sachs, Ali size cally sacks. I mean that's impressed, though, because I feel like with me, like when it's a new relationship, eventually you want to get to the to the sober sex of not having, you know, just to be like feel everything and be so comfortable with that person. But at the beginning I feel like I'm always have to be like try it without, try it without first time so much try without, because, you know what this guy that I'm seeing now, God, I was about to say his name. Oh my God, I wasn't flirtiest fucking Oh my I was a Boutib yell his name. Oh my God, it all is five but oh, I'm scared again. Lots to learn nowt but she's like too nice. I think, like I'm so I'm having such a good time because there has been nothing but constant, open communication your every step of the way. We're to some people it might be nauseating because someone may not be psychologically in the same wavelengths what's happening between us. So they are like it. Why do you guys talk about every single thing? Like well, that's how you avoid therapy in two years from now, sweetheart, you know it's and it's working and he's just he's it's all about communication and it's the more solid you get in yeah, the more solid you get and who you are and what you're about and what you like and dislike and all of the things, the easier it gets to start communicating that. And Yeah, it is uncomfortable until it isn't anymore, because then you just get used to having these conversations. And again with the blueprints, it gives you a language. So, like my husband is a shape shifter and I'm a shape shifter, and so that means we like different things a lot, right, and there's Times that you know, he may come in very sensual and you know, like very kind of love making and massaging and I'm like, HMM, actually, you know what I'm really feeling, like very sexual blueprint. Can you just fuck me and then like we can cuddle after, right, and it's like, oh, okay, cool, I got you right. I'm on your same page, or it's you know, maybe he's in more of a actual space and I'm like Oh, Babe, like I'm feeling super energetic right now. Can you just like put your hands like over my body, but barely touch me, and like breathe with me and just like look at me so I can feel your energy and then we can move to penetration, because I really want the penetration and I'm feeling so energetic. I just want to like bathe in this energy here, and then then he's like, okay, cool, I can, I can go here with you right. So it's like I'm getting my needs met, you're getting your needs met. This is Super Fun, right. I personally what you just said. I it struck a chord with me because I am so open and with so many other things that I'm feeling in my life, but I've never been able to express what I'm feeling when sometimes I just want to have a quick fact or sometimes I do want to just have someone put their hands on me and feel the warmth of the body and I felt like maybe there's something wrong with me if I express that. But just hearing you say that has just it's helped me a lot. How can...

...other people go about learning about Stacy's erotic blueprint? So first erotic blueprints are founded by Jaya, so I want to say that. And she's a world renowned sexologist who I've been following for over twelve years and training with and mentoring with the last three years. So I'm a certified erotic blueprint coach and so that means that I'm certified to teach and coach that program and I'm also master coach and turn with them. So stepping into leadership in that community. And my social media, you can find me on Instagram, is at sex coach underscore, STACYC drow, and I'm also on facebook under holistic progressions, and that is also my website, holistic Progressionscom. That's amazing. Thank you so much, stacy, for taking time out of your day. You have so many different, you know, arts and skills that I would love to discuss on another episode. You really are all around. There's one to one comment that you said somewhere. That really stuck with me and I'd like to and this with that comment, which is normal. Is What's normal for you, and I really really appreciate that, because we all tend to judge so much on this basic word of normal, and normal is what's normal for you. Yeah, and you're not broken. Absolutely. Thank you so much, stacy, for being here. Well, I'm not going to let you go now if I is not yes, because now we're going to play a game again. Forgive me, I have sin. We is our game. I'm gonna ask you a question or two and just want you to answer like as honest. Okay again. Okay, have you ever had to use your own coaching or education on yourself in the bedroom? Oh, absolutely, a lab where elaborate like what? What? So I think that it's one thing to read a bunch of stuff and be able to spit it out right. Everybody knows a lot of things, but we don't necessarily do them right. So what's the different? Its embodiment. So it's practicing what you preach, it's living in integrity with what you're speaking, and that's who I am. I choose to be an integrity with what it is that I'm teaching. And how am I to go out here and tell people what to do if I'm not actually practicing the same things? And one of the one of the things I get told a lot by my clients has I can tell that you're speaking from experience and that's a direct transmission. So it's I'm not just talking about talking about it, I'm actually doing the work and I'm living the life by these principles and that you will receive energetically when you're around me. So besides just hearing what I have to say, you're getting a direct, energetic transmission of the experience, okay, which is like non tangible. Okay, have you ever faked an orgasm? And I'M gonna say recently? Not recently. No, HMM, I mean in the past. Sure, okay, okay, thank you so much, stacy. You're VOLCA. Thank you. Thanks for listening to genuinely gig download new episodes every week and, if you haven't already, subscribe and be sure to leave us a rating and review and while you're at it, check out some of the other great shows available on Straw hunt media.

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