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Genuinely GG

Episode · 1 year ago

GG Needs A Libido Boost w/ Dr. Matt Chalmers


Dr. Matt Chalmers has been a chiropractor in the Frisco area for nearly 10 years now. But, that's not all he specializes in. This week, GG and Anita get balanced advice relating to their specific menstrual abnormalities and so much more.

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STRAWT media. I think I would have a hit. You want to have a hit? Yeah, I think you should have sad today. I mean just a second ago you wanted to go and grab a drink, and this is better than grabing the giant says here. I'm going at like I wanted to drink. Now I'm like, let me smoke. So I'm trying to cover some sadness. Oh sadness. Yeah, why hit it harder? Suck you teeth. You didn't see. You just let Naw, you cheated. No, do another one where you got suck your teeth. Man, what sect the teeth? Now, that was a really good hand. Barely really came out, barely, barely, like not even like. No, hit it. Suckul teeth, suckul teeth. That's my girl. That was a hit. You were saying you're sad. Woah, so I'm sad and it sucks that I have to like shield the sadness through wineness. We'd but Um, I got ghosted. Man. Have you been ghosted by dude? Wait, what shot the friend or everybody stopped the press? He didn't notice? Like just my energy today was just kind of like maybe we okay, okay, okay, let's talk about Casper. Let's talk about Casper. So Casper and I like went on for fucking dates I haven't even seen. Wait a minute, have to put the fucking joint down and it's not off and I have to put a fucking joint down. If I have to put a joint down, that's bad. I usually pick it up when I'm stressed. I'm gonna slap you to tomorrow. What the fuck for dates? You're not my friend, but what way? I'm wanting to joint back up when you're not my friends are so, so confused. Now, why are you? Why are we not friends anymore? A car here, rich, okay, we got Ourson and a shot. All Right, did you fuck here? And what the fuck is happening right now? Are Should Shud I here? Girl, you got ghosted. That's what you fucking deserve. You didn't even tell me about it. So I got ghosted because I didn't tell you. That's the Karma, the whole thing. Okay, didn't you realize the Karma? To at it, glad that we figured out what happened. Nothing, we just like we went out and everything was amazing. Okay, it was great, and I kind of like was I didn't. I have my questions too, but I'm like, I wanted to see him or get to know him. Okay, was you know, the dates were good, though, days were great and it. After every date he'd be like ask me on the next date. Okay, and okay. And then fourth date, I think this is where I lost him. I invited him to go see a movie with Danielle and Jay. Is that too soon? With your sister and her husband? Yeah, is that what happened? The fourth date, you invited to come on a double date with your family. So yeah, you for sure, God goes. Did write him after giving your energy or giving yourself to like you're putting things on hold, Ye, getting ready, going into dates, and then suddenly they're gone. So then it's like, but so fuck it, I don't want to fucking date anymore, because look at it like a blessing and like SA, yeah, like, okay, obviously this wasn't going to work. Maybe he or she saw it before I did and they called it. Let me just fuck it. If it wasn't meant to be, was all. I wasn't fuck it. Yeah, okay, okays, he's probably ugly. anyways, it was cute like he was in my type, type, like fol SIS, ugly. He sounds so ugly. I just the story. I'm sure his face is just not even all like correct you probably I could see he needs botox right now and he can use a little bit. Anyways, I don't even know where this conversation came from. My eyebrowser itching like fucking hell because I just got them tattooed on and, Oh my God, I was at my period and it was so painful. In Nita. But that's exactly I'm so excited right now because we have Dr Matt Chalmers here today and he knows all about like holistic healing, natural healing. He knows a lot about the woman's body and I want to ask him why the affected it hurt so bad getting these eyebrows tattooed on while I'm on my period. Ladies Y'all know what's up with that. Here we go, let's do this. You know her from shawls of sunset. You know she doesn't hold back. For me, it was World War three that she did not know that it was beyonce on TVV. This is genuinely gg all I see is huge muscles. I just see these big ass and it was to say we have Dr Match Holmer's in the house, some muscle man there. Oh my gosh, you are a doctor, you are chiropractic doctor,...

...and you've taken a very holistic and natural, is it okay to say, eastern approach to healing of the body and you believe in taking care of yourself now so our future selves will thank US longevity. Pretty much right, exactly. So how did you go from being a chiropractor almost fifteen years now, to the extra steps of healing? So I've always been involved in nutrition and function from the Sports Angle. And what happened was I had a patient come in like twelve years ago who, sixty years old, just sold his business for twenty something million dollars, which the time was the most one I've ever heard of anybody making it one time and I thought, oh my gosh, what are you gonna do? Like I would go to Italy and like there's this whole World War Two thing where you go start, normally you go down here. Stop is when I get to the top of my stairs, my knees are so bad. A sit down, he said, when I try to walk my dogs or on the block like I get tired, my niece hurt, I got sit and rest. I'm not going to Italy. There's some restaurants I want to try and there some shows and want to watch, and I went, oh, okay, cool, and I walked out the room and lost my mind. So it's like this guy is given his whole life to make his company, to make all this money. He's sixty, still young, and now he has nut. He's totally destroyed. There's no way he can, he can enjoy the money he may and so I was like, that can't happen to me and that can have in in my family. And so I started doing all this research on how to fix me. And then, because I'm talking all my medical buddies and all my other colleagues, and so they started sending me people, and then I got a guy who came in and he you stand at my doorway. I remember this. It was eleven years ago. I remember like it was yesterday. He comes in, he said I need your help. He said my business partner was the healthiest guy I've ever known. He has six pack, he played soccer three times a week. He died three days ago on the soccer field. I have two little girls. That can't happen to me. You have to help me. And he said, my doctors told me everything's fine, but I don't think he's right. And so I ran all the tests, all the test that I run that nobody else runs, and found out this guy was really unhealthy and we are able to fix them up. And so since then people have just been coming over to me to see the different tests and the different things that I do. And so she's one of those things that I've kind of gotten this idea that if I don't help people other people, that there's nowhere else for them to go, and so that's where it spurred the ten years of research that I haven't done. Wow, wow, that's a interesting story to let I mean, it's a story worth doing something like you are for. You know what I mean. This is a great step to take into it. I love the approach of holistic. My mother is very holistic, very natural, punishes me for anything I do that's western, and that sucks because I have an autoimmune disease. And you know what, as much as I wanted to be completely holistic, that wasn't the case for me. But you know, that's me and it does take time, and that's another thing. It takes time and patience. People think that taking the holistic route means like the same thing as popping a tileonel. It's just going to be done in like thirty minutes, you're completely fine, and it's not. It's taking patients, it's understanding why you're getting that headache. Why did you need the Taileonel? Why are you in the pain that you're in? And that's sort of what I wanted to talk to you about. Dr Chalmers, is more so with women and the reproductive side of us women and the fact that we have menstruation cycles. And I noticed, you know, Anita and I obviously were very different people and that's why we do this podcast together. But, oh my God, don't hate me. Anita gets a lot of like PMS and I get none, and there's like but, you know, unless you lie to me and use it as an excuse, I think a lot of women lie about PMS. I I think it's like part yes, my God, what a bitch, but but oh my God, ha ha, not only with you, I mean sometimes, but you do have more, but I do get more. Yeah, yeah, right, and there's a lot of women that do actually, and that's why I'm interested in knowing, because I was just saying to Anita right before you hopped on the call, was I just got my eyebrows micro blading, like tattooing kind of thing, and I did it once before and this was my followup time and I was in fucking pain this time, like pain, pain, and I realized, Ding Ding, Ding, Ding Ding, I mom, I period. Yeah, and I mean it felt like torture. But what are these situations? What does a women's menstrual cycle have to do? So much with the pain that we feel physically or our emotions, are our psyche and all the crazy bitches that show up once a month? What? That's another thing.

It's not once, it's not one some month. I'm so irregular. So I'm not lying about well, that's another thing to talk about. Every cels type. Yeah, it's all you Dr to, all your things that play into them. So when like the pain things, a great, great example. So when we have hormonal changes, our body starts making new cells, dishing old cells, and so we create more metabolic waste and more inflammation the liver than has a process. That one of the reasons that some women have more pain, especially you, because an autoimmune inflammatory problem is it. Any extra inflammation is going to create even more problems. Any time that a pain fiber, which is our their sea fibers, anytime those are covered with inflammation, they're going to be firing more often. So it's going to be easier to elicit a pain response. So you're going to be things are going to be more tender and more sensitive and stuff like that. The other thing we see is we have more swelling. We carry more water to we're a little bit puffier. That's extra pressure on the area, so sometimes we're going to get a little bit more sensitivity from that. Now on the other side of PMSS is, we oftentimes will see people like, I don't know why I'm so, you know, Moody. One hormones obviously changed mood. But the other thing is that a lot of women they take their iron at the wrong time. And so if you'll start to if you know, for instance, that Hey, I'm going to start, you know, my cycle and seven or eight days, start your iron now so that you can start building back up the irons, that the blood cells, that we actually now have more oxygenation to the body. Here's the thing if you don't have proper oxygenation, just like poor sleep and sleep at me in, you're going to get bad sleep. And if you get six eight hours and so you're going to be more tired, you're going to be more on edge, you're going to be more cranky, and so you're going to have more things like that. So yes, there's a hormonal compartment to it that changes things. But the other pieces, when you start looking at like you said, holistically, you're sleep this messed up. Your iron levels are down, your oxygenation is down. When you don't have when you decreased oxygen, you also are tired more often than you can't function as well. But because most of the women, at least the women I know, have a very strong mental function and so they push themselves through, they're able to suck it up and push through, but they're a little bit more on edge, they react a little bit more angrily. The other pieces, that is an eastern medicine. The livers the seat of anger or temper, and so it ends up happening is that as your liver is having to process the extra metaballic waste and the extra inflammation, it gets a little dirtier and so it happens is that the temper, the fuse on the temper shortens, and so it ends up happening is that you'll something will small happen. You'll get this gigantic response. He was super pissed off and then an hour later you're like why did why did that make me so mad? That wasn't that big of a deal. It's because the liver was dirt and so those type of things. So the way that we decrease that because we start working with women to decrease overall inflammation. Overall got problems. So we start with the liver. We clean the liver, we clean the kidneys and eastern medicine the kidneys are the well string of life. So we have anxiety depression that live in the kittens. And so by cleaning the kidneys and cleaning the livers, your two major detox organs. Then anger comes down, sleep comes up, anxiety and oppression come down, and so we can now handle things that are thrown us a little bit easier. Plus, we can pull things out of the blood a lot easier. So, for instance, crowd fatigue, fib on, Myalgia or very easily treated by treating the liver and the kids. So you can pull somebody out of WHO's a chronic horrible fire milage problems and pretty much reletely eradicated by cleaning the liver properly, and those of the those are some of the big things we start with. But then if we have major hormonal issues, then we can start using hormones either, like you can use things like damn, you can use three or four other natural stuff but you can also use things medical drugs to call on the hormones down. But what was you said? What was it? The first thing you say that you use Dem Damn d I am D I am dim helps pull extra estrogen out of the body. Okay, so there's a couple different things that we use. So, for instance, if you consume products like if you have any BPA, get it. If you have if you eat a bunch of soy, those are both Zeno and Phido Estrogens, and so when it's up, happening is that they attach themselves to the estrogen's receptors and they spool them up, and so now you get this extra estrogen like response. And then when you go through your cycle and yourybody, this hormone cycle comes back up, it gets really, really bad. So pulling those excess, you know, Infido estrogens out is really, really helpful to kind of bring sanity back to your world. What do you do to get these toxins out, like, what's your remedy? What do you like just saying if to clean the body, get it out, like what is you mentioned a liver cleansing and can be cleansing and and that's a good question. And need it because a lot of people don't realize what them that actually entails. You don't get ga get like a soap and water and a scrab...

...and Starre, you know, clean, clean. It's actually a process and I remember one time my doctor suggested that I do a full on liver cleansing and because I have an autoimmune issue, when you do a liver cleansing, your immunity drops and they selp. It's is safer to stay at home for that, you know, duration of time. It was like a very scary thing to hear that I had to I'm like, I don't want to fucking do that. You know, it's a serious thing, but it's really worth it. It really is worth it. Sounds like a challenge. It is likely yeah, can you explain the process of a liver cleansing? So the one that we use sweet do castor packing on the KITTIES, which is three sheets of cotton flannel soaked individually and cast royal. Then far for a heat to kind of push that into the end of the kidneys and then helps them detox. But then the number one, fastest, most effective, cheapest way to clean the liver through a coffee in a and so what ends up happening is that your colon think of it as a too with a billion little holes and outside the those billion little holes are a billion little vacuum cleaners. It's called the hapatic portal system. It sucks everything on your call and takes it to the liver, drops it the liver so that we can we don't dehydrate and die whenever we have a ball moment. While we can use that same system to take all this fluid, the coffee, any herbs we want to put in there, anything and take parasitic stuff, carry it up to the liver, drop the liver, clean the liver, kilty parasites, nurture, feed the liver and then everything will flow back down through the intestines and come back out. So that's the way that I try to talk people into doing it because, like I said, it's really fast, super cheap and super easy. The other way you can do it, and you can do this in conjunction, is methylated the vitamins, specifically be six and be two, and folic because those will help break up the the Goo that stuck in the liver. So, for instance, one of the things I always tell people is you've heard of gall stones, right, gallbladder goal stone? Well, yeah, yeah, there's no such thing. So the reason I point that as because they're really liver stones. So I take my ring off, I say this is my ring and I put it in my hand. I say this is my ring in my hand. It's not a hand ring to ring this in my hand. The bile that's produced in the liver, if you lose the six cangeals into a to an axle grease like consistency. Then it goes pushed from the liver into the common vio duct, into the gaull ladder, where further degrades and congeals into a ball. That's where we get Gal stones. The problem is that people go, oh, we have gall stones in the gallbladder. We're going to cut the gallbler out and fix the problem. The problem originated in the liver. If you don't recognize that, we're going to have further problems down the road, digestive problems, all sorts of things. So that's why I push the coffee in them out so hard, because it's so easy to clean everything from that standpoint. So that'd be the best usually the first thing we do for a base. I would love to do one. I need to have a good, dedicated amount of time to just chill and do that, because I'm I have so much going on in order to do a liver cleansing. But, and I that's know what I think. That's like the shittiest excuse. I feel like that's the excuse that everyone has for why they don't get started. They always have a reason and there's always going to be a reason why not to start getting healthy the right way, you know, which sucks because, like I have, I have an infusion on Monday and and who the fuck wants to go sit in a nice big reclining leather chair for that many hours with an ivy in their vein and sit in the room looking at miserable people. Nobody wants to butt. The relief is so much faster than than a few holistic for me, and I tried the holistic side and I worked for me for a while, but then it just it wasn't working to the speed that I needed it to work for the pain that it was existing in my body. You know what I mean. Have you done any concurrent treatments? Because a lot of times what we'll do when we have our a or we have something like that, will do concurrent treatments with whatever in that Fal dreg of choices, Cele Rex, Metho, tracks, say, whatever it is, but we'll also start working on liver clearance, kidney clearance, strengthening the body and cleaning up any toxic chemicals that they have. One of the big things we see is if they have foods and titivities. So you might be eating something avocados, Hummus, almonds that are generally considered good for you, you're sensitive to them and so you can't eat them, and so we find that out with either muscle testing or blood testing and then we take those things out of the Diet. So the bodies, the overall number of inflammatory processes have decreased. Yeah, have you ever change your diet and stuff like? I mean, though, though, that was the initial approach in the beginning. Go Gluten free, staying away from a tomatoes, egg plants, white potatoes. Certain. What was it? Is One pepper was I stir? I tried that a whole thing. I had strips of my hair removed in different sections patches because one of the holistic doctors needed to test the hair and you get a lot of results in hair testing, but it was very sad. I cried at every chop...

...of the hair. It was just I've gone through it all. I mean it's been fourteen years. I have an autoimmune so I feel like I've done it. For two years I was only using cannabis and actually that was when I hit remission. I only got set back a hundred miles because of my pregnancy and the loss of the first pregnancy. I lost my philopean teams with the loss of the pregnancy and it hit me into some sort of shock. I feel like I'm talking about this a million times every time we do a podcast, but you know, so like, I don't know, is that hormonal thing? You know, like I didn't have like issues you know, with hormones before, but then I always got overy insist. Does that related to the inflammation, because I have an inflammatory disease art. Does that mean this? The fact that she has, you know, other symptoms, for instance PMS symptoms, but doesn't have that but has anxiety. Is anxiety related to hormonal issues of mention, you know. Are Any of these things related? Yes, so they're all related. The the biggest one, though, when we start talking about cysts and Pcos, what a lot of the research is showing us is that it's a d inassol issue, the verse. My own asses all, so what's supposed to be in the in the body is about a hundred to one my owin ass is all too. DNS Is all for the body to function, but the female reproducted system to function properly. But we're seeing people who have pcos or who have other cystic issues is that it's dropping to ten or twenty two one. And so what we normally do for that is we'll clean up the liver, clean up the get, get the bodies detox organs ready and then give them basically my own asssol and a couple of things, and that really helps calm down the big swings that we have in those hormones. But again, I've got probably fifty women who the number one thing we did to end their minstroal issues was find out what foods they were eating they were creating issues and de sensitize them to the foods or just pull them off those boots. Well, actually, our mutual friend Tasha, she just did a allergy test thing and just realize that she has a sensitivity to one of her favorite things, which is avocado, and she's like, you know, salmon and this and that and like our favorite things, and I'm just wondering. She's like you should totally. Do you know one of those sensitivity test because I've never done that and I should. It's actually in my case an yeah, me too. I'm curious to see. I just want to know that. You know, I get interested when I see I don't know why I keep coming back to this hormone thing. I find hormonal women to be very interesting because I have never been able to tap into that other than when I was doing the IVF process, when I was shooting myself up with all those hormones and and sticking them up my vage and all that and that pretty stuff. I snapped at my mom for not even knowing that beyonce was on TV. I mean for me it was World War three that she did not know that it was beyonce on TV, and then from yelling and went to crying and then went to my dad hates me and I hate him and my mom's trying to like just pet me like a little dog like and I'm like don't. I'm not just saying this because of the hormones. I swear I would say this if I you know. So I don't understand the shift that happens within people. Whether it is a hormonal thing, is it a hereditary thing? I don't understand it, and so I've been reading about it in order to be able to have a little bit more of an educated conversation with you, and I was reading so much about how, you know, the inflammation is a factor, the causing and it shifts so much now for someone like me who lost my Philopian troops, because I know that the Philippian troops have a lot to do with aiding into the the covering inflammation of the the syst of the follicles correct now that I don't have my Philippian tubes. Does that cause a hormone shifted? Because my body is now rearranged from its natural design. Correct. So what does that mean for my body? So, okay, so there's a couple different things specifically with your body. One, whenever we have surgery, we damage the extra your part in the body. So you reamily with aky puncture in the BRIDIAN system. So the lines from the Meridian system can be damaged by Piercings, punctures, blood, forced trauma, scars, surgical cuss things like that. So they have to be repaired. So that decreases the body's ability to communicate, first of all. So after that we then have the alteration to the actual anaphemical structure, which is going to change blood flow, which is also going to change hormonal function. However, the other thing that we have is that you had a bunch of drugs, fake hormones, pumped into you. Now, if you didn't detox those chemicals out, you're going to have big issues with that as well. So that's going to be another piece. So, unfortunately, I we we work with people, women all the time for pregnancy planning...

...and for infertility. So that is a part of it. That's like, this is going to be sticky and hard. I'm sorry, for a little while, but once they get through it, we clean them all out there fine. But the other piece, like I said, is your chemistry. Your specific chemistry was off. So what I would have wanted to do was go through and make sure your kidneys and your liver were clean, super clean the entire time, and then balance your adrenal function so that you could have dealt with some of it. So hide items, adrenal support, that sort of thing, and make sure that your gut floor was good. So decrease the yeast, increase probiotic, make sure everything is kind of there. It's still no fun, but if we take it from an eight to a five, you're going to be a whole lot better off. Where would where would someone go if they wanted information on how to get a liver kidney cleansing? What would someone do in this case? There's a lot of places that you can look. The problem that we get into is that there's a bunch of misinformation and ill information on the Internet. If they want to get a hold of me, chalmers wellness websites pretty good and so they can go there. I do a pretty decent job of catching up with people where they could contact me through instagram or through facebook, but we send out through our various channels, emails, that sort of thing, cash or pack kids, coffee, anime, kids liver clean stuff all the time. So one of the big things I like to preface is that if you're going to do a liver cleans if you haven't ever done one in your two, thirty, forty five, make sure that you open up the come of bio duct first. So the livers giant. It's the size of a football. The pipe that comes out of it, they come a bioduct, is smaller than your pinky. So if you're trying to flush everything out of that liver through that little tiny too, you're going to have issues. So make sure that we clean that out really well before you start pushing in a liver. So like a master cleans isn't a great idea if you haven't cleaned that kind of MILDA, we're going to take a quick break, but when we come back, have you ever set up a friend or podcaster with any of your single and cool athletes? Yes, I have. Oh my God, have you really? Yeah, Oh, I'm going to fuck this shit out of these NFL people. Do you believe in cannabis as a form of healing? I mean, I have to add I'm going to spark my joint, as I asked, because I heals me. Honey. I'm a I'm a giant cannabis fan. So I think that we should. We should immediately, and this isn't going to happen because I don't get my way, but I think we should be immediately remove all opioids from the medical pharmacy and replace them with canvas. Oh very young, look what cannabis can do from a pain standpoint and from a function standpoint. It does a lot of good. The other thing is is that no one dies from cannabis. People's families are destroyed, societies are destroyed, lives are destroyed from opioids, every single debt. Yeah, the fact that they're still legal and cannabis isn't is super irritating to me because it's something the government says. I don't care. They're going saying I'm a cool with a bunch of people dying and having miserable lives, making addicted to heroin and stuff like that because we gave him pain drugs. OPIOID drugs for a car wreck and now the six year old grandmother has to go buy black tar heroine because we better addicted to oxycot May. So it's it's a soapbox of mine, but, you know, for multiple reasons. But no, I'm a big, big fan of canvas for what it can do from anti inflammatory pain. And the biggest thing is that. The thing that I think we get off tracker, especially with tbd, is people work at CBD and they're like it does all these great things. Yes, CBD does, but the turbines that are in the one you're selling might not. So there's specific turpines in the turbunes. Are The individual chemicals that actually make that thing, that that TC or the specific hybrid of the plan? Yes, the terpenes are the profile of this strain. Absolutely. I mean I had I known you had this much education, I would have had you on all holds her for an episode. Had We might have to guy. Yeah, I think have to have you back for I get Anita stoned epilot. That's when we all just sort of, you know, get Anita stound and we get to watch and we get to talk about weave. You and I will talk about weed and Anita will just be stuck stone and it's very funny. Things have happened, but we are being pulled in out of my mouth, like my knives are all now on this side of the room, very far away from here. Weird I lost a toe on most it was like one of the facade of like friends where Monica drop the kniffun chandler beans tone and it's forever gone. But yeah, we'd is a massive anti inflammatory and you know it plays a huge healing...

...mechanism on the receptors in our brain, which, again, that's like a whole separate conversation I would love to have with you actually, but I try to tell Anita as well, because cramps or being bloated, our headaches, moodiness, stress, anxiety, all these things that I feel are accompanied with me and other women in the world when it comes to that type of stuff. Is We'ed is like helps it all. I swear to God. It just makes everything so much because you know cramps, even you know what cramps women don't realize what cramps are. It's a muscle that he just control. It's down there contract in the blood. Is Good. You know what I mean? When you smoke some pot, you relax everything and I should just be a doct they should call me doctor high NASA. Well, that's not like God. Actually, that's good. That was a good one. Do you want to smoke a joint? Because I'm gonna Right now. Okay, so now. But it's fun. That's your I mean my white grandma's how I guess holistic or like approach was like to take us some brandy. Yeah, never, because supposed like warm up. Oh, yes, same concept. Okay, yeah, say, whats up? I guess same concept. You actually said something like that, unrelated to menstruation, but you said something it could be related actually one of your videos, yes, I you didn't interview, and you said if it's a glass of wine, brandy, Scotch, but whatever it is, that when you come home, that is your release mechanism. As long as you are not, you know, abusing any kind of stuff, then then it's okay. And for me it's been weed and it's not just one at the end of the night. But but that's okay too, and I have pain all day and I would much rather stick to picking up a joint every thirty minutes, as opposed to what I used to do, which was pick up some oxy or Hijo and just pop pills with alcohol because I was in so much pain and I just couldn't stop it. So, you know, it's crazy. I love we'd. I should definitely have you back for some weed conversations. But back to the bloody talk. Let's talk about menopause really quick to wrap this whole conversation up, because I mean, I'm about to be forty in a couple months and they say what you get menopause like forty years after you get your parried or something? Or is that like some old wives terial kind of thing for your premitopauzle and you in your like early s? I did not ask for you to talk. That's why I did. Did she just think about saying some you're older than me. Think, God, are you going through it? Hot Flashes? That's one of my questions. or Oh well, hell so, yeah, like these crazy nights wets that I keep getting. Fucking old ass bitch. That's what Sham. I me am, I premitopauzle. Oh my God, you are that ass of every fucking joke. From here on I'm going to go to OZ party city supply store and get you all the menopause. Oh, this is all the mems that are going to come. Ah, she's so mean to me. So many use can start in your early mid S, for thousand two and forty four, somewhere in there. But here's the thing. So the more important thing is that we start addressing hormone function earlier. I have a lot of women who are thirty five who we have to start putting on hormone therapy, and the reason is because they have high stress. So high stress, stress is the number one killer in the world. Don't don't play that. It is all heart attacks and strokes. Now those are caused by stress. So cancer caused by stress. So when it's up, happening is that you have high stress, your hormones start to fet fall apart. So the biggest one we lose is testosterone, which is everybody talks about some male hormone. It's not. It's a people hormone. Men have more. That is critical for women bone density. Osteoporosis should not be a thing. If you give somebody, man or woman, testosterone, their OSTEO process goes away. osteoblastic formation is driven my testosterone. Some we've known for a long time. Muscle mass, fat, metabolism, brain function, energy are all based in testostruone. Orgasm function for women is a major testosterone thing. So what we what we do in though, is this is one of the things that is another soapbox of mine, is that someone somewhere decided that a twenty year old woman has two to five hundred estrogen and so we should push their extrogen back up to two to five hundred, and then a lot of them got cancer. So what I tell people is, if you're not going to have a baby, all we need to worry about in the estrogen front is do we have symptoms? Do you have hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness? Do you have headache, joint pain? If you do, we might want to talk run of it. Here's the fun piece. If a woman takes testosterone, specifically injectable testosterone, it will convert on its own into estrogen. So most of the time you can give a woman who has all these men apuzzle symptoms testosterone and that's all she needs. Wait...

...a minute, wait a min dame. It would call me completely ignorant, but I is that way. One of someone I know, name unknown, because he's known used to take a lot of juice and now that he's not, his brusts, I think I know you're talking about. I'm not going to say don't wander. He's grown. They're pointed. They're like pointed into the nipple, like their breasts, like they're squeeze pointed, like, you know, I kind of like a you know. So, Um, it is that because of the testosterone turns into the estrogen and now he has the breasts a lots of times. Yeah, so what we do for men who are on higher or Middle Level Testosterone? Uhha, can give them something called an Astersol. An asts all blocks the conversion of testosterone and estrogen and so it helps keep the estrogen levels and men much lower. You also give that to women if they have breast cancer, ovarian cancer, estrogen based cancers. You give it to them and it really helps them through their cancer. So melt, monitoring it properly is very, very important because again, you don't want the estrogen to get too high. But yeah, that's it's a big thing with men. It's called Gainochanastia and that's where they started developing female traits, because the estrogen tessuscern balance gets way out of WEP. Going back to the whole orgasm thing. So you're saying that, if you, because I thought, like sometimes it's hard to perform when you're like really stressed and stuff, and it's not like I'm really doing anything because I have a had like a boyfriend and like twenty years. But do you, sir, you're saying, if you'd add, if you have like right testosterone levels and stuff, you get that to a woman that she could potentially be having better orgasms and stuff? Absolutely, we I've probably got twenty or thirty women who have come up to me now. Write that down right. That hot. We need to write that, run because I need write it down. We need to get some of that because because I feel like just with with everything going on in our lives and stuff, it's so hard to just relax. And when I've thought it was on mental for me, but starting to realize it's more than that. You know, I'm forty, so I can understand it's more than that. I think it's more. Okay, some we need some testosterone. Yeah. So what people who understand is that the cleatorus is larger than just the little band in the boat. It's actually goes up into the bastion of Bault and it's the same tissue as as far as in bryonically as the penis. And so when ends up happening is that people know if you have a rectile dysfunction and you take tests ostroone, the are a child is function often times will go away because the increase blood flow and nerve function. The exact same thing happens to the clatorus. So it ends up happening is that now all the sudden, if it puffs back up and so you have much more sensitivity, so you're enjoying sex more. But one of the things I do like to touch on is that if a met if you give a man t stausterone, his sex drive increases directly proportional more tea, more sex strap not the same in with it. While they might enjoy sex more, a woman sex drives to find exactly what you said, by how much rest she gets, how much sleep she gets, how nice you are to her. So it's very mental and then it's does she have the energy? People coming all the time and they're like, I want to get my wife, for my girlfriend testosterone to increase your sex draft and I'm like, all right, we can talk about that, but if you want to increase your sextr I get her a nanny and a maid, because if she's if she's tired, she's fantasizing about going to sleep and she statsizing about the bed, about that four pm you're not getting laid a date. Yeah, happen. If she's exhausted, an happen. So get her some help so that she can kind of rest in throughout the days she has more energy for you at night. I don't. I don't. I'm not huge on having sex drive. I never have been. I never have been. I'd feel like I need to go get some testosterone or something. I'm not going to grow a Dick Him. I no. So, and that's because, okay, so what more the time? I'm not implanting or anything, but just stops getting bigger. Yeah, the clitter is start hanging, Beau. Is it gonna stop getting bigger? And like yes, it is directly proportional to how much you're taking. So seven hundred, you're a giant bodybuilder woman, it's going to be bigger than if you're eighty or a hundred and fifty. But generally what happens is that as you age in the blood flow decreases. The the organ just shrinks right this way that you have a dry sponge. Toss it back into the sink it it increases in size. It doesn't increase in size forever. It just goes back up to where it normally was. Verym the same thing with it PLA Torus. So as it gets back up you'll have more function in which funny, as I've had women in their S and s coming to go, I had the first orgasm I've had in five years last night. Was that from the Testosterro? I'm like, yeah, talked about that, but no, it's a really, really big benefit to women's quality of life and a longevity. It doesn't mean you like Horny at all times. are... if I sit on like the washing machine, is act like going to be enough for me? Like I'm just because it's a great think because it's obviously increasing all the blood flow, right. That's why when you're pregnant you're supposed to be like Super Ernania. Yeah, orgasm that two seconds because of all the blood slow. So, like, I mean, I could have easily sat on a washing machine if my belly weren't in the way for me to jump off, and I would easily so. I mean hello, but would that? Is that a hundred percent? You're your sex right will come up a little bit. But, like I said, if you if you stretch, you your day a little bit different. So your stress is lower. So you work out in the middle of the day, you do the glass of wine to break your stress at the night. If you structure your days, you have more rest and you're more mentally rested. Your more you've got more sleepsy have more energy. Yeah, your sex right will come back up. You're not going to be a six year old boy. There's no most nothing new to give a woman's sex U. OF HE's fun. I don't know. You know you're as she could. You don't know. If you don't know how I know her. We're going to take a quick break, but when we come back, I'm actually not into athletes. How about their managers or their lawyers? All the lawyer? Maybe you know like an executive, someone who who owns the team. Maybe, if you know any of them, you write that down, like well, they're taking his coffee. I thought you'RE gonna go write it down. I need you to stop. He's talking real life stuff. I need to learn how to get this baby going again. But I get her sponge. What again? Always it's been, it's been. It's been a long time, Dr Chalmers, is that? That's a whole different conversation. I need with a therapist to understand why the goodies have been locked away for so long. But once I get back into it I want to be swinging like Tarzan. Okay, so let's talk. Let's go back into the testosterone. So Judy will do is we were people in just as a simple tests from blood test and then it when it comes back. We by team likes to give people between eighty and one hundred and fifty four levels, and so you know, sometimes we'll have to do one injection a week, two injections a week. It just depends on what works. Now here's the cool thing. If you do one injection a week and you start just coming in and say, Hey, look, I've got all this energy, I feel awesome, all the facts fallen off me, like my sex function is really great. However, I have the hair on my face is darkening or I have some acne or whatever. What you can do is cut the dosage basically and half. Take that shot twice a week and oftentimes that will eliminate the size some of the side effects you're having. So talk to your doc about that. If you don't have something who does that, then you can work with one of someone on my team. But that type of thing is easily something that would turn off with those unwanted side effects. But you're still going to get all the stuff you want now. Here's the other caveat. People come in and talk to me to say I have it work with this one doc and I just it's weird is I feel great on shot day. Within the day before I feel terrible. Test of storing as a seven day half life. So if you get to a ten on Monday, by Sunday night you're going to be at a five. And so what you have to recognize is that if you feel great on Monday but bad on Sunday, you might want to talk about splitting your dose so you have a much more even keel amount a hormone throat by so. But the other big thing that I always push on this one is that in sex is fantastic. It's a big part of life. However, the other two big things for women people that like about breast cancer all the time and that it's important. We need to forty Fiftyzero your dive from breast cancer. Two hundred and Fiftyzero die from heart attacks. So the thing is that your heart is a muscle. If it doesn't have the hormone to regenerate, to heal, it's not going to get better. The middle of the blood vessel at tunic media is a muscle. If they gets weak, the blood US will collapses and we start having DVTS. We started having blood clottering, we start having things like that. So it's very important for me sustainability of life that we actually start regenerating and healing the body. So the test off from will also do that. So there's it's really, really, really one of those things that if you want to talk about wellness, if you want to talk about how am I going to be healthy and ten, twenty, thirty years, you have to look at your hormones. You there's no choice right. So that's one of those big pieces. Thank you. Aw that's a a lot of great information and it's honestly what we've been talking about and when you've been talking about in your book. You guys should check out Dr Match hoalmers book called pillars of wellness, where he shares tools on how to live a life of holistic health, vitality and longevity, and that is basically his a proach. He wants to get you to a naturally healthier person today. So your you know, twenty years from now self is going to thank you. You can also find actor chalmers at Chalmers Wellnesscom and they could see everything about you there and I'll follow you. You are joining us right now from Texas. Correct. Yeah, US. Oh my gosh. Well, thank you... much for being here with this today and I would love to have you back on to do the whole Cannabas talk one day. And right before I leave, this lady has something special prepared. Yeah, so we have this little thing called, forgive me, I have sinned, it's a little game. She's just kind of like to make it fun, so don't depend and I'm gonna throwing a pan down. I took my notes on some of the my orginimes. This is all. We have fun. We have fun. Now, just really fast before we start the game. Okay, we wanted to have you help us out with some things, like with you being a Texas and how does that whole thing work? Like, do we have to? We could just do everything over the like you send us the kids and the testosterone. We just inject ourselves. Like, how does the whole thing work? Yeah, so a lot of my patients are CEOS, are very, very busy people, and so what we do is we'll just get them the medications and they can do their own injections. Okay, do injections is super duper easy. Plus the other things. If you travel, the option is you come to the office every Monday and you take an injection between an hour of your day every single Monday. It's a giant Pang. So we just we send the medications to people and then they can do their own stuff. Or we're doing detoxication. We can do that. I also concierge doctor. I will take over everybody's like the entire piece of your health care. So, well, do your heart work, your hormone work, your supplementation, your diet, core actually as the whole deal. Or I can work with your team. So if you already have a doctor, a guy, a culture, someone who's like, Oh, I'll do that for you. Cool, I'll help consult with that so it's it's really what Ober it takes to get the person the stuff they need. Okay, I'll either take it all over, if that's what you need, or I'll work with your team. It doesn't really take you. so forgive me, I have sinned. Here we go. Have you ever set up a friend or a podcaster with any of your single NFL athletes, because you have a lot of athletes that are NFL players. Yes, I have. Oh my God, have you really? Yeah, okay, so are we next? Oh yeah, I am not looking for commitment. I'm just looking for a partner who does not want long term relationship. I'm looking for commitment. She's looking for commitment. You know, no one cares. Yeah, well, so here's the thing. So all my infl guys, I love them to death through all great, but they're also between twenty and twenty five years old. So having to me WHO's like I'm ready to settle down and have a real commitment, not all of whom are there yet. So gg, I think you're it's more up on your terms, are you. How close to San Francisco are you guys? I mean I'm a forty five minute flight with IIV, a jet honey. Yeah, okay, let I'll I'll send some stuff out to some my guys. That's great. Yeah, you don't have any older and we just made a sick ass. You know, Football Stadium, arena, Coliseum, whatever you call them. Here in La and Inglewood we have that huge what team do we have? The Rams, the radar right, the rams, the rams. We used to have the raiders and then they went to Oakland and now we have the rams. So actually I do have a number of older ones as well. So, like one of the things that we do through tag, which is the athlete group, is it's a venture capitalist or Alternative Investment Company. We've got a bunch of older athletes as well that I can send your way. I'm actually not into athletes. How about their managers or their lawyers? All the lawyer? Maybe you know like an executive, someone who owns the team. Maybe, if you know any of them, you write this down like well, like he's taking his coffee. I thought you were going to go right it down. Pretty much. We just want to be like this set up. I mean and just if the managers of the owners, I'll take it and we're going to take her Testostero we're going to get those sponges and whenever going to be the show dirty. So happy about like, we're so ready. Okay. So second question. Have you ever used eastern or holistic remedies on your significant other to induce more pleasure? Who? Oh, yeah, Oh, how? Absolutely tell us. Well, okay, so there's there's there's lots of different ways that you can do that. So it decis on. I'll tell you. Look at so it's like, okay, Yo, you talk to her at, you know, three o'clock and she has a headache. So okay, we can get you adjusted and I can get you all sorts of different things to relieve the headaches that you're ready to go. But the other thing is is that, remember, it goes back to energy and rest. So if she's not getting good sleep, we can go through and fix that. If we need anything else to increase energy, we can do that. Now. One of the other fun things that people don't know about maca. Mac increases blood flow all over the bottom and make it the pin out and eat a cheeseus. Why does it ballot? Okay, go ahead and get would that. He's been ACA MAC up there. I have the powder. Yeah, all throughout the bike. So if you mix that with a little bit of caffeine or beat, like that red beat powder, get that those two things, it is not very tasty. It gives you lots of energy and lots of tingly blood full and like the tangle that I can also use be viams tourings like that... finding, sorry, to increase the little bit of sensitivity to the skin. kind of the idea of like you take a bunch of pre work out your skin tingles idea. We're writing that down. We're getting at I got some good notes today. Oh my God. Okay, so what a how else do I make someone come so fast? It's a guy, just show up. That's kind of probably the you know, I'm really Oh. Well, I just look at them, these no kids, ha ha, ha ha. I'm I'm cocky. I'm cocky. Oh my God, are really a lot of ways, aren't there's there like a button to push. There's no button. But the nice thing is, like I said, since women are very, very mental, Uh Huh, you can spend time, without even touching them, just building up the fur clad, the mystique everything and playing with their mind and that oftentimes we get people where they need to go anyway. And so then when you finally do make contact, then it's a much bigger thing. The anticipations a big deal. To build up is a big deal. So yeah, that type of a thing that you know, it's funny. It's like I was this is like fifteen years ago, I think. I was trying to see what were it was the things that like enticed men when it came to women and you know, when it came to sense and stuff like that and taste and scent. One thing that was a huge thing that made men sexually turned on with the smell of cinnamon. Okay, so I go out and I buy everything cinnamon, cinnamon, oils, toothpaste, mint, teeth brush, every everything was cinnamon, cinnamon, cinnamon, cinnamon. Three Days in Im my, this is way before I ever had my lips injected. My Lips were as a big or and as red as they are right now, and I realize I have a really bad cinnamon allergy and I am so sensitive to cinnamon and it's insane. I White Shit. Well, how the hell am I going to do it now? That's when I learned game. That's the game. That was when I learned I'm gonna try the whole set of cinnamon didn't want. Yeah, Chinese cinnamon. Bee. Got To rub it down there a little bit. So when they go down it's like, you know, dull, will your pleasure, dub you know cinnamon flavor? Yeah, I don't know. It down there will be a great idea. I think I should say bye to Dina tmas before I really just keep embarrassing myself right now. DTER my Thomas, thank you so much for joining us today and I would love, Love, love to have you back for another conversation. But everybody check them out, you guys. Dr Matt Chalmers is the Guy. He knows everything how to make you live healthy forever by right. It's really thank you. Oh yeah, so what's on your mine? I mean, I think I should ask you what's on your mind, because you brought up the whole orgasm thing and the conversation went so into orgasms. Yeah, no, I mean, but I liked it. Yeah, no, I think it was good. I think it's, yeah, something that everyone is you know. You question. Yes, you want to know what's going on in my A. My am my getting old. Why is it? My Mind, is it? Why? Why can't I like have an orgasm. You know, that's that's amazing. I think. I think with that, I think we should definitely bring on, you know, maybe a sex therapist or someone who can talk to us about the psychological side of it, because if you and I are feeling like we have a low, what does it Livito la be that makes us have, like any testosterone for that there's something going on. Maybe it's physical, medical, psychological. We're going to try the holistic route and we're going to do all these things, look into the testosterone, but I think we should look into the other sides of you know, Orgasm. That's like a great Combo Anida. There's so many levels to orgasm. Yeah, yeah, some orgasm, orgasm, orgasm, yeah, that's yeah, I like it. I W up why he was. He was. He's really great. I liked him. He was so kind, just a big teddy bear. Yes, yes, as he's your friends of she's my baby girl. Oh Man, I would love to have Dr Matt Chalmers back and we would never probably have to only discuss weed, because he seemed like he knew big yeah, he seemed very excited to talk about it. So hopefully the next time you guys, join genuinely gg I can have a cool conversation about cannabis while this one gets stoned because I just, I just want to get this one's stone. So subscribe so you'll make sure to know when this one's getting stone. Rate a review it, tell me what's up, tell me how you guys feel. If you guys wanted to talk about something, just talk. Love you, guys. Thanks for listening to genuinely gig. download new episodes every week and, if you haven't already subscribe to be sure to leave us a rating and review and, while you're at it, check out some of the other great shows available on Straw hut media.

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