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Genuinely GG

Episode · 9 months ago

Introducing GG's Sister, Leila!


On this week's quick episode, Anita is on vacation so GG introduces her new fill-in co-host, Leila.

Layla also happens to be GG's sister, with whom she claims to have nothing in common.

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Straw media. Hey, y'all, welcome to another episode of genuinely GG. As you can see, there are some differences made in the genuinely gig room. I start calling it like genuinely Laila. Why would we do that? Because I'm here. Well, let's see how genuine you're capable of being. Um, yes, as you can see, it is layla, no other than my sister that the whole world knows I have nothing in fucking common with. Welcome to genuinely GIG, Layla. Thanks everyone for tuning into genuinely layla. I appreciate being here. I'm so excited. I'm so glad people have a very clear vision into understanding why I smoke so much fucking weed. You know, it's a deal with this type of shit. Oh my God, you know her from Shaws of sunset. You know she doesn't old bath.

We clearly have absolutely netting and comment. I go for intellectuals that stinging like my mind, have fat fucking pockets and can put up with my crazy ass. This is genuinely gg. Well, how do you feel being here? I'm a little nervous, I gotta be honest. Yeah, yeah, well, let's go into why Anita is not here. So Anita has taken a much knee, did little vacation per se. She met a guy, she did. She met a guy, yes, and Oh my God, who dis guy is? He's a good dude. He's a good dude, he's got it together and I'm so excited for you, very gentleman. Why don't I know what I she never told me. So the way this works is you got to let me talk and you not. Well, I want to know. Well, well, then you. That's up to Anita, that's up to a Nina to let you know about it. So Anita met a...

...guy. If she shuts the fuck up, and let's me say and Needa met a guy and he does not live in Los Angeles. He lives in multiple states. So Anita has been sort of going to different states to see this guy. She's happy. But what she did say was because Latela and Anita are also friends and Anita knows that Layla and her have a lot more in common than I do with either of them, and Layla is obviously a little bit more blunt in the mouth, as some of you can see. So Anita asked if Layla can take her seat for the time being. Until she's back and we figure something out either. Weeping it warm for you, but I want to know details, and Nita, well, Anita will how to come and give us all the details for sure, because I think the whole world wants to know what the details are about this guy. But he's a good dude, he's a good joke. Is He Persian? NOPE, he's not Persian. He's not the Persian at all. And he he he's...

...always gone for like white guys or Persian guys. He's not white as well. So yes, yes. Is he like marriage material? He is, lock him up, throw away the key for the rest of all eternity. Type of material, where you want to produce sons with this type of a person because he's such a good guy. Type of material and you've bet him. I have not. I know more about him, I feel, than even Anita does, it almost seems like. But the things that she says about him from sheet or issue with him is that he's too nice and he's too kind. You know, that's the fucking problem with women. Let me say this. Every chick loves a bad boy right until they don't want that anymore, until they're like well, can you just be nice to me, ask me how I'm doing and how I feel. Really, on Day two, you told me to choke you and Spank you and call you a fucking bitch. Well, I think every girl like at least for me, I wanted the bad boy, but then as soon as I wanted to get serious, I felt like I was going to change him. HMM, you know,...

...he had tattoos, but I'm like, let's he race them now. It's a race. You know I'm serious and you think you can change them, but you can never change a guy. It actually gets worse worse for time and like really worse. Like well, what the what do you think about a need a situation? Because we don't know details, but until we do, let's speculate that her issue with him is just that he's too good of a guy. She just wants him to be more assertive, a little bit more, you know, Macho Ish. Do you think that him showing that now is going to be problematic later in the future? I think absolutely not, because looks and the bad boy thing get ugly, like I went for a model. Yeah, and he's the ugliest thing to look at now. Or let hold on, let's catch everybody fun for a quick fucking second. I'm being serious. Yeah, no, no, no, I know is nice. I understand. He's a hundred percent, but I know you're being serious, but people don't understand why you are being so serious. So let's just take it all the way back to what your did you guys meet... two thousand, the year two thousand. In the I was twenty less. Okay, you guys will mad. Did I just give up my age right now? Your information is all over Google. Your gig sister. No, you're just so later. Gene Energy sister. This is going to change, I promise. Next week it will be like an LG. Well, people can people? Can people genuinely know your age and a heartbeat of a Fukay, so I bet him it. To you, guys, Matt he was the opposite of what you used to usually go for it, because you always dated really, really, really rich guys that, you know, had companies and big things. Right, I went for the broke, hot model, goodlooking guy. Or Right, I'm really broke. He would just come here from jerseys sleeping on an air mattress. Okay, lead a been so we don't need to go into any kind of but like all the clan during defamation type situations here. So let's just keep it clean. God bless wherever he had a roof over his head, you know, and and and what...

...whatever type of mattress he had at that time to sleep on. You know, some people don't even have that. Some people don't have an airrow mattress. But let's just let's just opposite, opposite, complete, complete opposite. But you stayed with him, yes, you married him, I did. You had two kids with him. I was the best part of everything after baby number two. What happened? Seriously? Well, yeah, people need to understand why you're speaking so aggressively about him. You could be very you could you go sugarcoat it as much as you want just or, you know, sum it up as much as you wanted to. I think you know a lot of people got to see what happened. They don't need to see just so they stal on camera what happened. Okay, well, they were. I'm going to spark the say, as you tell, he cheated after my son was three months old and left. So I was stuck with a three month old and a five year old. So and I found out later...

...that the cheating had been going on from probably day one. So yeah, and he was a model, but he became the ugliest thing to me. So that kind of stumps that US. So that's that's our issue anyways. So that that makes sense to why you're so aggressionate about that. But Anita is saying, his issue is that he's too nice of a guy. Well, and NEEDA needs to be slopped over the face a couple times, because finding a nice guy is like in La is like impossible. and He's successful, he's a hard worker, he's never been marrying a sick kids. Nothing's missing. Absolutely did. He's never like try to like make extreme passes at her sexually, this like that. He's just such a Huh. In farcite, that means a JE gentleman is all huh. Well, yeah, I needa needs to be slapped a couple times, because she definitely that does insane. We did love to find a nice just a nice human being, nice... I don't care what they look like anymore. I just want a nice kind. Well, that okay, yeah, fine, fine, but now I don't look care how much you make fun of the guys that I date because of the way that they are not up to your model crits here. I am over the model thing. But if I find a hot kind guy, you but you're over the model thing. They just have to be hot. Well, they don't have I mean, they just have happy probably, but I will like, okay, I'm kind over hot. I hope it's. I hope it's so abundantly clear for everyone right now why you are filling Anita's chair right now, because we clearly have absolutely nothing in comment. I go for intellectuals that staming like my mind, have fat fucking pockets and can put up with my crazy ass. I've always gone for the hot. Will know there's yeah, I've gone for a couple. You got a lot of it to get together. Yeah, a lot of shits. I've been...

...single for so long. So welcome Layla. Oh my God. All right, so we're going to stick around with Laylah for as long as we can physically put up with each other. We're going to duke few episodes together. We're going to get into some good topics. As you can see, she has a very big difference in opinion than I do and she's very, very easy on speaking her mind. So you guys stick around for the next few episodes we're going to have, because it's going to be fun. Thanks for listening to genuinely gig. download new episodes every week and, if you haven't already, subscribe and be sure to leave us a rating and review and, while you're at it, check out some of the other great shows available on Straw hunt media.

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