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Genuinely GG

Episode · 1 year ago

Pride Month!


On this week's episode, GG & Anita discuss all things pride and how the LGBTQ+ communities differed in the areas they were brought up in.

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STRAWT media. You know her from Shaws of sunset. You know she doesn't hold back. I feel like a guy would like, I don't care if my girlfriend makes out to the chicks. It's hot, man, you know. But okay, all right, you's such a dude right now. I got at maybe you're non binary, maybe I am, maybe you are, I think I am. I need not really know you. You you know I can love. Do you love this? Hey, y'all, welcome to another episode of genuinely GG. I'm here with my girl, Anita. I feel like those the pompous grass always just goes out live for you. My guys are going to totally follow on your head right now. Ha Ha. Well, it's okay. Oh my God, you guys, you guys. I'm really excited. It is pride month and I want to, you know, kind of dedicate a lot of these episodes this month to pride and just kind of continue that conversation and talk about, you know, what pride means to everyone, because it's different in different people's eyes and it just means so much to so many different people around the world. So I want to do a little bit of a shift. I don't have anything written or prepared for this episode, because I just kind of want to free wing it with my girl and needle over here. So I'M gonna SPARK UP MY DUBI. Actually, let me do that right now. Are you through your pin and Pager? Good Le Mode. Okay, pay for something. Don't have bitch. Okay, bring it on. I'm a little goose alert because I could to go. I'm not gonna take a hip, but I wouldn't mind a little bit of a No, no, I have to have to go, pack, I have to be my mind has to bee. Do you fully content in there? Okay, just a little relax. I'm fit. Sing over hair. I'll suck in to teeth. Okay, I'll you suck your teeth. No, suck your teeth, Sunt did it really? Oh, I didn't see it. It can't. I feel like I feel it. Yeah, I'm gonna cough, really, but I can cough a little. Okay, I'm that's enough. Out of like you see. Oh, I saw it a little bit. It was the first one was more. Oh, was it? We let's try again. No, give her your rugs and I'm gonna give a sweater. Trying to do okay, I'm sweating too. I'm getty closer. It's happening. It's all happening. I came a little bit. Okay, okay, I my joint is lit and need is about to be little Um. I'm sweating all over my face, but that's okay. It's price you pay to do a podcast in your small little studio that has no air conditioning inside your house. That all for you, guys,...

...all for you, all, for you guys. It's a hundred and ten outside. No, I see in here. But let's talk about pride, Anita, what I want to do this time, if you don't mind, okay, it is. I would like if you and I can ask each other a couple questions. Maybe we each take about five to ten minutes asking the other person questions in reference to pride and the concept of pride and just kind of like way it out and what it means for us, you know, individually. Are you cool with that? I'm not prepared. Are you high right now? So I'm not prepared. I swear to God. I didn't write anything. I'm not. I just wanted to just let's just wait a yeah, it's wait get fun actually, so I might let all I'll couple. Go, go, go. First, give me the kind of the tone of you first, okay, and just tap out of me being me and make it as if, on them a strange German interviewer and I'm just asking you questions. Okay, okay, all right. So, Anita, you are Persian women, you're from Ohio. Yeah, so if you were to explain to me and to everybody what is the gay community, the Lgbtqi, a community, plus community like in Ohio or where you grew up, let's go back to the s. What was it like? The question. There wasn't. There wasn't really anything back then. It was so I was in that. So the S I was like a junior high, high school ish, right, and if everyone was in a closet, everyone was still in the closet. No, Ohio and Ohio, we had no. No one was gay. That I mean. They came out way later, and even recently, really like it's been, you know, on Facebook, you see something whatever, but up until no one, and you always pretty they are. Always had your thoughts. You thought person like Oh, they're in show choir, are there? You know they're in this. There were. They're certain terms. Oh, high end. Is that a word? Oh, high end, I think it is all high on. Daytonians are from Dayton's Daytonians, and then there's Oh hi ends. Oh I am Oh highend. So Do oh hiends. Did they have a term, a ridicule that they would use specifically if they were like, you know, the F word that people have was there's the act. Is that a common was that more common to be referenced in Ohio somewhere? Like I said, it was a lot. Should I don't want to say it, but that FFORD you. Yeah, it'd be like they was say a lot actually. So that was like a big insult in a sense, to so on. So yeah, yeah, did you have that word? You have lesbian friends or game from some of the people that hung out with when they came out later that like admitted to it. Like I wasn't like really close with them, but they were, you know, like around. I knew them and they were acquaintances and stuff, but none of my intimate friends never get or anything. But now, as an older age, yeah, I like fire have my friends are like, you know, lesbian or you know, gay, whatever that you know. They but bisexual and they have a lot of that. But growing up it was just more of a hidden everyone was scared. Yeah, and if you came out then you know, they would probably kick your ass, kicked or whatever. So I was like yeah, they these were wrath yeah, they're. Was One guy actually that they thought was I forgot...

...his name, but they thought he was gay and it ended up later coming out and he was okay, but he did get attacked in the parking lot one like after hours just because they thought maybe he wasn't. They just I thought they assumed that he was by lantern and just write this is a social clubs that he was involved in and stuff. Right, but you like you're now, have you? Did you become extra exposed to the community once you moved to lay or did you begin getting exposed before you move here? I'll say even in even in college, so that was high school and stop in College. There was, I remember was one guy that everyone thought was like gay, for examples in the Greek system, and he supposedly someone saw him on Gay Horn and I don't know why that person saw on gay porn and why he wasn't like, you know, looked at as like why are you watching the gay porn? But that person ended up actually committing suicide because he was on it. He was trying to make money. He was doing both, like like gay porn and like Heterosexual Horn. And then is all right, heterosexual porn. It does sounds straight, straight porn. And then he ended up because of all the crap that he got from from all those people and stuff. So suicide because he wasn't accepted. It wasn't accepted and the gave him such a hard time. So I'm sure there was a lot of like closet games. And I go hi at the High State University, but again, I didn't know any it did. It weren't around me. It wasn't just anything that I really thought about. Yeah, which is it shows my ignorance, because I just wasn't around it. In a sense, O higher its justn't sheltered or I don't know, people just maybe. I mean what about your your family? Everyone's cool with it and it was never spoken negatively in your household. Never know. Yeah, so it was just whatever, just whatever. She's never really brought up. was never anything. And then and then after that it came out to La and yeah, and then we just ran into a just ran it's a West Hollywood. Any yeah, Gay Boars. Yeah, I take it a couple steps back. There was a club called one thousand, four hundred and seventy West Oh and, Ohio. Oh, Y'all hear that? Okay, so this is not me now. This is talking my sister, my mom. This is how cool my mom and sister where mom is so cool. But so my mom and my sister used to go, and my sister turned old enough to go to this club on South Dixie drive, and then there's another Persian girl, her mom, and they would go there, really to the gay club, because it's like a bunch of gay guys and and like lessay lesbians, and no one's kind of head onto the Abbey. Yeah, like one of the Abbey there, and my dad, I care. So actually know my parents were. So they were actually really cool about I told forgot about that. That's very that's why why you're so cool to go and then it closed. Oh, but yeah, and they play the best music and stuff. So so I guess. Yeah, I guess my parents early on were okay with that. Right. That introduced to us that it's okay and everyone's equal whatever, and then coming out here was not even and again, yes, so my friends are. Yeah, most what's what if you were to get married to someone...

...that's Love Your Life? You guys are married and let's say two years into the marriage, you guys have a kid and he says Anita, I think that I'm by he says he hasn't tried anything yet with another man, but he gets, you know, feelings. How would you approach that? I think at first I would feel like, Oh my God, I make it about me, like Oh, I got he's or more and liked Du like, yeah, it'll take us so personally, and then I'll feel a little bit relieved that it's not he's leaving me for another woman like a little guy. Wow, that just goes to shout and secure women are. Who Really Wow, it's not about the acts, it's about the apposing person. So I'm not going to woman with another man. Um. That's such a manly thing for you to have said right now. I feel like a guy would be like, I don't care if my girlfriend makes out the other chicks. It's hot, man, you know, but okay, all right, you're such a dude right now. I mean, I don't maybe you're non binary, maybe I am, maybe you are. Do you think I am I mean not really know you. You you know I love you, Love Dick. I mean I haven't seen one in a couple like you and let me from it is, but we are as likely to think that. Um. So, yeah, no, I think I would be like more hurt and whatever, and then I would probably just tell him to go do whatever he needs to do and Oh, you okay with it, because I don't think I would want to like be with him if he's okay. So you would also your divorce him and say just go be happy with someone else. So, if he's really considered, I don't I don't know if it would end up in divorce or what. I don't think I would want to be in like a you don't want to polyamory type of thing, though it's not. What is this then? At least? I don't know. Probably Amory, I think that's unless you are deciding to make it polyamory. That you're okay with. Also do that. Let to go do his thing. He's gonna says, I don't need a usion of my life, just keep paying the bill. Let's say your child grows up and says, Mommy, why did you and Daddy break up? Why did you guys get a divorce. How old is a kid now? Your kid is eleven, twelve years old. Just be honest. What would you say? I'll just say like your dad likes to did. Okay, shit, damn, really, no, I was just what if daddy has it a very different story to tell a little timmy, you know, Daddy says I loved Mommy and I didn't want to lose mommy and I told Mommy I don't want to lose her, but I I love Mommy and I love other people too. What if your child is matter you for not staying with Daddy, because daddy loves you still. Well, I'm technically still with Daddy, like I'm we're going to raise the kids together. It's not like we're it's not a good I don't think I'll be as bad of a divorce type of thing that because he was honest with me. I'm just making that decision that, you know what, he's confused. Let him to live his life and do his thing, but I think I would. It would still be like raising the kids together and doing all that, but like we just would talk. We would have a talk with the kids together. Co existing. Yeah, coast. Well, we just met...

...with Jason Alice. Right, we just had this whole podcast episode with Jason Allis and his family. Is that right? He has he and is his significant other have chosen that path and he has kids and he is pan sexual and they buy or open and all that stuff that he says he is. I love that. I love that. I love that because it's like I feel like he doesn't love his you know woman or has whatever any less. He just loves more. I don't know. I mean I think for me it's I look at it and I'm like I'm totally okay with it, and good for you know, Ellis, and good for all these other people that would live that. Maybe just not for me, for you. But then that makes me want to ask you the same question. So if your you know, husband comes up to you and says, or boyfriend whatever, that he wants to see bye bye or whatever, I feel I would I wouldn't. I wouldn't want to be within that relationship. Really. Yeah, I thought you would be okay with now. It's not that I'm not okay with it. I'm okay with it. Don't want to be. It's not. It's not for me. Okay, I'm agreed on something. Well, Oh my God, wow, okay, wow, we need a chalk for to write and they'll be like a one. and I wonder how, like and if, how many days it's been, you know, since I would we agreed on something. Okay, okay, no, I don't think, but this is it. This is I mean o're viewing you right now, remember. Well, okay, fine, okay, so I think, yeah, that's the end of my interview. Okay, I'll yeah, so, he it's all you. Let me, let me hold on, let me light up. LANTA, Lusa. So I supposed to come up with like another like new questions, or like the same ones? No, I literally just made them up right now and I asked whatever I wanted to. Just getting people a chance to know where you come from and your views maybe based on where you or were from, and you have different, you know, view someone who's from the south. There's two different types. Everyone assumes people from the south are racist and you know this, and the'm there's not like. You know, look at Adam Ross, husband is is from Oklahoma. You know, he's gay, the comes and filled with love. You know, wonder when he like, how he experienced that's a hard, hard and I would love really didn't come out Adam, to come in and do that because he grew up, he has a father that's, you know, a military father and and he's combing up in that with brothers and Oh man, his his stories are beautiful and I don't ever want to disrespect him to, you know, say anything about his private stuff. I would love to, you know, I would be amazing. I would love that. Yeah, being you know, it's just so many judgments, I think we assume. So I'm just saying, well, you're from Ohio. I really wanted the guests to see maybe it is the way we're being raised. It was your family being it's actually one of the gay bar with your family mom. You know what I mean. I mean I'm so happy that you asked because I no one's ever really asked me that. I just I didn't ever I didn't really think about it. But I have a genuinely gg like I really did.

It have like I had maybe gay people around me that I thought maybe were, but I treated in the same. But I it just it was just never something that like and then, yeah, and then, yeah, my mom and parents were pretty much okay with it and then they would go to see. There you go. So it's your right. It's a lot lot of do it. They're raised upbringing and run. Makes me into my interview question from you. Okay, okay, what how is it with you in a palace states because now I'll tell us. Palas Verde, sorry for days, is still a little bit different. This Hollywood and yeah, laid yes stuff. So how is that? And then, and I already know your parents were freaking and awesome because I like obsessed with them. So already know that you are who you are because of them. But you can answer your own question that I've asked you. I'm sorry, I lost track of the question I was the question. So the question is is being in palace VERDA's, how was it like growing up? Did you experience having gay friends or Um? Okay, so I moved to palace Verdi's when I was just a teenager. I just, you know, was young and I moved there. I was I grew up before that and ply it lay. So still kind of buy the beach. I was always a beach girl, but my parents chose very specifically to not have my sister and I hang out with Persian communities and Persian families. We had our Persian friends, they had their Persian friends, but I think that they were looking for ways to raise their children intellectually and diverse. Okay, they see the, I don't know, Bo box that so many Persians live in, which is very sad, and I think my parents were completely rebelling against that. I think that's why I grew up in places and I went to schools that really Persians didn't go to. So for me, the gay concept, I was very exposed to it very early on, I think because my mom is a feminist. She was a part of a lot of feminist groups and there were a lot of lesbians in feminist groups. I actually when I was little, I think I was like seven or eight, I think I asked my mom if she was a lesbian, because I got all yeah, you watch movies and everyone that was in these feminist groups in those days, in the S, it was you were lesbian. It was like the big busch, you know, type of woman, and you know she by worked at home depot or something like that. You know she's weren't Timberland boots. It was like. So I'm thinking for sure she's leaving my dad she's total Le Asbo so I asked her, but no, she's just all about women being, you know, powerful and independent. I think that's probably why I became the way I am, so that that community was exposed to me very early on line and in high school I had so many friends that were gay or lesbians and they were out. There was a deal. Were very out, very flamboying. I mean on our cheerleading squad at Westchester High School we had gay guys on it, you know, the squad. It wasn't a big deal. I mean people come out to California, it's the Hollywood. It's like, you know, it's just it's lays different, atlas different, but I'll find US different. California is different, but it's still like I would say la is a whole thing itself.

Sounds Oh my gosh, and then you go to the Midwest and it's just again like yeah, I'm sure it's gone in a little bit better over the year, as I'm assuming. Yeah, yeah, it's still pretty wow. We're going to take a quick break, but when we come back it's probably more weird that if he doesn't end up being gay, because all these get to be honest, with you. He's got a diva firm on. I mean, I'm a little butch, but I mean you know what I mean. I don't know. Why would you do if Elijah one day came to you it's like, mom, I'm gay, I'm gay, or non binary or yeah, friends or Kay, which one is he coming on me? Fan? He's okay, what is he coming to me? Saying? He's coming to you and just saying like in at a younger age. What's the young age? So I'll say really, twelve. He starts feeling well, yeah, okay, and you have a great relationship, coming out earlier these days. Okay, twelve was okay. He's like like, I'm confused. He just kind of getting once like a device. That's the voice. He's said. He's pretty puberty, right at puberty. Yeah, okay, like one chest hair. Ohian, honey, he's already got the whole chest hair. It's coming out the back. She just seen him when he was born, just a whole rug. So like, mom, okay, I don't know why I keep like thinking about this person and this girl and that guy and what I don't he's he's by WHO's buy and he's like try to shore, what's up? Sure, what would you do? Like, how would you guide him? Um, I'll be honest. I'll be cocky first, and then I'll go into a random explanation. I'll be cocky about it and say I don't think that he'll ever have to come to me and say that because I think we will have such an open relationship that will both already have known and already it'll just, you know, been. It'll be something that's just happening naturally, just like being straight happens, you know. Yeah, come out and say, well, I'm Dad, I think comes straight. No, you did. You don't hear about that. They came out they were straight, right, you don't know why? Why don't we hear those stories? Why is it a story when someone's gay or a lesbian or non bind her? It's like fuck, like, treat US equal, but it's a story that I am this, but you better treat me equal to the other person. But look at me now for this title. I can't fucking keep up. Yeah, I can't fucking keep up. What was the question? Mommy, I'm gay. I like boys. That, uh, so, I don't think it matters. It doesn't. I don't think I that's my arrogant how would you have spons how would you? But I think that if it was a situation where I have no idea and he feels like he needs to inform me of it, oh, open arms all the way, I will. I will teach him everything I possibly can. I will, you know, read to him the best, you know, articles I can find for his age or whatever it is appropriate. Maybe meet some people who have gone through that at an earlier age. You know, he's got two amazing and gunkles, Adam and Rasa. He's his godfather, Rogerio's guy.

I mean it's just like yeah, so it's probably more weird that if he doesn't end up being gay, because all these games around. To be honest with you, he's got a diva firm on. I mean, I'm a little butch, but I mean, you know what I mean. I don't know. I'll love them no matter what he's fucking is, as long as he's not a mass murderer, and then I'll just lock him away into all the killings for him. You know, we say would do that for him. Oh yeah, so you would kill for him. You would kill other people that he would that's the whole thing. I would kill for you. That's what they say. I would kill for you. So he's just going to give you a little exter it up, bitch. Dexter part two, the written old concept. I will dexter it up plastic. You see the studio? Yeah, it's really something else. Why don't you think there's any events coming in? But we can need avnswers a whole and have the I built this day. She's smell so much. You have to have like like we can hear the smoke going so you can't smell. They say we'd covers every cent. All Right, next question from my nation. If you're interview, gave you one more, sweetheart. Okay, so how about this? I'll do a question for her. You guys, this is what I do. So this is interesting. So I was born in America, born Lah honey. You see all the hospital I'm all the with food, up to no good. Okay, but I have spent every single year of my life any run. Okay, every single summer I spent two months any long. When I was eleven years old, I started going by myself. When I was fifteen years old, I was arrested inside the airport as soon as my plane landed and I was at luggish claim my bad, just because the way I looked I was asking for it. I was a bit of a troublemaker. I had, you know, Long Braids. I had box braids all the way down to my ass. I had my eyebrows paper thin. That's when you know the gwen Stefani paper thin eyebrows were. Now that's why we all have all that was a horrible face. I was at the face so bad I had a big nose ring, I had to tongue piercings and dark brown lipstick on my lips. But you're eleven. Fifteen, ok, right now, eleven. I started going alone to Iran. Fifteen, I was right here. Well, because, oh my God, my mom will sit here and tell you the story. She still cries every time she tells the story about the first time she sent me. When I was alone, I had to wear this gigantic plastic yellow necklace around my neck that has like filework that claims that I'm a part of the airline. I'm under the when you're a child, like the airline flies you where I used it, but when you're going to multiple countries because there's no direct flight to Iran, but you have to stop in some European countries. I have to sit in airport sometimes. I've the longest I have been laid over it has is eleven hours, literally as a child. So I cannot exit the airport. I feel like Squeez so were you scared? Where you like to know? I was. I was so bound it about it and I engage ivy. No, girl, I threw a principle of my I mean that threw a chair at my principle. When I was eleven. I was I was bad, Bro I was I was ghetto bad, like I was. I would be on the roof right now stamping on this ceiling if I knew, like if I were...

...a kid and there were a podcast happening right now. Oh yeah, I'd cut a hole in the ceiling easy anyway. So Iran is if you ever here as a talk about how he feels about Iran, if there's a lot of pain behind it, because Iran doesn't allow you to be gay. No, if you're gay, they offer you a free sex change. If not, then you can't be gay. If you are, you go to jail and there's a lot of stuff happens. But that is the rule, you know, and it's because it's a country that is run on off of Islam, the religion. It is a religious run country. It's tough. It's tough because there's a large community of people who are gay. You can't help it just because the government says and they have to live in hiding and and secret. They can't be themselves. And I think for me, if I were to say what is the most painful thing I have personally witnessed, that it comes to the LGBTQ, I a plus community. I just said it back says it's really good. It's when I would see that in Iran and and many places around the world, that there's no word for it for them other than evil. And that's just hurts my heart because Iran is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited in my life. Never but to someone like Resa, he will never even give himself the opportunity, even if, you know, maybe this got regime got better, to go there because he has so much anger, you know, towards that. So it's sad to see what suppression looks like and then know that now I was born and raised in Los Angeles, in California, the lands of gay people in Freedom, and I love that. Yeah, I love that. So thought was a good question for you to have given me that. Yeah, so how are your views on being any run and the gay community there? I love that. Yeah, God, I let you. I love you. That was good. I like to doing that. Did you like? Oh, yeah, like, it was different. I was like he you just got some know a little bit more about each other. What was the lasting went to Iran Um. The last time I went to you run was right before the first season of Shaw's aired, because I knew that to tod wents it did, I wasn't going to be able to go again. So you don't know you so you don't think right now you could. Ever, I mean obviously runs a can't. It's like like your can get blacklist, your your name goes on on this. You step foot in that airport and you going through the customs immigration, there's your there's literally a list and that's it. That's it, that's it. I told you I was arrested there just for but literally I was being disrespectful to the country because I'm in a government owned building, the airport, and I'm literally my hairs I'm here like time ring at, I mean like big nos ring. So they helped me. They helped me for about six hours. They help me for six hours and I...

...had no way to no cell phone those days. I'd no way of contacting my family that were on the other side. You were in in a jail or in the airport, and I was an airport police station, air course, and as what it was like him and in an Iran, it's very similar to like countries like Germany, where they don't just carry a little nine millimeter on the side, it's like a fucking machine gunn on her. So when they say some Shit, you should like fuck up. Okay, okay, it's no time for police brutality. You're just dead. That's it. So it's in it's scary. It was. I was scared. I was fifteen. I was scared. They went through all my stuff. The final question that he asked me that ended the interrogation and he released me, was that he kept seeing a similarity to my last name. I kept seeing him. He's like saying my last name and like making comments like his. Other the people, the commanders and all those other people will come in and they would each say my last name. My father's older brother, my uncle was was at that time, for many, many years, the active president of Iran Air, the airline. So he was like, Oh God, are so. His final question was, do you have relation to him? And I said that's my uncle and he's outside waiting for me. They could have just asked that, like I first question. I was an American. They wanted to scare the shit out of me because my last name is not a common one, you know, even any wrong, it's not a good it's like it's not even it's not even a person last name. It's Turkish. So it's not common, but I love your on so much. So did you ever have any like going there before, you know, before the last twelve years whatever? Did you have gay friends that were hiding any ron? Did you have any cousins that were anyone that were like in a closet hiding it from anyone? So you don't have, I not mightame ging know anyone that you could directly see that you have experienced it. Like okay, so one of my parents friends, I'm not going to name his name, but he's also a famous running singer. He is no longer living in Iran. Because of that fact he's Gay, he's married to a man. He had to move. He moved to Europe. But yeah, that's it. And he's you know, are my our parents at now. So that's the only person I knew that sort of he ran away from had an issue and I think that generation was really tough compared to ours. But yeah, I didn't know anyone else. was just hiding anyways. Yeah, so that was that. Okay, YOU wanna? So, speaking of let's go into our game. Okay, so I thought we should still do the game. Let's do the game. Yeah, yeah, okay. Do you have questions for me? I have questions for okay, so this is now, you know. Just forgive me. I have sinned. For give me. I have cames. Okay, can't get mad. I was just cold on. I think I need to and there's only two hits left to this shit, so I guess better. Jesus crazy, your questions always scare me, and neither so. Well, what you know? I try to keep him lots so dark and then de likely say that I know I'm I know, I try.

She's laughing. It's right, I've great. It's because I happen. Know I'm like I'm definitely am a little, you know, like lighter headed right now. But so my questions are really long when I ask you, so you might forget the original question, but I'm going to try to stick to the point. That's my problem with my questions are not direct. What is your dreams Celebrity polyamory group? Wow, that's a good question, a good yeah, that's a really good question. I five. Wow, that's a really good question. I told you, I'm really stepping it off, man, I gotta come with good okay, good job. So, so I thought I can guide you a little bit. If you know, it's a guided okay. So, so, like, so, pretty much you could have as many people in this group. Doesn't have to be just a certain number. Okay, as why? We're going to make us fun. Okay, so you can have you know, who would be your sex Parton? Who Be Intellectual Parton? Who would be the baby daddy partner? Who Be the emotional, okay person, who would be your best friend? Who? And they have to be celebrities. Yeah, so, guys, girls, would are you not? Gonna? Okay, how am my God, Wow, wow, wow, question. And I feel like this can be an entire podcast. Oh my God, okay, Shit, okay, Baby Daddy, I would have to say the rock because really, yeah, dwayne Johnson is sexy. Is taking out that? He's just this gigantic beefcake that has pink, a Polish and ribbons on his bald head because his daughter puts them on. Definitely he's in my polly group. Okay, okay, so rock. The Rock is for baby daddy issues. Um, I'm trying to think. For Sexual Pleasure, I would definitely I don't know, it would have to go between Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp. Okay, okay, you know, yeah, I go to miss yeah, MMM, so now we got intellectual. Intellectually, I would say tay digs. He's just, yeah, he's he's got a very interesting take on things. He's smart guy. He's liked could all around type of mine. He's fucking sexy. As he's here, he's really sexy. I just got my teeth white and today, but like he really gets smile when taste smiles. He can see my rot tell the farthest back molar and it's just white and the real don't not veneers like like moustly. You know that person on my show that's just is honking, and I'm not talking about your know, we're talking about your tear teeth. Look really great. I could see, I could see myself and your collection of yeah, so tay digs, okay, okay, yeah, I think that's not but I would like to put then you can flip him into like a sexual partner for like a minute too. He's he could be both wood right tanks, because he's really hot, I mean. But then if you have call on Annie of Johnny Depp, you don't need him. But I...

...feel like, no, no, see, I think that each of the I'm having sex with all of them, to be honest with you, what are you talking about? But they're each serving a different part of me, because then you have people attract you in different ways. Why? You could be turned on by someone who's just so brilliant and just get settled sectually attracted to them that that's it. All bets are off. That's true. You know what I mean. So they all have something that I know would lead me to that. Okay, you know what I mean, and I'd like for them to each have like and Angelina Jolie in a Scarlett Johnson maybe on the side, so they can focus on super sexy women over there and then I will be there, weird intellectual one. Gotcha. Yeah, okay, I don't want to be baby Mama One. I don't want to be that. I want no responsibilities. If it didn't come out of my vagina, I don't want to have any attachment to it. Sorry. Who would be your emotional polyamory celebrity crush for so San? I mean the rock? I think the rock would be bad. He would be. Yeah, he's just like your rock, like he he is, he is, he would be that. I got my rocky. Okay, yeah, best friend. Damn Dude, I thought like we had like a hundred already, like my best friends. MMM, I don't, MMM, I don't know. I would say fifty cent, but I don't. I don't know. Okay, so he's a little cookie. He's a bit aggressive and that might, you know, send me back to my old way. Sold like a little question work by him. YEA, the question mark next to fifty our name. He's sexy as fuck, but he's got that little you know, coming for people that don't owe him, that do not owe that man money. No, Ideo Yeah, I don't know. It is better to know the IRS? Yes, yes, I guess he's a do not owe fifty money. So there's no girls in here. No, they need to have their looking so you don't want so you are no, no, but I just answers. You are definitely strinting. didly? Yeah, you're into the which part of that did I like? Come on, I just want maybe like subconsciously, like you would maybe suddenly be like are you wanting me get a lesbian as a guest? Okay, and well, ask if maybe we cool. We can find like a lesbian therapist that can say why I feel like I don't know. Why do I seem like I'LD BE LESBIAN? Okay, well, I have like five more questions. I'm going to save. Yeah, please do for next time, because these fun. Yeah, he's okay. It's getting ways too hot and it's really had no more we'd left for your Oh yeah, barely. I am barely. I don't know. I can't swer blast black cover, so I think I'm ready to air it out. Turn the fan. Yeah, ha ha. Okay, well, thank you for Len again. Fan. Say By. Oh you guys. The Fan is on. I'm back into heaven mode. Thank you, guys, for watching.

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